A Whisper for Our Hearts

It is the Holy Spirit that will guide and direct your path Precious One who belongs to the King of Kings….Find a place to seek God’s face free of distraction and He will whisper to your heart and give you peace in the ruts and the storms of  this life here on earth…..

You are worthy and wise and He knows you are willing to walk with Him through the ruts and the storms for He created your heart and He knows it intimately…..

Don’t let the enemy keep you spinning in the same old rut of discontent and doubt about the situation you are in and the way that you see things from your point of view….Seek Higher Ground and accept the help of those that He sends to help you get out of the pattern made from the tire tracks of the efforts of yourself that keep spinning round and round….

Your heart is halfway up the climb out of the rut you are trapped in….but your head keeps pulling you back with the thoughts that you are unworthy and do not deserve to get out of the patterns of destructive ways of acting and reacting in response to the situations you keep finding yourself in….

Breaking free from the familiarity of the ruts that we find ourselves in is a choice that only we can make….it takes courage and guts to look beyond our fears and doubts and the deception of the enemy and look into the eyes of Jesus and believe with our heart and mind and soul that we are HIS PRECIOUS CHILD….

Faith, as small as a mustard seed is what it takes to believe that God loves us and believes we are capable and worthy and that He trusts us to do what we need to do to take care of ourselves and those that He hath given us authorization and responsibility to train up for Him…

Be STRONG and COURAGEOUS and do not doubt that He that is in you is greater than he that roams the world and that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD…..

Surrender yourself to the power that created the Earth and the moon and the stars and let the POWER of GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT take over your heart and mind and soul that you might break free of the ruts and climb higher than you have ever been…..


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