Oh Holy Spirit, Oh Father God, Oh Savior, Redeemer Lord….

Into Your presence we come…..In silence we sit…..We rest in You……

We bow our hearts and minds and souls to You in surrender and we offer up to You our hearts and minds and souls…..

We seek to know You Lord and to hear You whisper to our hearts……….

You are the Great I AM….You are the King of Kings, You are our God!

Everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.  There is not one detail out of place and all things are working together for good for Your Perfect Plans and Purposes and we acknowledge You as the Power that supersedes all.  You are Jehovah, Jirah, Master Planner and King.  We worship You, we come before Your throne in Honor of Your Power and Your Love.  You Loved us so that You sent Your only Son to earth to live and die a sacrificial death that as humans we cannot comprehend.

Forgive us Lord for our sins.  We take every thought, every word, every action, every reaction, and every deed that has not Honored and Glorified You and we visualize taping them to the cross and leaving them there.  Our sins are covered by the blood of the cruxifiction of Jesus Christ on the Cross.  It is finished, our sins are wiped away.   We stand in Victory that today is a new day.  We will live this day accepting and rejoicing that we are Your Sons and Daughters who are being transformed into the image of Your Son day by day.

Thank You for Your Love that is beyond what we can comprehend.  We accept your gift of Love, of forgiveness, we accept Your gift of becoming a new creation in You and we give our lives to You in surrender and humility.

Today is the day that You hath made…..We shall rejoice and be glad in it…..

You, Oh Lord, are the One who rules and reigns and it is You that we live to Honor, Glorify, and please with out actions, words, and deeds.  We surrender our lives to You.  We surrender our thoughts to You.  We surrender our expectations and our wants and our will to You and we say unto You….Have Your way in us today….

We choose to think, act and believe as if EVERYTHING is EXACTLY as it should be.  We ACCEPT this day that You hath made as a gift from You.  We rejoice with gladness that You are the reason we live and we proclaim together as one voice united by You that we shall live in Victory. We have victory over the enemy and the distractions and lies that he tries to tempt us to engage in.  We say No to him.  We take each and every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.   We are new creations in Christ Jesus.  We have been set free from the snares,  traps, lies, deceit,  guilt and shame of our adversary and we rejoice that we are Free to live today as Precious Children who belong not to this world but to the Creator of the Universe.  We rejoice!

Tho it is repetitious and not something that some of us desire to do, in obedience to Your word we put on our Armor and we stand as soldiers in Your Army Lord prepared for whatever may come our way.  We are an offensive Army always prepared to stand strong.  It is Your Power that makes us strong and it is the Armor of Your word that You ask us to wear.  We put on the helmet of salvation and we thank You for our salvation, we put on the breastplate of righteousness, we put on the belt of truth, we put on the shoes of peace, we take up the shield of Faith to protect us from the fiery darts of the enemy and we take up the sword that is Your word.  Your word Lord God is our greatest weapon and with it we stand strong in Truth.  Your word says that we are to pray in the Spirit at all times with all kinds of prayers, asking for everything we need.  We stand together as an army of One in Christ and we pray for God’s people according to Your word in Ephesians 6:10-18

Lord we ask that You would light our path today with arrows that illuminate in Your good and perfect ways.  We set aside our flesh and the desires of it and we surrender our day to You.  As every mountain of opposition and difficulty and hindrance is being moved by You we come together in one voice and proclaim that You that are in us is greater than he that is in the world and we say….Move Mountain…..for we are moving in the Power of the Spirit and we shall not be stopped.

As the mountains move and as the oceans part and as the fire of Your Passion burns in bushes for others to see we rejoice that You have chosen us, that we have answered Your call and that You are using us in our imperfections and our shortcomings and in our sinful tendencies to carry out Your plans and Purposes and that Your will shall be done here on earth in accordance to Your word.

Let not the faults of our flesh nor the limits of our minds nor the expectations of ourselves paralyze us or immobilize us from being and doing and becoming all that You have planned.  For Your plans for us are good, You have plans to prosper us, not to harm us, and You are giving us Hope and a Good future.  We call Your name, we come to You and pray and we are listening to You.  We are searching for You with all our heart and we are finding You.  Thank you that You let us Find You Lord!  We come together in one voice and we claim this Promise from Your word.  It is truth as in Jeremiah 29:11-14.

In the name of Jesus we embrace this day You have given to us as a Precious gift from You.  We seal up these prayers and ask that You would set and seal their truth and their power in our hearts.  In Jesus name…..amen

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