Oh Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Jehovah, Jirah, Father, Friend…..Righteous, Holy, Pure Peace……

Humbly we bow before You in our hearts and minds and souls and we come to You.  Humbly we profess our need for You to be the Lord of our lives……

Oh Lord may You be the  light that illuminates our hearts and minds and souls that we may see Truth and not be distracted by shadows of false Truths that the enemy of our souls longs to entice us with.

Shine on Us Lord, and fill us with Your Love.  We Trust You Lord. We come to You in one voice and one accord to Praise Your Holy name and Proclaim that You that are in us is greater than he that is in the world, that You Love us Oh Lord and You are well pleased with us.

Illuminate Your Presence and Your Power, open our hearts to receive it and believe it and live it….May Your Spirit be the lightening rod of Truth that transforms us.  May we be propelled by it to act and speak and live in accordance with Your Word and Your Ways and not those of the world and its ways and our flesh.

We are with You Lord, we are for You Lord, we are one in You and You are one in Us.  We are united by the blood that was shed on the cross and we acknowledge to You the depth of the sacrifice of Your love for us by giving up Your one and only son that we might be forgiven and set free and live for You.

Oh Father forgive us for our sins.  We repent of our fleshly ways and we ask that you would forgive us when we  trip and stumble and whine and complain when things get tougher than we would like them to and make absolutely no sense to us in our ability to understand or comprehend.  Your ways are perfect and they are not our ways.  Please help us Lord to open up our minds and hearts and souls to see things from an Eternal perspective and not the Ipod sized view.

Let us not be like Peter and let down our guard Lord when You ask us to stand, for we are indeed fighting against an enemy that never sleeps and one who longs to destroy our peace, our families, our relationships, our schools, our churches and ultimately our Nation.  Strengthen us Lord, empower us Lord.

We put on our helmet of salvation, our breastplate of righteousness, our belt of truth, our shoes of peace, our shield of faith, and our sword of Your Word.  Your words says,  Then Jesus came to the disciples and found them sleeping and said to Peter, What?  Could you not watch with me one hour?  Watch and pray , lest you enter into temptation.  The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.  Matthew 26:40-41  Thank you for reminding us Lord to stand watch over our families and our schools and our workplaces and our churches and our social activities and clubs and our sports and sporting events and to not fall asleep when you call us to intercede…..

Lord we thank You for Your grace and for Your goodness and for Your blessings and for Your perfect ways of working in our lives to carry out Your good and perfect plans for our lives.  We rejoice that You are alive, we rejoice that You are King, we rejoice that You are on the Throne, we rejoice that You are present with us, we rejoice that You are walking with us, we rejoice that You are taking care of each and every one of our needs and even bringing into our sight the desires of our hearts in Your good and perfect ways and in Your timing which is perfect in every way.

Lord we come together on behalf of those that are suffering, of those that are lacking, of those that are angry and hurt and feel abandoned and rejected and alone.  We come together as one body united in Christ in Love and we intercede and ask that You would bring circumstance and timing and opportunity and healing and hope together in Your good and perfect ways and meet the needs of Your people Lord.  We pray for healing for marriages and for tools to be unveiled that will be effective tools for each and every marriage that has lost its spark and its hope.

Move through the power of Your Holy Spirit and bring together the tools that will work best for each and every heart and soul that is in need with those that have the tools or are the tools, intercede Lord….divinely intervene.  Reveal Yourself to Your people and may the miracles that You orchestrate become pillars of Faith for thousands and thousands to see.

Move Holy Spirit in relationships and break down walls of pride and self righteousness and as the walls come down bring comfort to those that are feeling uncomfortable without the walls that they think keep them safe.  Grant them grace and mercy as they heal and learn how to be more effective with the new tools that You bless them with.  Blow like a wind into the lives of Your Precious Children and let them feel Your wind on their skin in whatever way it takes that they know Oh Lord that it is You.  Where hearts have lost hope bring hope, where hearts have become hardened soften them, where hearts have holes fill them, where hearts have become detached attach them….Whisper to the hearts of Your Precious Children Lord……let them hear You whisper to their hearts and feel Your Love………..

May Your words, Lean not on Your own understanding become part of our vocabulary every day and may Your words, In ALL your ways acknowledge Him become second nature to us and may Your words, and He shall direct Your path be that which moves our feet.

Thank You Lord for Your Word, may it be today a lamp unto our feet and the wisdom with which we think and act and speak.  Bless us this day with Your Perfect Peace, anoint us afresh with Your Power that we may live a life that Honors and Glorifies You.  In Jesus name….amen

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  1. Chris says:

    Your prayer, written months ago still resounds with hope and love for those of us hurting. Thank you for offering up these prayers to the world so that all may benifit from your Grace.

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