Oh Heavenly Father, King of Righteousness, Creator of Truth, Writer of Wisdom through Your Word and Revealer of the condition of our Hearts.  We come before Your throne, we seek Yee First Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness. You are adding all things unto our lives.  We think not as the world thinks worrying about what we will eat or drink or where we shall live but we think instead upon what is good, what is Holy and what is Pure according to Your Word.  We praise You Lord for how You work in our lives.  You are our Heavenly Father who loves us more than we can imagine or comprehend.  There is not one detail in our lives that You are not attending to… You are Faithful indeed.

Forgive us our sins Lord, we repent for those things that we have said or done or thought that are not pleasing to you.  We are sinners, we confess our need for You and we bow down in humility and thank you for the Cross.  Thank You for Your gift of Grace and forgiveness.   Thank you that as far as the west is from the east our sins are removed forevermore and we are  pure and white as snow.  Let us live this truth today Oh Lord and embrace all that You have in store for us today.

We are Your Precious children and because of Your great love for us You are challenging some of us to simplify our lives and our thinking that we may be open to where You lead and guide our thoughts and our steps.  Some of us have lost much through this recession we are in and some of us still have more than enough of everything we need but have begun to worry about how to protect what we have and about what the future will bring.  Some of us are so consumed with thinking of solutions and trying to survive that we can’t see the gifts and paths that You are putting right in front of us.  Open our eyes Lord God, open our minds Lord God, we seek You and Your Kingdom and You are answering us.  Praise Your Holy Name….

Oh Lord, as You allow the removal of some things that perhaps we have come to love too much you are indeed adding to our lives in accordance with Your good and perfect plans. You are pouring out from the Heavens Your good and perfect gifts for us to receive that we may in turn bless others.

Open our hearts Lord God that we may feel worthy enough to receive the gifts that You send to us directly and those that You send to us through those who are responding to your whispers to their hearts.  We come together in one voice and in one accord against any and all pride that might tempt us to hold back from giving or to hold back from receiving.  Let our Love that You Oh Lord have birthed in us flow through us with giving as receiving as Power without end.  We Praise You for Your good and perfect ways of working in our lives.  Lord open our eyes to see You at work.

You have formed us in the image of You and when the time is right through the power of who You are You call out from the Heavens and speak.  “Suddenly” our lives are changed and transformed.  You say when, you say how, You say who, You are God and we acknowledge You in all our ways.  We know that you are indeed making our paths straight in every way.  We are seeking Your Heart with all our hearts and minds and souls.

For some of us You are bringing into fruition the awakening of spiritual gifts and purposes and You are replacing lies with truths.  As we draw closer to You, You draw closer to us, it is written in Your Word.  Your desire Oh Lord is that we would Honor and Glorify You with the wisdom, gifts and abilities You have given us.  Thank You Father for these gifts.  Help us understand how we are to use them, direct our thoughts and minds to comprehend our part in Your plans.

Oh Lord as we embrace Your loving kindness in rising up Your gifts in us let us begin with using these gifts in our families first.  Let us begin to exercise our spiritual muscles within our homes for that is Your good and perfect will for our lives.  Let us live out our lives with the Fruits of the Spirit as our offering to You, to one another and to the world that You may be Honored and Glorified.

As we embrace this day that You Oh Lord have given us and as we say goodnight to it may we each remember that every day is a gift to us to receive and a gift for us to give away.  May we be purposeful in all we do each day with the 24 hours that you give.   May we not just cross off another day of our lives pursuing what we will wear or what we will eat or drink or wondering and worrying about where we will live.  Let us Seek Yee first in all we say and do that You may use us, Your Precious children, and the gifts You purposely placed in each of us to make a difference in this world for You.

You enlisted us in Your Army.  We belong to Your Squadron in this war we will fight until You call us Home.  Let us put on our Armor that we may fight in the strength of You and not ourselves.  May we remember to pray without ceasing in the spirit that we might slay the enemy with Your Word.  We put on our Helmet of Salvation our Bresatplate of Righteousness, our Belt of Truth, our Shoes of Peace, our Shield of Faith, and our Sword of the Spirit which is Your Holy Word.  We take captive every thought and bring into the obedience of Jesus Christ that we might not be caught off guard and act or react in ways that do not please You.  We are fortified in Faith, we are equipped to serve and we are victorious in Jesus Christ.  We stand in the authority You Oh Lord have given us and we rejoice that You have given us another day…..Prosper the works of our hands and the hope of our hearts that all might come to know You….

In Jesus name we ask that You would bring comfort to those that are hurting, bring healing to those that have lost Hope, bring peace to those that are worn out, bring jobs to those who have need, bring laughter to those who are oppressed and depressed, bring a friend to those that are friendless, bring justice to those who have been wronged, bring victory to those that have been battling, bring vacations to those that need a rest, bring tutors to those that need help, bring mentors to those who need encouragement and accountability, bring fathers to the fatherless, bring conviction to those that are sinning, bring circumstance and situation to teach spiritual truths, and bring discernment and wisdom from Your Word and hide it in our hearts that we might not sin against You.  Amen

Today I proclaim in Jesus name that my purpose is__________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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