A Whisper for Your Heart Today…..

Mathew 7:13-14

Enter by the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.  Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

Oh Father, You are Faithful indeed.  We ask and you answer, whether in prayer or in our thoughts all of us at some point in time wind up acknowledging You and crying out to You for Your help.  Sometimes we voice our words to You in Prayers and sometimes  we cry out from our hearts without words.  Because You are our Loving Father who Created us and You Love each of us with an everlasting and unconditional Love, You hear our voices and You answer us. You are Sovereign and Righteous and Just.  Thank You Lord.

We don’t always see and acknowledge nor comprehend or understand Your hand at work in our lives. Perhaps we don’t see You  answering our prayers and we don’t always acknowledge Your Power and Presence in taking care of us and those that we know and love because we don’t take the time to be still enough to remember yesterday and the cries of our hearts and the voice of our prayers from the past and so we don’t remember or acknowledge or see or connect how You have worked in our lives answering prayers of yesterday and integrating them with today,  for we are on to this day and the next and crying out to You to answer us again.

Forgive us Lord, we acknowledge that the answers to our prayers are not always answered in ways that are magical and mystical and instantaneous or even through some formula that guarantees success.  No, Your ways are not our ways and it is when we enter into Your Presence and seek Your Wisdom and Your Purposes and Your Will for our lives that the gate that enters into life is no longer overshadowed with fear and doubt and it is then that the narrow gate that has challenged us for so long is used as the tool that helps us connect yesterday with today and see Your hand at work.  It is then that Faith begins to be birthed and is increased and we are encouraged to forge ahead through the gate that You have prepared for us.  A mustard seed of Faith is all it takes according to Your Holy Word.  Thank You Lord for Your Patience with us and Your unique ways of answering our prayers to You.

We ask for patience and You give us difficulty.  We ask for more discipline for our lives and you put tasks and assignments in front of us that require order and sacrifice.  We ask for loving relationships and you challenge us and provide opportunities for us to give of ourselves to others in ways that stretch us beyond our human capabilities…..We are Your Precious Children.  You are Faithful to complete the work that You have begun in us.  We give our hearts and minds and souls to You, Have Your way in us, we want life in You.  We will do what it takes to enter in……amen

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One Response to A Whisper for Your Heart Today…..

  1. cvyoung2 says:

    Thank you Debra for this wonderful prayer. I think that we, in today’s “instant” world have problems listening to His gentle guidance because of the cacaphony of the “now”. iPods, stereos, cars that cocoon us from the elements, radio, TV, “Smart” phones, all add noise to our lives that inhibit the peaceful contemplation of His works. In an agrarian society, the farmer had a chance to rest on his plow handles or hoe and gaze about God’s wonders and actually SEE his miracles and bounty. They were able to soak into his soul for contemplation and remembrance in less bountiful times. Today, if one gets just a few minutes to contemplate His wonders, they are lucky! I have tried to keep prayer journals for “asked” and “answered”, but I find it hard to keep up with them when the waves and crisis of need engulf me.

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