Praise be to He who is and was and always shall be our Lord God and King….

Praise the Lord, For His Mercy endures forever…..

Thank You Lord God that we are Your Precious Children and that You love us with an Everlasting Love.  We come before You and we bow in reverence for Your Power and Your Presence in our lives.  We thank You for all the ways You are molding and shaping and sanding and refining us.  We Praise You that You are the God of our Forefathers and You are the God of today and that You will be God through Eternity…..

We rest in Your Presence and we humble ourselves…….We enter into Your Presence with Thanksgiving and Praise knowing and believing and trusting that each and every detail of our lives is exactly as it is supposed to be.  Thank You Father God that You meet each us us where we are in our journey and You use Your loving kindness to encourage us and inspire us and convict us of our sins and our selfish ambitions and attitudes and it is Your Love for us that works to renew a right spirit within our hearts and minds and souls and it is Your Grace and Mercy that relieves us of shame and guilt and unforgiveness towards ourselves and those who have hurt us or let us down.  Please forgive us of all those things that we have said or done or thought that have not honored and glorified You.  We repent…Renew a right spirit within us….

Thank You for all the ways You are answering the prayers of Your Precious Children.  Thank You that we are sharing answers to prayers with one another and encouraging one another in the process.  Thank You for those answers to prayers that we have not seen yet.  Thank You for the songs of Praise that we are hearing our brothers and sisters sing.  Thank You that there are more songs of Praise being written and sung in the hearts of Your people Lord and that the praises from Your People will never end.  Let us be part of Your choir Lord God.  Let each of us sing on key and in perfect harmony with You.  Tune our voices that they might sing together as one voice in unity as brothers and sisters united by the blood of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Give us the courage, the strength, the boldness and the hearts to sing loudly and distinctly and eloquently in the places You call us to with the song that You birthed in each of us to sing….Let us sing from our hearts that are surrendered and in tune with You…

Just as King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles Chapter 20:20  said to His people as they assembled together so we cry out in one voice and in one accord to one another gathered together on this blog….Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.  And let us do as the people who consulted with King Jehoshaphat did, let us sing to the Lord and praise the beauty of His Holiness…….May our singing and praising have the results as in chapter 20:22 may the Lord set ambushes against our enemies and defeat them.  May we see the results of our singing and praising in each of our own lives in the ways that the Lord would have us to…..May we rejoice over our enemies because of what the Lord has done and may the Lord give us rest all around as He did to King Jehoshaphat and may we be remembered as doing what was right in the sight of the lord……In Jesus Name …..amen

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  1. nessa says:

    wow ,, nice blog

    • So glad you enjoyed the prayer….May God guide and direct your path and lead you in His good and perfect plans for your life as you trust in Him and fill your heart and mind and soul with His Holy word. May your days be filled with laughter and love and hope…In Jesus name I pray for you….amen thank you for encouraging me by taking the time to write a comments…God Bless YOU!!

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