We come together as one voice and one body united together in Faith and we rejoice for we have made it half way to our goal.  This journey together is a marathon and we are committed to finish what we have begun.  It is day twenty of a forty day commitment on this blog to pray and intercede together in one voice of one accord in a spirit of humility and unity seeking to draw closer to You Father God and to have Your Holy Spirit fill us and transform us and inspire us to believe in the Power of Prayer and make it a discipline everyday. It is through Faith that we come to You.

We bow down, we surrender to Your Sovereignty, Your Authority and Your ability to whisper to our hearts and fill them with Your Love that we might become Sacred Servants for You.

Lord God we repent of our sins and we ask that You would bring them to our minds that we may release them and be set free by Your forgiveness and Your ability to wash us clean.  We thank You Lord that You do not keep a count of them and that we are given the gift of Grace through the Cross of Christ each and every day.  We rejoice that we can come together and lift one another up and know that You are hearing our hearts and that You are listening to our voices from the Heavens and sending out answers to our prayers even as we take this time to be Still with You.  Thank YOU Father God for Your ability to transcend time and circumstance and meet the need s of each of Your children effortlessly.

Just as the woman reached out and touched the hem of the garment of Your Son, we, Your Precious Children are reaching out to You now in one voice and in one accord in Faith to touch the hem of Your heart for Your People.  In Faith, together, in prayer we are stretching beyond our own understanding and Trusting You to be God of our thoughts and our actions and our deeds and our abilities.  We believe that You are transforming our hearts and minds and souls and maturing our Faith….We love You Lord God….We believe that You love us.

We believe that as we touch Your heart with outstretched hearts that You are healing our hearts where we have hurts and wounds, that You are empowering our Spirits with Your Love, that You are filling our minds with Your Wisdom and Your knowledge, that You are showing us Your Power through Your Holy Spirit and that You are answering the cries of our hearts to become more like Your Son in every area of our lives everyday.

We stand together in Faith as One Army united through Faith in Jesus Christ and we surrender our agendas and our ideas and our lives to You.  We put on our helmet of Salvation, our breastplate of righteousness, our belt of truth, our shoes of Peace, our shield of Faith to ward off the fiery darts of the enemy and we take up our sword of Your Word…Your Word spoke in response to the one who touched the garment of Your Son Jesus Christ in Mark 5:34….Your Faith has made you well.  Go in Peace.  You have been healed.  And in Mark 5:36…..Don’t be afraid, Just Trust Me.

We believe that Your Word is alive today and gives us Wisdom, Strength,  Hope, Purpose and Conviction over sin.  We Proclaim that You are the same today as You were yesterday and that You will be the same tomorrow too.  We thank You for Your Gift of Grace to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  What and incredible witness of Your Love.  We stand together in Faith, we accept Your Word and believe it is Truth in our lives today.  We trust Your Authority and Your Sovereignty over our lives and the lives of those we know and love and even those we have not met yet but that You are and will connect and intertwine our lives with.

We have surrendered ourselves to Your Word and we have been reaching out through Your Son Jesus Christ touching His garment in Prayer and seeking to draw closer to You….We accept the victory of Your Word as Truth.  We raise our swords in Victory over the lives of those that we know and love and we cry out to You on behalf of ourselves and each of them….

Hear the prayers of Your People Lord and answer them.  May Your Will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven.  Save Your People from the enemy and his deceitful lies and half truths.   Remove the veil that blinds Your People and as You do Your work in their lives and create circumstances and situation to speak to them in ways that they will hear, we ask that You would grant them Your Gift of Mercy and Grace.  We move out of Your way and we ask for You to be their God and do what You do best.  We give up our desires and the way we think things should be and we trust You in every detail of our lives and the lives of those that we love too.

Praise You Lord for healing the lives and hearts and diseases and afflictions and worries and doubts and fears of  each of us reading this blog, of each of Your Precious Children whom are our children too, of our friends, of our spouses, of our future spouses and their families, of our families of origin and families of our Church, of our leaders, of our elders, of our teachers, and of those who we pray for that have not been born yet.  You are Faithful, faithful indeed to hear our hearts crying out in one accord in intercession for ourselves and those that we love.  You have heard our prayers and our desires to be purified and disciplined in Prayer and You are answering us.  We rejoice!!

Give us this day our Daily Bread.  Anoint our lives with the oil of Gladness.  Make straight our paths in every area of our lives.  Fill us with Your Love that it might flow out of us to Your Precious Children and bless them.  Bless us this day for our obedience and surprise us with gifts from Your heart for us that can only come from You.  Send Your Angels to intercede in our lives as needed, You know where we need them to be.  Silence lips that need to be quiet for a season and rise up words in those that need to speak.

Make strong those who are weak and weaken those that are too strong.  Put bridles and bits on those that need extra guidance and take them off of those that are trained and ready for a soft harness without the bit.  Provide for those in need from those that have excess.  Make time stand still and expand time for those who are doing their best to juggle priorities and make time with You the focus of their lives.  Connect and intertwine the paths of those that need to meet and have it be in ways that only You can get the credit that Faith might be increased.

Thank You Lord for this day…..It is a Gift from You…..We will rejoice and be Glad in it…..Bring JOY to Your Servants Lord God for to You I lift them up In Jesus name……amen

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  1. Chris says:

    WooHoo! Half-way through the 40 days! Of course, the 40 days are just a renewal of a process that should have already been in place: daily prayers of thanks and honor to our Lord that has given us Grace and freedom from our sins. Thank you Debra for the Love of the Lord that has filled you up and overflowed into this blog for everyone to receive His words.

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