We come to You as little children looking into eyes which we cannot see……. As we feel Your gaze upon us through Your Holy Spirit we respond to Your Love …….You are Father, You are Abba Daddy, You are King, You are Lord.

You are Wisdom, You are Knowledge, You are Divine…

You are Mighty, Majestic, Soverign and Just.   You are Beautiful to Behold and yet who can truly comprehend the width and depth and breadth of Your Love for us….We surrender our hearts and minds and souls to thee………..We humble ourselves before You and allow our minds to become still…………

We give You this time as a poured out offering…….Come, Holy Spirit, come…….Pour out Your Power, Your Presence, Your Peace and Your Love….

We rest in You, we are bowed before Your Throne of Grace and Mercy in a spirit of humility.

We are sinners and yet, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  Romans 8:1  Thank You Lord God for that gift of truth which is written in Your word. We come before You and we repent of our sins.  Forgive us Lord God for those things we have said and done and thought that do not Honor or Glorify You nor reflect our gratitude for the Sacrifice of Your son.

We love You Lord God and yet we sin.  Thank You that You hear our prayers of repentance and You wash us clean of sin and death.  We are free in Christ Jesus.  We Rejoice and we accept Your gift of forgiveness.

As the reality of the cleansing power of Your blood permeates through our flesh and renews our spirits and our minds and our hearts we choose to forgive those who may have cheated, harmed,  hurt or come against us.  We forgive them because You forgive us.  We forgive them, it is a choice and we proclaim to You this day that we choose to forgive.  We ask that You would be the judge and jury and that righteousness would prevail.  We ask that You would make all things right in Your good and perfect ways.

Help us trust You enough to let go that we might relieve ourselves of the burdens which lead to anger and bitterness and hardened hearts and attitudes.  Soften our hearts and as Your hands touch the wounds and scars may we know that You Oh Lord see and hear and know everything.

We put on our Armor today Oh Lord.  Our helmet of salvation, our breastplate of righteousness, our belt of truth, our shoes of peace, our shield of Faith, and our sword of the spirit, which is Your word.  We stand where You have placed us and we believe that You have equipped us and prepared us for this day.

Anoint us with strength and stability and keep our eyes looking up and focused on You, our Master Creator, and not the world.  We are set apart for You.  We rejoice that You are with us and we are surrounded by brothers and sisters who are all united through the blood of sacrifice and the cross of victory over sin and death……Give us courage to reach out to one another when we need strength for You did not create us to stand alone.

We are Your Precious Children and You Love us.  You will intervene in our lives, You will deliver Your People, You will bring justice.  You will take what the enemy means for evil and turn it for good in each of our lives. Bring to our minds those we need to forgive and offer up to You………we forgive ourselves and we surrender ourselves to you…..

Thank You Lord God that You are with Us.  Thank You that You are for us.  Thank You that You never give up on us.  Thank You Lord God that You are Faithful.  Thank You Lord that You do not quit on us.  Thank You that You complete all that You begin and that You do a PERFECT work…Thank You for Your will for our lives and that today is a day to rejoice that You are working all things together for good according to Your plans and Purposes for each of us.

Thank You that You have placed each and every one of us in the situations and circumstances we are in to reveal Yourself to us, to reveal ourselves to us, to reveal Yourself to others through us and to mature us into the men and women that You created us to be.  We praise Your Divine ways of working in our lives. We ask that You would whisper to the hearts of Your Precious Children in ways that we can hear that each of us might gain wisdom and understanding and application of Your Truth, which is Your Holy Word worked out in us and through us in our daily lives here on earth.

Your Word Oh Lord says we have not because we ask not….We come together in one voice and one accord and we ask for Your will to be done here on earth as it is in Heaven.  We ask for provisions financially,  relationally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically for Your Precious Children who are in need, You know their names and You know their needs.  We intercede for one another,  those we love and those we don’t even know yet and we ask for You to move through the Power of Your Holy Spirit in the lives of Your People Lord and manifest Yourself in ways that cause revival across our land.

Your Word says that You know our needs before we even ask them and that Your Holy Spirit intercedes.  We know that we do not always know our needs and we profess to you this day that this is Truth.  In one voice and in one accord we agree that we desire for You to meet our needs that we aren’t even aware of yet.  We pray that You would do it in ways that we cannot explain or understand that You might get ALL the Glory and ALL the Honor as we realize Your answer to prayers and are humbled by them.

