Father God, Abba, Daddy, Lord…. We come to You …..You are our Father in Heaven, We worship You.  You are the light that illuminates our hearts and penetrates them with Your Love.  You are Love, You are Holy, You are Pure, You are God.  You are Beautiful.   We savor the power of Your Holiness, we embrace it and we allow it to penetrate and illuminate our hearts minds and souls.

Thank You Lord God for the Power of Your Presence………..We come before You with hearts that desire to be close to You….

Draw us Holy Spirit, Draw us closer to You…..Fill us with Your Love….Rekindle the flames of our passions for You Lord and rekindle our passions for those plans and purposes that You birthed in us.  We have dreams and goals that honor and glorify You, we need more of You in order to accomplish Your good and perfect will for our lives here on earth.  Light us on fire Holy Spirit, Ignite fresh flames of passion within us Lord, rise up Your Power and Your Presence that we may be bold and courageous and filled with passion to live our lives Victoriously for You as Your Precious Children who long to Honor and Glorify You with all our hearts and minds and souls…….

We Love You Lord God.  We Worship You, for You are faithful.   Fill our hearts with Your compassion, Your mercy, Your Grace and Your Love.  We are transformed by Your Love, we rejoice that You give it to us unconditionally.

We bow down in one accord and in one voice on this blog and we acknowledge You. You are answering prayers, You are transforming minds and hearts and souls.  You are healing families, you are restoring relationships, you are illuminating truth, you are providing work, you are convicting sin, and You are empowering us with the Power of Your Holy Spirit to walk and not run and to be victorious sons and daughters fighting the good fight with Your strength and not our own.

You have opened the floodgates of Heaven and are pouring out Your love.  You are opening doors and windows of opportunity.  We sense and feel and acknowledge Your Love filling us with more of You and less of our doubts and worries and discouragement as we yield our hearts and minds and souls to You and become still in the power and presence of Your Love…We are taking time to let You be God in our lives and You are bringing  joy to Your servants as a result.

We soak in Your presence and we embrace Your Power to heal us and help us and guide us and lead us.  We are learning to listen for Your whispers to our heart and to wait upon You to prepare our paths and direct our steps. We thank You that You are guiding us and directing us and making all things new.  You are Faithful, faithful indeed.

Tho some of us have not seem the answers that we want and need, we acknowledge and we thank You for what You are doing in our hearts.  You will complete that which You have begun, You have promised us that.  We embrace this journey of Faith that we have embarked upon.  We are Yours Lord God, we surrender to Your will and we ask that You would help our hearts and minds and souls line up with Your word and that Your will would become the very deepest desire of our hearts.

We let go of our thoughts and our understanding of situation and circumstance, we yield them to You.  We empty our minds of everything.  We are at peace.  We are one with You for we have accepted Your gift of Love and Forgiveness, the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Please forgive us our sins, for those things we have said or done or thought that are not pleasing to you.

We name them and we give them to You……..take them from us…..we repent……..Wash us clean with Your Love….

We no longer have to even think of them for You accept our repentance and You forgive us our sins.  Your Son paid the price, Christ’s death and resurrection was the final sacrificial offering for our sins, and we thank You for that gift.  Let us live our lives without guilt or shame or condemnation.  Let us rejoice in thanksgiving for the gift of forgiveness and help us Lord to offer it to others when they sin against us.

We savor this time as we breathe in the gift of new life and exhale the gift of all the breaths that brought us to this time, this time of being drawn closer and closer to You…..

We put on our armor this day in accordance with Ephesians 6.  We are brothers and sisters united in the army of One….Jesus Christ.  We put on our helmet of salvation, our breastplate of righteousness, our belt of truth, our shoes of peace, our shield of faith and the sword of Your Spirit, which is Your Word……May no weapon formed against us prosper…..

We stand in authority in Christ and we proclaim victory for ourselves and our sons and daughters and our brothers and sisters and our freinds and families and strangers we have not met yet who will be a part of our lives one day.  We will fight the good fight, we will go the distance, we will not bow down to the enemy and his temptations and his traps and his evil ways of detouring us.

We are strong and courageous and we know that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with the powers of darkness.  We will fight for one another in the power of prayer Lord and we will serve one another in the power of humility Lord and we will honor one another with our words and actions and deeds. We will live our lives with joy and peace Lord and we will rejoice that we have been given another day to make a difference for You, Our King, the Leader of our Army.  We will rest and take the time to be still throughout our days  that You Lord God may whisper to our hearts and direct us where to go and what to do and how to do it and when to do it and why…..

We choose to read Your word Oh Lord and we profess that You Oh Lord desire to use it as food for our hears and minds and souls.   Whisper to our hearts with Your wisdom and Your truth.  We are confident that You are giving us direction  through Your Chosen People that You selected to impart Your Word to us through the Old Testament and the New.  Speak to us, whisper to our hearts of the book of the Bible that You would have us study for this season of our lives.  We know that Your Word is Truth and that You are the same today as You were in days of old and You will be the same tomorrow too.

Strengthen us Oh Lord, Encourage usFather and Empower us to live our lives for You and not ourselves or this world….In Jesus name we offer up this prayer in Faith that You are answering the cries and desires of our hearts and that Your good and perfect plans are being unveiled…..Amen

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