Lord, We come before you as little children with hearts that are humbled by the Power of Your Presence.  We are  bowed down in reverence to You and we acknowledge You as King.  You are Lord.  You are Worthy to be praised.  We exalt Your name with Praise and Thanksgiving and we revel in the Power of Your Spirit to minister to us and to those we know and love and those we have never even met.

You are omnipotent, You are omniscient, You are God.  As we embrace this day we thank You for all of the days that have passed and we Praise You for the days that are yet to come.  We are Your Precious Children and we know that our paths lead to Eternity with You.  Thank You Lord for giving us this gift of knowing that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will proclaim that You indeed are Lord of everything.  We praise You that You, Oh Lord,  wooed us through Your Holy Spirit and that we made our choice to accept You as Lord and to live our lives for You and not the World.

Thank You for the redeeming work of Your Son that gives us forgiveness for our sins.  We repent of our own self centered ways and thoughts and we ask that You Oh Lord would forgive us for them.  Repentance restores, repentance renews, and repentance moves our hearts from being focused on self to being focused and purposely engaged in intimate relationship with You.  Thank You Father God for Your ability to convict us of our sins with such gentleness.  We are sinners and yet we have been given the gift of forgiveness and Grace because of Your sacrifice.  Thank You Lord for the cross of salvation and hope and restoration and eternity.  We are humbled by it.

We are Your People, You have called us each by name.  We are grafted into Your family, You consider us Your Precious sons and daughters.  You are our Father in Heaven and You are in us and within us and around us.  Your Love is unconditional.  Help us trust this Truth as we step out in Faith doing what You have called us to.  We thank You that You have plans and purposes for each of us that are stirring in our hearts and beginning to be birthed in our minds or have already come to fruition.

Some of us are being challenged to walk in Faith trusting You to guide and direct our paths in areas we have never seen or in areas where we have never been.  Some of us are being challenged to walk more diligently and purposely in Faith on the path we have been on for years.  Some of us are being stretched and challenged to limits we cannot fathom or understand.  In all of us, You, Oh Lord, are calling us each by name to trust You to be Our Father, Our Friend, Our Counselor, Our Redeemer, and Our Guide. We trust that You Oh Lord have ordained and prepared and anointed each of us for this day and we give it to You.

You are our Foundation Lord God, we know that without You our lives would not withstand the pressures of this life here on earth and we would crack and break and ultimately our lives would serve our adversary and not You.  Eternal God, You are our sure foundation, and we build our life upon you.  We praise You for granting us salvation, wisdom, and knowledge.  Teach us to rest secure in Your strength, to walk in Your paths no matter how foreign they seem to us knowing that You will support any burdens or obstacles we face.

Your Word says, Those who have been ransomed by the Lord will return to Jerusalem, singing songs of everlasting joy.  Sorrow and mourning will disappear and they will be overcome with joy and gladness.  Isaiah 35:10  You have ransomed each of us with the blood of Your Son and You have plans and purposes for us that are beyond our capability to comprehend or understand with the minds of ourselves. Thank You for ransoming us, thank You for Joy and Gladness…'”We Rejoice”

Lord God we come together in one voice and in one accord and we pray for new revelation, new dimensions of understanding, new words of wisdom and knowledge, new bridges to cross, new territories to embrace, new lenses in our glasses of Faith so that we may see through Your eyes and not our own and new dimensions of healing in the very core of the hearts of who we are in You.  Thank You for Your lovingkindness…

We Praise You for granting us a glorious future with You.  As we await that great day of restoration when we will see the New Heavens and the New Earth, we thank you for our opening eyes and ears today to see and hear you in our lives in all the new ways You have predestined us to.  Cause us to be fruitful in Your Kingdom Lord, like barren deserts turned into lush gardens.  May it all begin in our own homes.  Guide us Lord, direct us Lord, convict us Lord, renew a right spirit within us that we might see all that You have prepared for us.  We are ready Lord, we are not afraid, we are united together as one body in Christ victoriously choosing to live lives that Honor and Glorify You.

We put on our Armor this day and we stand in Faith protecting our hearts and minds and souls with the Armor that You direct us to use in Ephesians 6.  We put on our helmet of salvation, we are saved and we know where we will spend Eternity.  We put on our breastplate of righteousness, we put on our belt of truth, we put on our shoes of Peace, we take up our Shields of Faith that the fiery darts of the enemy cannot the intended mark of our hearts and we take up the sword of Your spirit Lord which is Your Holy Word, The Bible.  We pray in the spirit at all times knowing and expecting the attacks of the enemy and not running from them but standing firm in Faith knowing and trusting that they are indeed strengthening us and preparing us for all that You have planned for our lives here on earth.

We give You this day, we rejoice that You see fit to give us this gift and we ask Oh Lord that You would continue to draw us closer to You and to draw those that You have planned for us to intertwine our lives with into our lives.  We pray Oh Lord that You would protect us as we let go of more and more of our thoughts and plans and understanding and allow ourselves to be filled with Yours.  Fill us Lord….. with More of You through the Power of Your Holy Spirit. We breathe in the Power and the Strength of Your Spirit…Thank You Lord

Protect our families and our friends and our Nation from the lies of the enemy.  You are Judge and Jury Lord so we ask for Grace as You bring our Nation back into alignment with You and Your Word.  We have fallen away from our founding principles and we need You Oh Lord to bring revelation and truth and understanding to Your People.   We pray as one voice and in one accord that You Oh Lord would do this work ……In Jesus name….amen

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