It is day Thirty Seven of Forty Days of Prayer on this Blog.  The finish line is in sight and the test to finish well is tough as the temptations come in waves of fleshly worldly desires and attitudes and thoughts that try and distract us and pull us away from our commitment.  I don’t know your temptations or weaknesses or distractions or thought processes but I know mine and yet I know who we all love and serve and He will see us through!

The last few days have been very difficult and it has been all I can do to stay on task and spiritually focused on completing well that which I have begun. The enemy is clever and sly and sometimes straight out blatant in his attacks to get us off track and divert us with those things that he knows have worked well in the past.  If you did not already know that or have not figured out yet what is behind some of those thoughts and attitudes that you know are not your own, rest in knowing that is because they are not your own.  They are from the enemy, Satan, the one who wants to draw you away from drawing closer to God.

When we decide to draw closer to God the heat gets turned up so to speak and we can sometimes get discouraged and give up and retreat to keeping a safe distance between us and God.  It is easier that way we realize and we rationalize our thoughts with the truth that we still love God and we will still go to Heaven but we like our lives just the way they are and to change those things that perhaps we know are not in alignment with God is too hard.   As we begin the process of surrendering certain area of our lives to God our weaknesses get exposed and the battle gets stronger as we allow God to begin to heal our thoughts processes and our wounds and then transform us into the vessels that He can use in the ways He needs to.  It is foreign to us at first and in our human tendencies we desire to retreat from the heat.  We have an enemy and he does not want us to be free in Christ and full of joy and peace and using the gifts that God birthed us with.  He knows how to detour us…He knows what to hit us with to get us off track…..that is why we have been putting on our spiritual armor according to Ephesians 6.  If you are anything like me you might be thinking to yourself….yeah, yeah, I know all that…smile….but I challenge us to be honest with ourselves…..Did we commit to the 40 days, did we feel that familiar tugging on our heart to do it and has it gotten a little too tough for us to continue?  We can do it team….only a few more days to complete this leg of the journey…..Finish well with me, I need You…..Catch up with us…..

God, we need cheerleaders for the team for these next few days….send them today God and send them in Your good and perfect ways….

Rejoice with me brothers and sisters as we praise God that He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.  I pray that when we are feeling weary and worn out and overwhelmed and frustrated to the the core wondering what is wrong that us that we will rejoice that You Oh Lord are helping us and we  are breaking through old patterns of behavior and attitude and thought.   Hep us Lord to Praise our way through the opposition as in yesterdays blog, we shall rejoice that God always provides a way through and it isn’t through any of our old coping mechanisms.  We Press in to the Presence of God and we cry out to Him with our hearts….He is answering Us, He is giving us strength and perserverance!!

One can’t wrestle with Satan in the presence of God….It is through His Power, through His people, through His Sovereignty and through His word that God comes alongside us and walks with us through the battles of temptation whatever they might be.  We all have them…Yes, it’s true we do….

God has been faithful to answer me when I have asked Him in very candid ways to help me finish well this Forty Days and He will help all of us to complete what we began.  It was 40 days that Jesus went into the wilderness and it was 40 days that He was tempted by the enemy.  Would it not make perfect sense that we would be tempted too.  I knew that when I began this blog and yet I chose to answer the prompting that God put on my heart.  I chose obedience over convenience and today we all choose that together on this blog.  Help us God to finish well this forty days.

I have found that God honors obedience to Him and He has blessed me in years passed beyond my wildest dreams or expectations because of it.  The greater the test the greater the reward it would so seem to me, but I don’t profess to know or understand God to that degree.  I think the enemy likes to get people to believe that it is easier for others besides themselves to walk this walk of Faith and live a life that goes against the current of the world.  My heart wants your heart to know that it is not easy to live one’s life surrendering daily to God and not acting and reacting in accordance with our own desires but my heart always longs for you to know the depth of peace and joy that comes from living for God and doing one’s best to live for the bigger picture of Eternity and not the temporal pleasures of this world.  It is a pleasure to Honor and Glorify God with our lives….

