Oh Heavenly Father….Oh Righteous Ruler….. Holy is Your name.  You Reign from the Heavens, You Rule over all…You speak and Your word becomes life and truth and reality. You spoke our names and lovingly formed us in our mothers wombs.   You birthed  us  here on earth, we are Your precious children, we belong to You.

You birthed in each of us a deep desire to seek after something we could not see or touch or feel.  Because of Your Love for us You set into motion Your will for each of us to choose Your Love and accept You as lord of our lives. It is through the Power of Your Holy Spirit that You began this work in us that ultimately brought each of us to accept Your son and become a part of Your Eternal family.  It is through the Power of the Holy Spirit that You draw us into Your good and perfect will for our lives.  It is from the Heavens You spoke our names and it is here on earth that we responded to Your voice that we could only hear through our hearts that were formed by You.

We Worship You, We are Your Precious children….You called each of us by name…. We are one body united in Christ as brothers and sisters seeking intimate relationship with You, Our Father Who Art in Heaven….

We are gathered together in Your Holy name seeking to feel the fullness of Your love for us as we draw our minds and hearts and souls closer and closer to you and more separate from the world…..

You are God, You are Master Creator, You are orchestrator of time and circumstance and You are the giver of every good and perfect gift.  You give and take away as You see fit.  We bow our hearts and minds and souls.  We praise Your Holy Name….

A feast You, Oh Lord, have prepared for us if we shall decide to come to the table and be still with You…..Feed our spirits Lord….Feed our souls Lord….Feed our Hearts Lord God for we are hungry to receive the blessed food that You have prepared for us through Your word.  Speak Holy Spirit….whisper to the hearts of Your precious Children, lead us into Your Word…..Give each of us a chapter or a verse to mediate on today…..Put billboard signs in our minds, arrange  notes with scriptures where we can see them, speak through our friends, our children, the radio……do whatever it takes to get our attention that we might receive a message from You Oh Lord….We ask that You would speak…..

Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon us as we spend this precious time being still with You.  We are Your Precious children and we are hungry for Your Love and Your Power and Your Presence in our lives ….Thank You Lord for quiet time to reflect on the Amazing Nature of who You are….

Forgive us our sins, we thank You for Your gift of Grace….We put on our armor…our helmet of salvation, our breastplate of righteousness, our belt of truth, our shoes of peace, our shield of faith, and the sword of Your word.  Just as Your word speaks to our hearts to encourage us and inspire us may we use it as the sword this day to protect us from the enemy…..Our minds and hearts and souls belong to You Oh Lord….Have Your way in us this day…..In Jesus name…..Amen

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  1. Tom Janicik says:


    I just happened upon your webpage. Very inspirational prayer! May God continue to answer your prayers.

    Tom Janicik

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage me Tom and thank you for stopping and joining us on our 40 days of prayer. Lord God I pray for your blessings from the storehouse of Your Heavenly Realm to fall from the open heaven and become like hailstones falling into the life of your son Tom…May he see Your hand at work in everything he does and know that it is you. Protect him as You bless him…In Jesus name…amen….. Debra

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