A Whisper For Our Hearts

Words…..Words are on my mind…..The Purpose of Them, The Power of Them and The Use of Them

God created us with an ability to use our tongues to form sounds.  From the beginning of time we have had the ability to relate  to one another by communicating with our tongues sounds which eventually formed words and collections of words which we call  languages.  We use these collections of words to communicate and  to express our thoughts.

It is a gift to be able to communicate with one another and  yet sometimes we find ourselves using the gift that God has given to us in ways that hurts others.  We are all in the process of being transformed by God.

We are His children.  He sent His son to live and die and rise again that we might be united with Him for all of Eternity.  Some of us have attained victory in this area of  self control over our words spoken and others are working on it.  WE are all broken human beings in need of forgiveness and mercy and grace.

As for me, I am so thankful for God’s love, His forgiveness,  His mercy, His grace and His ability to work ALL things together for good according to His plans and purposes, even when we fall short and fail in doing what we want to and know is good and right and honorable.

I am thankful that even Paul professed that he fell short when He said, I do the things I do not want to do and I don’t do the things that I want to do. What a wretched man I am.

In our quest of learning how to communicate with one another and to express ourselves we sometimes use these collections of  words and our ability to put them together to form words that become weapons that penetrate to the very core of the hearts and souls of others, even those that we love.

I know it is true for myself and perhaps some of you that sometimes we get caught up in our frustration or our inability to get our point across, or the hurt caused by the action or reaction of another and without thinking through the consequences of those words, we speak in ways that were not intended for us to speak when God gave us the gift of language and communication.

If we are not careful, our spoken words can become weapons rather than tools used to speak the truth in love.  We find that rather than encouraging and empowering and strengthening one another to be the very best we can be with our words we fall prey to temptation and lash out with words that cause deep wounds in the heart and soul.

I feel the sting of the words as I pen this as I know I have been guilty of this sin and struggle with it over and over again.  I am so grateful for God’s forgiveness and Grace!!

In our hearts we know that the impact of hurtful words can create barriers in others hearts and souls that suppress  their ability to love and communicate.  When we think about it we can clearly see that these hurtful words can and do eventually sever and destroy relationships.

Every single one of us is affected by the devastation and destruction of families and relationships brought on by the power of the birth of words from our hearts spoken from our lips.

Critical words spoken so powerfully that they cause pain so deep that the person they are spoken to chooses to bury them deep in their hearts and then close access to that part of the heart in order to survive the effects of  them affect all of us.

It is those hidden hurtful words in our hearts that become the building blocks of lies that eventually can work together to destroy our lives and our relationships.

Our words have the  power to communicate our thoughts and feelings and attitudes of displeasure and our words have the power to communicate love and forgiveness and sympathy and empathy and kindness.  We are given the freedom to choose how to use them by a loving and gracious God.  He does not force us to conform to His intended use of them.,

Have you ever decided not to speak?  To be still in your mind and to take your thoughts captive and quiet them for minutes or hours or perhaps even days on end?   Have you ever decided to simply listen to all that surrounds you without giving yourself permission to speak?

Have you ever been by yourself deep in the very heart of the woods or climbing a mountain or standing at the top of one looking out at the Beauty that lies below and stopped and listened?  Have you ever allowed stillness to speak?

It is in the stillness that we hear ourselves and come to know our hearts and who we are and what we believe and how we think.  It is in the stillness of nature that we see God all around us and come to see and know and believe that He is Creator, that  He is the Power beyond our understanding that Rules the Universe…All things are within His control, All things are Possible…..He is God among us, He is God within us, He is God of the Heavens and God of the Earth, He is Lord of ALL…..

As I pondered these thoughts my mind was brought back from remembering times I have been alone in the wilderness and the depth of the powerful presence of the One who Created the Universe to remembering  reading a card given to me by someone I love.

I have pondered and marveled several times in the past about the impact of the words that were written in it.  They brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart I could not suppress or hide, no matter how hard I tried.

I remember being  overwhelmed with gratitude that erupted from a deeper place in my heart than I could explain.   For in my heart I knew that only God could have done this miracle  of restoring this broken relationship.

Only Gods love could do the work of preparing our hearts to become ready to forgive and move forward in our relationship and only God could have changed our hearts,  healed them and restored our relationship….

