Today is the National Day of Prayer, let us come together as one voice crying out to our Lord and Savior for our people and our land.

Oh Father God, Oh Holy of Holies, Oh Righteous Ruler, Oh Maker of Heaven and Earth, Oh King of Kings.  Let your Glory Sine upon Your people, Let your Spirit whisper in ways that Your Precious Children can hear.  Bring into Fruition Your plans and purposes for good through the petitions of our cries to You Oh Lord.  May Your will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven.

We cry Holy Holy Holy from our hearts and minds and souls and ask for You Oh Lord to move across this land.  Send Angels to intercede, send mighty warrior Angels to fight on our behalf.  Move  through Your spirit and take back from the enemy what He has and is using for his benefit.  We know that You will indeed grant Mercy and Grace to Your Precious Children as You do Your work on our behalf.   We cry out for them, save Your children from the hands of the enemy and the schemes of his ways.  Bring all  of Your Precious children together as one flock with Your rod and guide and protect them with Your staff.

We bow down to You Oh Lord and we humble ourselves.  Forgive us our sins, forgive us Lord God, we repent.  We turn from our sins and we ask You to be our strength as we grow and mature and challenge ourselves to live our lives according to Your ways and not the ways of the world.  Strength us with Your Word.  Give us chapter and verse…..Feed us, we are hungry and know that You have prepared a feast for us through the food of Your word.  Psalm 23 is my portion today, but Holy Spirit speak to Your children, give them chapter and verse and guide their minds and hearts to get exactly what they need today for strength.

We put on our Armor and we stand.  We put on our helmet of salvation, thank You for Jesus Christ, we put on our breastplate of righteousness, help us know and stand for what is right according to You, we put on our belt of truth, help us watch our words and deeds, we put on our shoes of Peace, help us to love on another, we put on our shield of Faith and know that it protects us from the fiery darts of the enemy and we take up our sword of the Spirit which is Your Word and we raise it High and claim Victory through the Promises You have made.  Standing together we are stronger than standing separate and alone and we acknowledge that we are all fighting against the same enemy and it is not flesh and blood like so many of us have allowed ourselves to believe.  We are One Body, united in Christ, help us to act as if that is Truth.

We stand together in victory on this National Day of Prayer and we declare Victory for this Nation. We proclaim in Faith that our prayers are effective tools and that the power that comes from them through the uniting of hearts and minds and souls is pushing back the enemy of our souls.  We claim Victory for this battle and we stand together for the USA.   We shall continue to stand together for each and every day through this journey of 40 days and beyond.  If we have fallen behind we will take up where we left off and not let the enemy distract us or detour us with the lies that it doesn’t matter anymore, that its been too long.  We stand together as one Nation Under God united in love and empowered by the Holy Spirit acting out our Faith in Love.

Pour out Your love and fill our hearts, Pour out Your Power and fill up our souls.  Pour out Your strength and fill us from the top of our heads to the tip of our toes.  Pour out Your compassion and fill our hearts.  Pour out Your Grace and Your Mercy over our words and actions and deeds and fill our minds with Your Word.

It is because of who You Oh Lord are in us and because of what Jesus Christ on the cross for us that we can declare Victory.  You have made us conquerors, You have made us mighty and powerful and You have given unto us Your Power to win every battle You ask us to fight.  Show us which battle belongs to You through us and which we are to leave for You to fight through someone else.  We seek Your wisdom and Your knowledge that Yee might grant unto us Discernment to know in our hearts and minds and souls how we might use our gifts that You have given us and Honor and Glorify You as we use them.

We stand because You have asked us to stand.  WE stand together in one accord and we proclaim that You are Lord of our lives and that You are using each of us together and separately to make a difference for You in this world that is polluted and darkened by sin. Manifest Your Glory in us and through Us and use us as Your vessels for good.  Give us words to speak, give us hearts to hear the cries of those in need, give us ears to discern what You are whispering to our hearts and give us authority and strength to carry out each and every detail of our lives in ways that Honor and Glorify You.

We pray for the government of the United States of America, we pray for Truth to be revealed, we pray for deceit to be uncovered, we pray for righteousness to reign.  We pray for each and every member of those that are in leadership in the United States of America to be saved and set free that they might be granted Eternity with You and become Spirit filled leaders in our land.  We pray for a revival across this land, the USA.  We pray for believers to rise up and fight for justice and Honor and Truth.  We pray for those that are standing firm to be strengthened by You that they might not grow weary.  We pray for favor and blessings and perfect timing.

We pray for increased Faith for all of us that know You and serve You and we pray that You would indeed protect us and bless us and guide us as we lay aside our flesh and live our lives for You.  For we have been crucified with Christ, we no longer live for ourselves but Christ lives in us.  So we live our lives in these earthly bodies trusting in the Son of God, who loved us and gave us Himself.  We do not treat the Grace of God as meaningless, for if we could be saved by keeping the law, then there was no need for Christ to die.

