A Whisper For Our Hearts

Have you ever thought about taking a moment as you are out and about doing your job or your shopping or your running from this activity to another with the kids or frantically racing from one stop to the next completing the endless tasks of responsibilities to just stop?……To take a deep breath..to breathe and exhale until you are calm and still….. and to look around at all the people you see throughout your day and think …truly think …about all the hurried activity and busyness which seems to lure and captivate so many of God’s children from truly seeing, sharing and savoring life…the life He created and has prepared for each of us to live.

I wonder what it would be like if each of us took this day or perhaps one in the next few days to choose to take our minds off of what is next to do on our list and become like an outsider of ourselves looking into the window of our lives and the lives of those around us……to wonder what God sees when He looks down through the window of Heaven at our life?  Where are our priorities and how does what we believe in our hearts reflect back to Him and to those around us?

How many people smile, offer kind words, or extend their hearts and hands to help others in some way?   I know for me, that often times when a stranger smiles at me or says something kind or holds open a door for me that it makes me slow down and think to myself, wow…that was nice….and  my burden somehow seems lighter as I go on with my day.  It’s as if the very heart of my soul feels the warmth of their touch of kindness and I am blessed and encouraged to pass that kindness along to someone else.

I can’t tell you how many small comments made to me at just the right moment have forever changed my life and I think that if all of us took the time to think back we would all say the same thing, or at least I pray that is so and if not then I pray that it would begin today.

I wonder how many times the words spoken from our  lips have whispered to the heart of a person God put in our paths so that they could be used by Him to help carry out His plans for them?   It isn’t up to us to know whether or not the words or actions or attitudes are received by another as the gifts they are intended to be.   Sometimes we can tell that we encouraged or strengthened someone and sometimes we only find out just how important those words or actions or accepting and loving attitudes were by words of gratitude spoken back to us or eyes filled with tears or hearing about what we said or did or our accepting attitude from someone else,  someone who perhaps does not even know our name.

I am quite certain that for all of us there will people we meet in Heaven who will amaze us with stories of how our words and actions and attitudes impacted their lives.

God created us for relationship with one another and to love one another and He desires that we would take the time to acknowledge one another and encourage one another each and every day.  Yesterday, God put someone in my path who encouraged me to be more diligent in my writing and blogging.   That person has no idea of the depth that her words spoke to me nor that I needed them.  She was reflecting to me a heart of kindness with no expectation of anything in return.

At the time the person spoke the words I felt so overwhelmed with my “to do” list that it was quite easy for me to respond with, yes, I will…when my life is not so busy and I have more time or something like that.  But…..her words were like a whisper that I couldn’t quite shake and eventually I gave in to the power of that whisper, logged in on this blog and began perusing some posts of old, ones I didn’t think were quite finished yet.

We never know when our words or actions are going to be the turning point in another persons life.  When we open the window to our soul , our heart, and let others speak into it or serve us in some way,  God can and will pour out His love to us through those He chooses to put in our lives that we may in turn be filled up and then begin pouring  out that love and encouragement and acceptance into the lives of others He puts in our lives.  It is a process we are each called to participate in.  Our job it to be open to hear the whispers to our hearts and then to be obedient in responding to them…..

The conversation between this woman and myself took ten minutes of our time and is being used as part of the weaving together of God’s plan in each of our lives.  Conversations and intercessions like this are the very heart of God and yet we convince ourselves we are just too “busy” to get involved or too overwhelmed to add one more thing to our “to do” list and then we wonder why fog begins to form between us and God and we no longer see His hands at work or feel the power of His presence in our lives….could it be that our very purpose is to keep the windows of our souls, our hearts,  open and willing and not cluttered with busyness and overwhelming responsibilities that never were intended to be part of His plan for our lives?…..

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One Response to A Whisper For Our Hearts

  1. Chris says:

    Thank you Deborah for resuming your blog. The interactions that you write about are all around us, and your blog reaches more than you think. From you absence I infer that your life is going well, and that you are well occupied during the days and evenings. GOOD! But it is sad that when you are doing well, we are deprived of your insights. 😦
    Have a GREAT weekend, and a blessed New Year in His love and care.

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