Only God, through His Holy Spirit could have prompted this person to write the very words that would whisper to my heart exactly what it needed to hear in order for me to come to forgive at a deeper level than I had been able to attain without them and take a chance and trust again.

Words are powerful………

As I remembered my failure at self control on that dreadful day when this relationship was damaged I sensed the Holy Spirit whispering to my heart of something I had not thought of before.

“Only the years and years of words spoken through me that were positive and encouraging and loving could have been used as the foundation of truth to help this person overcome the pain and the damage done from the slipping of my tongue that spoke the words that caused the eruption of frustration and anger and bitterness.”  Forgive yourself…For I have forgiven thee…I sensed Him whispering to me….

God truly can and does “make all things new”  He works ALL things together for good for those that love Him according to His plans and purposes.  He never gives up on us.  His love is unconditional.

I thought of the months and months of that broken relationship and the pain in our hearts after the words were spoken and how deeply the encounter had changed each of our lives and effected our ability to trust one another again.

I thought of how difficult it had been to be still and to pray and to trust God to do what He needed to do in each of us that we might be able to reunite and enjoy one another again as we had for so many many years before.  I thought of how many times He has done this amazing miracle in relationships in my life….I was overwhelmed.  I acknowledged in my heart that indeed the pain of the process is worth the gift of peace…

I thought of those other relationships in my life where this same principle has been carried out and is being carried out right now.  I am unable to think of  a word that best describes the depth of gratitude I cherish in my heart for what the power and love of God has done in my life.   Over and over again I find myself being  overwhelmed by the power and persistence of God to do through me what I know I cannot do myself.

On my own, without Christ as my Lord and Savior,  I can be stubborn and desire to be right.  Without the decision to give up my right to be right I know not even God can help me.  It is better to love and to be loved than to be right and alone….and yet for some of us the wounds of our pasts from words spoken to us that were critical or unkind become the tool that is used that drives the desire to prove that we have value and are worthy.

We may  find ourselves needing and desiring to be right and unable to offer  forgiveness and grace and mercy to those that hurt us or disagree with us….this motivation to be right and become rigid in it is sometimes fueled by the thought process based on the lies that try to get us to believe that we are not worthy of being loved and forgiven…..the lie that we need to prove our worth and being right is the tool that we use to try and accomplish this….

Christ came to bind the broken hearted….Christ came to set the captives free….Christ is love………

Christ made a way for each of us to have victory in every area of our lives…..through our dependence on His love and mercy and forgiveness and atonement for our sins,  we are set free and enter in to the process of being transformed by Him.  Day by Day we are being transformed into the image of He that created us….

In the stillness of this tender moment of truth I found myself thanking God again for His forgiveness extended to me.  I thought of how the process of learning to receiving His love and forgiveness and grace has made it easier for me to forgive others when their emotions get the best of them and they speak words that are not kind or helpful to me.

I thought of the old saying, our actions speak louder than our words and that choosing to forgive someone and choosing to be kind to them after they have hurt us is acting in Faith that God will do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or hope for when we seek Him and His love, and act out His word from our hearts with a willingness to obey His final command to LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS YOURSELVES….

Lord God, help each of us to love ourselves the way you love us.  Draw us closer to you that we might be one with you in mind and spirit and action and reaction.  Let us not grow weary of doing good that in time we may reap the reward….We know that your word is truth and it is divinely being placed in our hearts to help us live lives that truly reflect You and not the world.  Bring healing to our hearts in the area of forgiveness and give us a heart that desires to forgive others as you have forgiven us.  Be the light that we see and draw us to you through …Do not let us be deceived by the lies of the enemy. Place your Angels around us, Angels of light and not those that fool us into worshiping them rather than you.  Guard our families and our relationships, especially from ourselves and our interactions caused by our unhealed wounds.

Help us in our growth to become healthy in all our relationships and to be the initiators of peace ad reconciliation as you guide and direct our paths and make them straight in your good and perfect ways.  May Your love fill us and may Your peace be ever present in the midst of all we say and do.  Forgive for our shortcomings and our fears and failings and grant wisdom and discernment and knowledge to us that we might in turn be transformed and used as messengers of healing and hope….In Jesus name….amen

Have you heard the new song by Josh Wilson called Forest Fire…..I tried to embed it with this writing but had technical difficulties, I encourage you to go to YouTube and listen to it….the truth of the lyrics pierce my heart each time I hear it…..

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