We pray that You would manifest Yourself in such a way that we cannot help but write a Psalm of Praise and speak to all we meet of who You are and why we believe.  You Died and rose again and when You did You showed Yourself  in human flesh with nail scarred hands as witness of the sacrifice so that one would believe.  We believe in Your ability to manifest Yourself in ways man cannot explain or comprehend.  Show Yourself Lord God.   Ignite a fresh fire of passion from the experience of seeing You working in our lives in ways that speak of Your Power and Your Presence and your Love for us, just as You did for Your Disciples after Your death and resurrection.

We love You Lord God…..renew our spirits, refresh our spirits, equip our minds, unite our efforts and empower us with Your strength….We give You this day….we need a fresh slice of Your Homemade Bread from Your word…..Chapter and Verse, bring it to our mind and feed us from Your word.  May we savor it all day and not just grab it and eat it and get on with our day…… Use Your fresh bread to give us purpose and strength as we look for opportunities to serve and to love…..  In Jesus name we pray…..amen

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  1. Chris says:

    Debra, you wrote “Thank You that You have placed each and every one of us in the situations and circumstances we are in to reveal Yourself to us, to reveal ourselves to us, to reveal Yourself to others through us and to mature us into the men and women that You created us to be. We praise Your Divine ways of working in our lives.” I think that perfectly describes the way the Lord puts us in what seem to be intolerable circumstances to draw us closer to him. In that closeness, the dross, impurities and voids are removed from us, as it is in gold when refined to form ingots and jewelry. I am in this place now, and it is amazing how much clearer we see when seeking Jesus’ comfort and care. How long does it take for the pain to go away?

    • Chris,
      I had to smile at your question, how long does it take for the pain to go away? sorry, not trying to be disrespectful in any way but I smiled because I asked that question for years..How long Oh Lord will this hurt so bad……when will you take it away from me?……Why won’t you take this away from me………Will I ever be able to go to this place or that place and not feel that sharp arrow hit my heart and penetrate it with pain?……..Do I really have to keep facing what I am most afraid of over and over again when it seems to cause so much pain?

      It has been seven years for me since the beginning of the pain from the storm which invaded our happy little family when I felt like “life just doesn’t get any better than this, Thank You God”…..My heart is now strong and there is no longer a deep sense of pain lingering in my heart ready to rise up when things that people do or say or don’t do or say hurt or life doesn’t seem to be going the way I would like it to…not that I don’t feel anymore hurt or sadness; but the pain is different…it is normal pain that comes with life and not the kind of pain that feels like it is going to kill you….I can feel the difference… was almost as if that deep pain had to keep surfacing through different sources to truly get me to see who I am in Christ and not who I am according to this person or that person or my strengths or abilities….I had times of being free of the pain and then I would enter into another relationship that did not work out the way I desired for it to and get hurt again and the pain would overtake me again…..sometimes to the point where to be honest if it were not for my young son that is my sole responsibility to raise up and my relationship with Jesus Christ I would have gladly turned to something or anything to medicate myself to get away from the pain….not that I never failed in my struggles and succumbed to the temptations of the flesh..through my failures God taught me more about Grace……I got angry, I rebelled in my own silly ways, and yet I could not continue to…… God is God and He will have His way…..He always wins and if we want Peace in our lives we will eventually submit to Him and in His time He allows the pain to dissipate for it has served its purpose and we will never ever be the same…….no one can understand it if they have not been there….I have had MANY people wonder what was wrong with me that I couldn’t just go on with my life and some said some very cruel mean things about me and to me…..I had to forgive them and realize that they cannot understand…..The deep pain that you are talking of truly is a gift……I would imagine you would think…that is easy for you to say….now….but truly Chris….I am grateful for the pain and the years of waiting for God to take it away…..I am a better person and I am finally…content with who I am and willing to do what God calls me to do even when that makes me different or weird or perhaps keeps me single for longer than I would like or not a part of certain social circles I would like to be a part of or perhaps even persecuted… I don’t believe there is an answer to your question…….I had a lot of pain stowed away in the baggage compartment of my heart that was buried really deep…..Loss paved the way for God to bring each item out and have me look at it and feel the pain of it and then work through the “process” of letting go of the root of it and the wound of it and changing my beliefs about Him, about myself, and about the way I looked at love, life and relationship…..has it been worth all the pain to become the woman I am today…..YES!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!! I pray you never forget your journey through the wilderness experience of loss and pain and that as the Lord reveals Himself to you that He also unwraps the gifts that He has placed within you and that you choose to use them for His plans and His purposes each day for the rest of your life…In Jesus name….amen

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