Oh Lord God….We come to You in humility to Worship You, to seek You, to embrace You and to offer ourselves to You as a living sacrifice…..

We surrender our hearts and minds and souls to You and we rest in Your Presence…..You are our Father, You are our refuge, You are our strength, You are our Hope, You are our Rest, You are our Counselor, You are our Friend.

We come to You …..You are Love…..You pour out Your Love from the Heavens above and fill us up.  Your Presence, Your Love, Your Word all become Power in ways we cannot explain and in ways that we cannot be fulfilled by any person or any thing of this world we are living in.

We Praise You….We exalt You….Empower us this day through Your Holy Spirit and fill us to the brim with Your Love….

We lift our voices together in one accord on this Mother’s Day and we celebrate the gift of your Love.  It is Your love Oh Lord that brought each of us here and it is Your plan that each of us would be born and then choose to come to You and acknowledge You as our Creator, our Lord.

Thank you for our Mother’s who gave birth to us, who chose to give us life.  We live in a world  where that is a decision. We know that it is not a decision that every woman makes when she finds out that she has been given the gift of a child to bring into this world.  Thank You father God for our Mother’s who chose to give us life.   Thank You for the Mother’s who did not give birth to us but raised us up as their own.  Please Bless them Lord God and fill them with Your gift of Love.  We applaud them together as one voice and we pray that You would make each of them feel special on this celebration day…..

Send Your Angels to encourage Mothers everywhere.  Send Your people to minister in ways that they do not expect.  Mend broken relationships.  Show Your Love and Mercy and Grace.  Touch hurting hearts that have lost their Mothers or are estranged from them and comfort them in their loss and pain.  Restore Hope to those that are weary of the waiting for their children to mature. Bring Hope through Salvation to those that do not know You as Lord and Savior.  Bring tools and teachers to those Mothers who cannot Love their children the way they desire to because of their lack of training or brokenness or both.

May this Mother’s Day be a day of Blessings for all Mother’s everywhere.  We know that You know the hearts of those that are hurting and those that need a touch.  We ask that You would use us, Your Precious Children, as your vessels.  Empower us to be Your channels of Hope and Love.   If You need us to deliver kind words or perform random acts of kindness that show Your Love, Whisper to our Hearts, we are listening, speak to us……Speak to us Lord God and prompt our hearts to respond and be obedient servants for You.

We put on our Armor Lord according to Your word.  We put on our helmet of salvation, our breastplate of righteousness, our belt of truth, our shoes of peace, our shield of Faith, and the sword of Your Word.  We are armed and ready for our day.  We rejoice that You have given us another day and we stand together as one Army, a family united in Love through Christ and we embrace the gift of Mothers and ask that You would Honor and Protect and Encourage and Bless them today.  For those of us that are Mothers, we come together in one voice, in one accord, and we thank You for the gift of giving us children, whether by birth or another means we thank You Lord for trusting us with Your children to raise up for You.

Lord God grant us wisdom and knowledge this day, open pathways and doorways and windows and breathe Your breath of life on us as we walk in Faith trusting You.  Bless each of us as we honor our mothers or remember our mothers in ways that You lead us to.  We love you Lord and we act out Your Love for us to those that gave us birth and those that took us in and those that trained us up and those that made a difference in our lives.

We rejoice in Your Love.  We Proclaim Victory for this day.  We know that we are here because of Your Love and we know that it is by design that You brought us here to earth through the Mothers that You hand picked to give us life and raise us up…..Thank You Lord God…….Thank You for the gift of life….Thank You for the gift of Your Love….Thank You for our Mothers…..Thank You for the cross and the sacrificial Love that Your one and only son died to witness….Empower us with that kind of Love today….In Jesus name we pray….Amen

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  1. Dan says:

    To all the moms that are reading Debra’s blog, have a blessed and wonderful day! Happy Mothers Day!

    • Thank you Dan for thinking of others and expanding your territory to include them in your heart and extending a blessing to them…What a gift to us!! Thank You….Lord I pray for Dan this day and I ask that you would bless him with a gift that He knows is from you….May He feel Your hand of love being extended to him through that gift and as he embraces it I pray he will then in turn use it to bless others.. You know his heart Lord God and you know his needs….bless him in perfect time and may the blessing be significant in every way….In Jesus name…amen

  2. Travis says:

    Amen, Thank you Debra. May you be filled each day as you rest to receive from Him what He has for your and for you to then pass along to others. Thank you for abiding and blessing me.

    • Thank You for your words of encouragement Travis…thank you for being used by the Lord like a rudder on a ship with such simplicity……May the Lord increase your territory as you walk forward in His good and perfect plans for you and may you leave a legacy of faith through each of your beautiful children as you raise them up for Him…..He has blessed you abundantly with a beautiful and incredible wife and family….May your spirit be strengthened and empowered by their love and their laughter and may you continue to be the Godly husband and father that God has called you to be….In Jesus name….amen

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