A Whisper For The Heart……

As I contemplated life and the multitude of relationships that God puts in the paths of myself and those that I know and love and how we act and react as conflict arises in those relationships, I realized that most of us tend to want to remove ourselves from conflict or anything that might lead to it.  As I prayed for God to help me learn how to face and resolve conflict in my life He whispered wisdom to my heart…..

Conflict is a part of life…..

How we approach the path to the resolution of it and how we walk out our part of the responsibility to do that work reveals what we believe about God, about His word, about others and ultimately about ourselves……

Our Fears, our Ego and our Pride tempt us to become defensive, to shut down emotionally, to walk away or even sometimes to act as if we do not care about the person or persons we are in conflict or potential conflict with.

God asks us to Love one another and to Love ourselves, to forgive one another and to forgive ourselves.  When we do what He asks us to it gives Him the opportunity to do what He does best, to transform our minds and our hearts and the minds and hearts of those we are in conflict with to become more like Him……

Our choice to give and to forgive in the spirit of humility, love, kindness and compassion in the midst of conflict ultimately brings Resolution and Peace to our relationship with others, with God, and with ourselves…..

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13 Responses to A Whisper For The Heart……

  1. vicki caldwell says:

    Indeed, this is so true.We’re always being formed into His image, if we’ll just allow ourselves to be.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Beautifully written. I totally agree with every bit and will not start a conflict! Love you Debra

  3. Loved this Deb…so good to hear from you. We must get together soon. love you, Sharon

  4. Conflicts…(sigh) I have them (mostly internal with myself). This post spoke to me on so many issues. When I first found myself typing out my comment I found myself typing and typing then I was checked…LOL it wasn’t my blog. It is yours. Thank you so much. The timing was really good.

    • Debra says:

      I was so encouraged by your comments….as is usually the case, shortly after I wrote and posted this I was challenged over and over again with how I would respond as the conflict kept coming at me….whew….thank You God for your Holy Spirit and your grace….feel free to write as much as you would like on this blog…it isn’t mine…smile..it belongs to GOD!!

  5. I know I already commented once, but I just can’t get over how much you were able to cover in such a brief post.

    We can understand with our head that Jesus forgives, and speak it with our lips, but we must take it to heart that the sin we have confessed is “really” forgiven, that He “really” loves us…if we fail to consistently do this we will continue on in our vanity and pride, carrying that chip on our shoulder and carefully guarding our hearts for fear that they might be broken (forgetting that a broken heart is a good thing), that keeps others from getting too close, that keeps us from loving others and loving Him. We forget so easily, tend to put off going to the Lord, seeking His face. I am so thankful that no matter how often we fail, the Lord somehow gets the message we need to hear to us. Yesterday and today you were that messenger.

    Thank you so much for pointing out to me that we need to be careful not to spend so much time hiding.

  6. Tia says:

    “…I realized that most of us tend to want to remove ourselves from conflict or anything that might lead to it…”

    I tend to do this a lot of times when conflicts come between me and those who are placed in my life. For me it’s a bit saddening but when I remember the words from this post and other topics or conversations related to this post, I’ll be able to remember that a person is placed in my life by God for a reason. We just have to pray/ meditate for wisdom and guidance towards these relationships that we have conflicts with.

    But you are right conflict is a part of life. It helps us to improve and grow; it even brings us closer to God in ways that probably were not thought of before.

    Thank you for posting about this topic
    May God continue to bless you.

  7. cvyoung2 says:

    It is not just this post, it is many of them! Your writings speak to my broken heart and face me to the Lord who can bear all my troubles. I am now reading your 40-days. Please continue to write when the spirit grabs you, or just tickles your brain with a new thought. You have an insight that is calming and healing.
    I am in conflict now, trying to (re)learn how to let go. It is always difficult when you have invested so much into a person/project or thing. Letting go is probably the third hardest thing that I have found.
    The first is understanding how God could give his Son for us.

    • I am encouraged that the Lord is speaking to you through Whispers for the Heart….that is my heart that the Lord would touch His Precious children through His love flowing through my pen and my keyboard…..Lord God I lift up your son to you and I pray for your HOLY SPIRIT to be a blanket of comfort and protection as he is still with you and as he wrestles with the fight to let go and to let you have his heart, his soul and the very essence of who he is as a man and a son of Yours…You are Abba, yo are I AM,,,,pour out your spirit on him and fill him afresh with more of your love….send your people to come alongside of him and minister to him in your good and perfect ways in your perfect time…..hold him as he wrestles on the at of life with you and do not let the enemy keep him down….May Psalm 46 become the cries of his heart and may you be his refuge…In Jesus mighty name I pray on behalf of my brother and ask that you would meet him where he is as only You Oh lord can do. May the rivers of life flow…Amen

  8. I come by from time to time to see if you have written anything new. I pray that if it be the Lord’s will that He might share more with you to post here. I also am praying that the Lord will be providing you with new times of refreshing this week.

    • Theresa…
      I wrote out a long reply and a prayer for you to your most wonderful comment and for some reason it did not post…..I am sad that you did not receive the gift that I sent but I will make sure and rewrite it soon….Know that you are God’s precious messenger and your message was used by Him powerfully…..know that you have been covered in prayer and know that you are indeed a Precious Daughter of the Lord Most High and He is indeed well pleased with you…….

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