You are God, All of this is for You, for Your Glory and Your Fame, its not about us.

You alone are God and we surrender to Your ways.  That is the cry of our hearts this day.  Jesus, lover of our souls, all consuming fire is in Your gaze.  Jesus, we want You to know, we will follow You all our days.  For no one else in History is like You…..History itself belongs to You….You are Alpha and Omega, You have loved us, we will share Eternity with You.  Its all about You Jesus, ALL of this is for You, for Your Glory and Your Fame.

Forgive us Lord for our tendency to forget this and get caught in the traps of the enemy and his ways of taunting us and tempting us to wander off on trails of our own understanding and then acting and reacting in patterns of self protection and preservation rather than surrendering each and every circumstance of our lives to You and trusting that every minute of our lives here on earth are for Your Glory and Your Fame and not about us and the comforts of our flesh.  We repent, we bow down to You and ask that You would indeed light Your all consuming fire in us and cleanse us and purify us that our hearts and minds and souls would yearn to glorify You and only You.

We put on our Armor this day, we visualize each piece preparing us for battle as we put it on our physical bodies that it might protect us spiritually and physically.  We place the helmet of salvation on our heads, we put on the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shoes of peace, the belt of truth, the shield of faith that protects us from the fiery darts of the enemy and the sword of Your word which is the sword that is Your word.  Your Word that saves and Your word that instructs and Your word that is Truth.

We are a collective army of believers prepared to do our part whatever and wherever that might be.  We are armed and we are an offensive army……..Lord Lead us into Your purposes.  Lord, show us our giftings and how to best use them for You.   You have prepared us and trained us and anointed us for this day and this season of our lives.

This day belongs to You, we give it to You.  Have Your way in us and through us.   Lead us into new lands physically or emotionally or both if that is where You desire us to be.   Lord,  lead us into the seven mountains of the world and give us courage and strength to take back what the enemy is trying to dominate.  We seek to know Your will for us and we trust You for perfect alignment in our minds and hearts and souls and for Peace that surpasses all understanding.  We bow down to You…..Show us Your Power, show us Your word worked out in our lives in every way.

You are God, we praise Your Holy Name, You are Righteousness, You are Mighty, You are Sovereign and Just, You are our King of Kings.  Our hearts long to live our lives to Glorify You.

Lord God, please continue to send people into our lives to encourage us, to equip us, to train us, and to inspire us to be all that You created each of us to be.  Place tools in our path that we can see with our eyes.  Some of us do not have 20/20 vision Lord so we ask that You would remember that and compensate for that so that we not miss Your signs and Your wonders and Your gifts and Your blessings and Your angels and Your ways of comforting us, of encouraging us, of training us, and coming alongside of us each day.

We pray for the United States of America.  We stand in unity as one voice in one accord and we are crying out to You through the trumpet of Victory as we stand on Your Holy Ground.  We are asking Lord for Your grace and Your mercy over our land and over Your people.  We remind You that we are Your people, that we are united, that we are One Nation Under God and that we are Your Precious Children.

Hear our voice Oh Lord and answer our Prayers.  We intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters who have fallen into the traps of sin and we ask that You would bring them back and we ask that You would grant grace and mercy as You do Your work.  We cry out to You as one voice and we ask for Wisdom and knowledge this day in each of our lives.  We need You to Whisper to our Hearts…….we are listening Lord…….Speak, speak to us in ways we can see and in ways we can feel and in ways we can hear.  In the name of Jesus Christ we pray and because of His blood we can ask these things in His name…..Thank You Lord God for Your sacrifice, thank You Lord for Your love for us….amen

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