Oh Holy Righteous Redeemer of Time and Circumstance and Physical Reality. Oh wise Counselor and Intimate Comforter.  Oh God of the Universe,  Creator of all….

Oh mighty majestic Sovereign Ruler of Heaven and Earth….To You we turn our hearts and our minds and our souls and to You we humbly bow.  You are our God, we are Your Precious children.  We Worship You with all our hearts and minds and souls…..

Thank You Father God for this day, Thank you for this beautiful day, the sun is shining even if the clouds may be hiding it.   We know that You are Faithful and that the sun and the moon and the earth all revolve according to You.  Thank You that you are in power and not man.  Thank you that You are the Creator and Orchestrator of Time and Circumstance.  Thank You for the gift of this day.

May Your light break through the fog and through every cloud in the minds and hearts and souls of your people Lord God and shine radiantly and beautifully of Your Love and Your Peace and Your Promise that You never change.  May we each embrace Your light as love, Your Love that is pure and without sin.  May we allow it to penetrate and transform our lives in every way.  Help us Lord to lean not on our own understanding but to trust and acknowledge You in every area of our lives.

Empower us with that which we can only get from You.  We are weak and You are strong. We need You to encourage us to be more patient than we think we can, to stand firm in Faith longer than we think we can, to wait longer than we think we can, to give more than we think we can, to serve longer than we think we have the strength to and to love more unconditionally than it feels humanly possible to.

Forgive us our sins, we acknowledge them……..We give to You our minds, bring to our remembrance those things that are not pleasing to You and remove them from our hearts and minds and souls that we might be cleansed.  We thank You for Your gift of forgiveness, we accept it and we extend it to others and forgive others just as You have forgiven us for that is Your word.

We are Your Precious Children gathered together on this blog…..Fill us with more of You…. We come together in one voice and in once accord seeking to draw loser to You and to deepen our relationship to a new depth of intimacy with You.  You are filling us up as we empty ourselves….

Ignite a fresh fire in us that we may exude joy and peace and fulfill our purposes here on earth.   May flames of passion and purpose rise up within us and become the works of our hands and hearts and souls ignited by Your love…..Have Your way in us, we are Your servants waiting for You to whisper to our hearts and guide and direct us in every area of our lives….Speak Lord…We are listening….

As we go about our day today or prepare to rest our heads for sleep may we remember that this day is and was and forever shall be considered a precious gift to us from You.  We treasure it and we thank You for it.  We know that the battles that frustrate us or try and take away our joy and peace belong to You.  In obedience we pray and we take up our Armor according to Your word for it  prepares us and equips us for all that crosses our paths as we go about our days.

We stand fully protected with the Armor that gives us the ability to live our lives victoriously as sons and daughters that belong to you.  We put on our helmet of salvation, our breastplate of righteousness, our belt of truth, our shoes of peace, our shield of Faith, and the sword of the spirit, which is Your Holy Word.  We walk forward in Faith knowing that You have gone before us and prepared us and equipped us and that you will divinely intervene and give to us everything we need to be victorious servants for You….

Your word Oh Lord says that You give wisdom, knowledge, and joy to those who please You….It is written in Ecclesiastes 2:26  We come together as those that desire to please You and we ask Oh God that You would indeed grant wisdom, knowledge, and joy to us that we might then reflect it to the world.

We ask that You would stir our hearts in Your gentle and loving way and then reveal to us where we may be wrestling within our hearts and minds and souls of our part in Your purposes for our lives during this season of our lives here on earth.    Just as You did for Solomon in the Book of Ecclesiastes when He came before You and asked questions, we ask that You would whisper to our hearts and fill us with Your wisdom and Your knowledge and Your Truth.

Show us more than we can see with our eyes through Your heart revealed to us through our own hearts.  Whisper to our hearts and make Your whispers be concise, direct and come alive that they may take precedent over any and all thoughts of our own.  You are God and You long for us to be still enough to hear You speak.  We are here Lord God, we are still….Speak…..

You have planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of Your work from beginning to end.  Ecclesiastes 3:11  Let us rest in knowing that You have a plan and it is complete.  Give us the discipline of mind and the heart to trust and believe that Your plans are good that we may allow Your Perfect Plans to unfold in their perfect time.

We know that there is a time for everything.  Let us go to Your word and remind ourselves in Ecclesiastes 3.  We pray that You draw us closer to You and through Your Holy Spirit and through Divine and perfect time and circumstance reveal Your plans and purposes for us, Your Precious Children, that we may be in alignment with You in every area of our lives.  We long to do Your will and to be a part of that which makes a difference for Eternity.

This is the day that You hath made, it is a day of sunshine where some of us live and we rejoice that we can see the light and feel the warmth of Your sun on our skin.  We rejoice that this day is one day in the transition from from the season of Spring to the season of Summer and that You do not change. You reveal Yourself through the Seasons, and Faithfully You deliver Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter each year.

We Praise Your Holy name this day that You are God, that we can trust You.  Be with those we love Oh Lord and comfort them and train them and empower them and inspire them and encourage them with Your Faithfulness.  Reveal Yourself in ways that break through every barrier that might be keeping them from knowing the depth and width and breadth of Your Love for them.  We lift up to You our friends and families and loved ones and ask for Your protection from the enemy and for Your Plans and Purposes for their lives to become radiantly clear as You draw them closer to You through our prayers for them….In Jesus name we pray…..amen

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