Thank You Lord God for sending us Your Son, thank You for choosing us and drawing us to You.  We know we cannot live our lives apart from You.  Unite us together as brothers and sisters and members of One body comprised of different parts to be Your Precious Children living out the greatest commandment, the commandment to Love one another.  We surrender our lives to You.  In Jesus name…..amen

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  1. Tia* says:

    This is a very thorough prayer. I did not realize that today is National Prayer Day. I’m glad that I stumbled upon your blog, thanks for sharing this post. May God Bless you. -Tia*

    • I thank you Tia for your faithful heart to bless others with your gift of positive encouragement and I thank the Lord that He chose to use you to encourage me. May He bless you and enlarge your territory for Him in every way…..amen

  2. Chris says:

    Debra, I could hear your words ringing out over the fields, calling every believer to don their armor and commit to the battle! Your words call me to be more forthright and open about my faith and to let my beliefs be known. It is far too easy for the Christian to sit back and think “someone else will stop this stupidity!” and then watch in dismay as the insanity continues, and even gets worse. Thank you for these words of encouragement and call to action. Now to go out and implement the call. With the Lord’s strength and comfort, I WILL overcome my trials and WILL become even closer to Him!

    • Chris…
      It was a couple years ago when the Lord showed me this vision and then gave me a writing speaking of How His Spirit was roaming the earth looking for men who would answer HIS call to come to the front lines and fight….I remember it was so powerful that it made me cry and weep…..He is looking for men who will answer His call and be the men that He created them to be…one by one He calls them, some answer and some say no and He continues to search the earth looking for those who will fight, not in their own strength but in the Spirit with the Sword of His spirit, His WORD…for their marriages, for their families, for their own flesh to succumb and surrender to the ways of Christ and to be the men that God created them to be leading their families spiritually and leading spiritually with Christ as the focus of their thoughts and attitude and actions at their places of employment and in our churches and volunteer organization and every place where they set foot. Leading not with their own strength with pride and power and self righteousness but in the spirit of humility and turning from the ways of the world and allowing the power and strength of Jesus Christ to be their focus and their purpose and their strength….It is my belief that perhaps God is allowing Satan to seduce women away from their husbands with the temptations of their flesh in order for men to let go of their own strength and be broken enough to surrender and submit themselves to the leadership of Jesus Christ in their hearts and in their minds and in their souls, that they might become great leaders of changing the culture of our Nation and our Homes….It is men that will need to take this Nation back for Jesus Christ…It is man that God created to lead and it man that God is raising up through the loss of their jobs, their health, their relationships, their sexual ability to function, etc. God is not interested in our pleasure He is most interested in transforming us into the image of His SON….Yes, he has and does raise women up to rule and to oversee but in His word He did it when there was need in order to fulfill His plans….It is men that God needs to set the example of what it means to be a man and He will allow whatever needs to happen in order for men to come to Him willing to take up their swords and pray and fight with focus and clarity remembering who it is that we are at war with. It is interesting to look at the leadership examples that God gives to us in the Bible and then to compare the men of today with those men….It is through our dependence on Him that we come to know the strength of His power and His love to truly transform our hearts and minds and souls to become the men and women who will be strong enough to stand firm when the waves of temptation and financial turbulence and distraction try to take us under and drown us with their power and strength…..the pain of the trials and the heat of the flames either take us to our knees where we realize how desperate and unable we are to do this thing called life ourselves or send us in flight to find the next relationship or drug or addiction that will fill that hole that hurts so very very much. Pain can harden our hearts or it can strengthen our hearts….I think of Jesus Christ on the Cross and the pain that He endured for us…….that we might have eternal life with our Creator and intimate and personal relationship with Him and how just as Jesus said….if there be any other way…take this cup from me….and how each of us would not be honest if we did not say unto our Lord…if there be any other way…..take this pain away from me….and yet it was PAIN that Jesus suffered and yielded to in obedience to God’s plans and purposes….Lord God my heart hurts for the men that are in the flames of the furnace with You but I know that you will protect them and keep them from getting burned and destroyed beyond your ability to redeem and restore if they keep their hearts pure and their minds focused and purposed on seeking you and asking for Your intervention as they live their lives in obedience to your word. Strengthen your son Chris Lord God to continue to stand firm and to be obedient to your word…bring other warriors beside him to strengthen him and use all of the pain he has experienced and is experiencing for your good and may He in turn comfort others in their afflictions according to your word…May you show Him who You are in ways beyond what he can understand and may you bring into his sight what he needs to see….Where he is weak strengthen him and where he is too strong make him weak….Send your angels to guard his home and bind the tongues of those that might speak words that might wound or hurt him or those he loves….redeem the time and restore to him what the enemy has taken away in your perfect ways and in your perfect time…In Jesus name….amen

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