Lord….We come to you….United as one body with different gifts we seek Your will for us….It is through our relationship with You and our relationships with one another that we are becoming the Godly men and women You created us to be…

We acknowledge our need for one another and we acknowledge our need to intertwine our lives with each other and with You…..We bow before You and we exalt Your Holy Name….Meet us in our needs Oh Lord, whisper to our hearts of Your Love.  We empty ourselves that You may fill us up with Your Love.

Anoint us with the oil of gladness and put fresh energy in our steps as we walk forward with passion and purpose in our awed amazement of the depth of Your Love for us.  We are Your Precious Children, You are Our Father…..Thank You Lord for choosing us and calling us each by name.

It is day twenty six of our forty day journey of  drawing closer to You, of  sacrificing our precious time in order to forge a deeper intimate relationship with You.  We thank you for this precious space in our daily schedules to make time for You and we ask that You would increase our time and bless those who have given of their time in order for us to be a part of this journey with You….

We have come to look forward to this time with You… We take a deep breath filling our lungs until we have no choice but to begin to exhale and release it along with all the worries and stresses and thoughts of our day.  We are careful not to let our minds wander off on agendas of their own.  We take captive our thoughts, they have no rights of their own, we are the master of them.  We still our mind and put a guard at the entrance to our mind….We submit ourselves to the process of becoming still.

This is our time with you, we are meditating within our hearts, we are at rest….we are still before You Lord…Whisper to our Hearts….Speak through the Power of Your Holy Spirit…..Encourage us, Empower us, Edify us, and fill us with Your Wisdom in words we can hear and ways we can understand….We give You our minds and hearts and souls…..We are one with You and we are at peace….

Oh Lord we thank You that You are our Creator, our Counselor, our Comforter, and that You care about every detail of our lives.  We put our trust in You.

Lord, light up the light of your countenance upon us.  You have put gladness in our hearts.  You alone, Oh Lord, make us dwell in safety, You are our shield.  You sustain us Lord, we will not fear.

We are Your Precious Children, we walk not in the counsel of the ungodly but delight in Your laws.  We are meditating on Your word day and night.  We are like trees planted by the rivers of water.  We are bringing forth fruit in season.  Our leaves shall not wither.  Whatever we do shall prosper.

We rejoice, we shout for Joy because You Oh Lord defend us.  We are joyful in You, For You, Oh Lord bless the Righteous, with Favor You surround us as with a shield.

Please forgive us our sins….we repent……Your Holy Spirit has been at work in our hearts and minds and souls bringing to the surface attitudes and words and thoughts and deeds that stem from our own understanding of circumstances and situations we are in and not necessarily Truth in accordance with Your good and perfect plans and purposes for us.  Thank You Lord for the gift of conviction over sin, the gift of discernment to know and follow Truth and the gift of Faith to believe and follow Your Holy Word.  Thank You Lord for the gift of Grace that covers our sins that was obtained at such a cost to You.

It is evening now Oh Lord and I am now posting this blog.  Thank You for Your Grace in giving me the ability to give myself  Grace for being so late.  What a day it has been, not as I had planned and that is true for so many of us I am sure…. Tomorrow is a new day, we shall rejoice and be glad in it……..I will start at 5 a.m. it is the only way….. Thank You Lord for Your Grace…..

You Oh Lord know every detail of our lives and You Oh Lord have been with each of Your Precious children all day long.  There are so many that need prayer,that needs hugs, smiles and encouraging words.  So many that need answers to know how to proceed, that need work to support their families, that need hope and healing, that need wisdom and direction in signs they can clearly see.   I prayed all day today and still my heart is heavy with the needs.  Oh Lord impress upon Your Precious children the need to intercede for their brothers and sisters and to extend their hands and hearts and time to those that are in need.

We come together with one voice and in one accord on this blog and we lift up to You ourselves and our brothers and sisters in Christ. We ask that You Oh Lord would meet the needs of Your People in ways that they know without a doubt that it is You.

Open our eyes that we may clearly see Your answers to our prayers and know without a doubt and believe with all our hearts that it is You who heard the cries of the hearts of Your Precious Children Lord and answered them….Open our ears to hear answers in ways we would not think of listening for….. Open our hearts to give more of ourselves than we think we are able to for longer than we think we can in order to obediently live our lives in surrender to You……….We are Your Precious Children….You are our Father…..May Your Kingdom come here on Earth as it is in Heaven……In Jesus name we pray…..amen

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  1. Bill Dowd says:

    It sounds like you needed a good hug on this day. I’m sorry it was hard, but thank you for your faithfulness in writing.

  2. Chris says:

    A virtual hug from all that have/are reading your blog. May God bless you on all your thoughts today, and throughout the New Year. I have been praying for the Lord to take you in His arms, provide the comfort and Love that you so richly deserve.
    I must confess though, I am hoping that His Love fills you up until you are once again overflowing with His Love and Words so that you will start posting again. You are not my only source of encouragement, but these twenty-six days of prayer that I have so far traveled have been a true blessing for me.
    Thank you Lord for providing a Woman of Faith that is willing and able to put her love for You, and Your Love for us into words that we can all read, ponder and use to heal our wounded hearts. I lift up Debra into your arms to receive the comfort and love that she needs on a daily basis. Thank you so much for Your Love that flows through her words to all of us that can read them. Watch over her, her family and fellow believers so that they may flourish in Faith in the coming New Year…. Amen.

    • Chris,
      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and your heart to offer up prayers to our Lord and King on my behalf and on behalf of others who are reading this blog and seeking He that created them…..I am humbled….truly humbled……I just passed my Realtor Exam last Monday which I have been studying hard for and today I received notice that my trademark for Whispers for the Heart is now officially registered and protected from anyone using the name….I am overwhelmed at the ways that the Lord has been sending others to cross my path to not only encourage me but to remind me of many things……Your words stirred my heart and each comment you write reminds me that there is purpose to the time that I give to share His love with others through Whispers for the Heart….thank you for taking the time to write and may the Lord richly bless you as you continue to faithfully follow through with the commitment you made for the 40 days of drawing closer to He that created you….May His gifts in you be stirred and may they rise up in perfect ways and in perfect time that you might be used by Him in mighty and powerful ways in the lives of those that He puts in your path each and every day for the rest of your life here on earth…Be strong and Courageous Chris and do not lose heart or give up Hope for He that is in You in greater than he that rules the world….You are his son and He loves you with an everlasting love and no one can comfort you and give you peace like our Father in Heaven.He is Abba, Lord…Tho the winds blow strong and the ground you stand on shifts…you shall not be moved…..You belong to the KING….

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