It is Sunday Lord……Move through Your Holy Spirit in our hearts and lead us in our thoughts to remember to make this day all about You and not about ourselves. ….May Your Will and Your Ways be the passion and purposes that motivate us today as we go about our plans with family and friends….

We come before You with Thanksgiving and Praise.  We worship You..We rest in the Power and the Peace of your Presence that rests like a warm blanket on our shoulders as we proclaim with all our hearts and mind and soul that You indeed are Lord of our Lives.  You are our strength, our courage, our hope and the giver of every good and perfect gift.  We belong to You….Apart from You we can do nothing according to Your Word.

We give Praise to Your Holy Name.  We live in the world and yet we are not of the world.  We are Your Precious Children set apart and called by Your Holy Name.  You are Our Lord and King.  We bow down on this blog in Reverence of who You are in our lives.  We give this day to You Oh Lord….Whisper to our Hearts through Your Still Small Voice in ways that we can sense and feel and understand…..We long to live our lives with all of our hearts and minds and souls surrendered and in alignment with Your Will and Your plans for us which You established in us before You birthed us in our mother’s womb.  We Praise You for the bread of life which is Your Holy Word that gives us the ability to live our lives for You.

Keep us vertically connected to You Oh Lord looking up and looking forward as we take each step with You on the journey You have prepared for us and drawn us to.  Align circumstance with needs in every area of our lives……Thank You that You are answering our prayers and the deepest desires of our hearts are being revealed to ourselves and to others as we continue to faithfully and obediently spend this precious time with You seeking Your Face and Your Will…..

Seek Yee First the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto You is the desire of our hearts and minds and souls as we persevere in Faith on this blog interceding for ourselves and others Your Wisdom to be imparted and Your Will to be done here on earth as it is in Heaven…..May the Wind of Your Holy Spirit ignite a fresh flame of Passion and Purpose in our lives today….  In Jesus name…..Amen

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