God has been so faithful to me since I gave my life to Him.  He has put people in my path to encourage me, to validate me, to challenge me, to hug me, and to remind me that whatever it is that each of us are called to do in this world it serves a purpose and is a valuable part in the bigger picture of the lives that we all live.  My heart is to pass on what He has done in my life to others… For me that means using the gifts of words and prayers to somehow be used by God along with the passion that I have for what He has shown me to be truth about His Holy Word to make a difference in the lives of those that God puts in my path.  We pray that You Oh Lord would ignite passion and purpose for each of Your Precious Children and direct their paths to live out that passion and purpose with the time they have left here on earth.

I don’t profess to know what your gifts and talents and passions are but I do know that God longs for you to surrender your heart and mind and soul to Him that He might show You the depth of His love for you and then unwrap the gifts He birthed in You and then whisper to your hearts about how and where and when and with whom He would like to share You and all the strengths and weaknesses and gifts and talents that make up the beautiful person that He perfectly and divinely created you to be.

Thank you Lord for all the ways You have challenged us in the last 37 days in our understanding of who You are and how You work and what You are up to in our lives.  Thank You that You are intricately involved in every detail of our lives.  Thank You Lord that You are  in Power and that You have Purpose to every detail of our lives.  How can we fathom such a thought, how can we understand or comprehend a God that knows every hair on the head of every child that comes into this world.  Lord, help us to surrender our tendencies to desire to understand or comprehend why and when and how long and how much and where and what for.  We give all of our questions and concerns and unanswered prayers to You and we acknowledge together in one voice and in one accord that You are God and we are not and we trust You with every detail of our lives to work all things together for good according to your plans and purposes and not ours.

We thank You that you ask us to partner with You in the process and that we will be rewarded with blessings for our obedience.  Your rewards are not the worlds rewards they are Your rewards and You love to bless us in ways that we do not expect nor feel we deserve. Lord bless us, Your Precious children, for our obedience in gathering together on this blog and seeking Your face and Your will and Your heart and Your ways for these thirty seven days.  Give us the heart to continue to follow your promptings and obediently follow through with whatever it is You put on our hearts that we might see Your goodness in our land and savor the peace and joy and contentment that comes from letting go of our desires and needs and trusting You to be Lord of everything.

Help us to help one another be accountable, be steadfast, be trustworthy, be courageous,be bold,  be vulnerable, be open to receive as well as give, and to help one another see You moving and working in our lives.   We love You Lord….WE Praise your Holy Name….We bow down to You and thank You for all that You are showing us in our lives and for all the blessings You have bestowed upon us….Thank You Lord that You are indeed healing and restoring health, marriages, finances, relationships, churches, schools, government, organizations, and the hearts of each and every one of Your Precious Children who are asking You to….We give You this day and we say, Have You way in us Lord God…..Bring Joy to Your servants… for to You Lord God we lift one another up….

Align circumstances perfectly, divinely orchestrate details to put together opportunity with gifts and callings and needs for each and every situation and circumstance that is on the hearts of Your Precious Children.  Reveal Your Power and Your Majesty Lord God and Bless Your Precious Children in ways that bring them to their knees crying and weeping in awed reverence for who You are and How You Work….Send brothers and sisters in Christ that have more than enough to give to those that have not enough and send Your encouragers and teachers and prophets and prayer warriors to intervene and help Your Precious Children connect the dots of Faith that they might see the beautiful tapestry You are making of each of Your Precious Children’s Lives.  Give us hearts to do our part……We are Praising You through the Process!! We Rejoice!!

In Jesus name we ask and pray and believe that You will answer the cries of our hearts in Your perfect ways and times…..amen

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  1. Dan says:

    Very incouraging words….to keep your eye on the finish line….to not be detoured nor discouraged…to keep on keeping on…to fight the good fight…to finish the race….Amen

  2. Bill Dowd says:

    Since I’m reading this after the fact, I can’t really encourage you to finish well. However, since I also began with day 40 before I started at the beginning, I know you did. What I read today not only included prayer, but even more so, a deeper view of who you are and the struggles you have faced during the last 37 days. I have tried to imagine just how hard it was to make this commitment. I write often and I find that even constructing an e-mail can take an enormous amount of time to do it right.

    Some years ago, I came across a quote from Samuel Johnson “That which is written without effort is usually read without pleasure.” That quote helped to inspire me to be a better writer…that and the fact my wife was an English teacher. 🙂 My point is this: I realize that the time you put into each day of writing is enormous and is not overlooked or under appreciated by me or God our Father.

    Thank you.

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