We draw in a cleansing breath and we let it out….as the air of our lungs meets the air of our surroundings we breathe deeply once again and this time we hold it in before we let it go again.  We breathe in Your Peace Oh Lord and we come into Your Holy Presence.

In our hearts and mind and soul we bow down to You Oh Lord….we acknowledge You in all our ways…..We come together in humility to drink from the well of your spirit.  We come to You Oh Lord for rest.  We are at Your feet in Spirit and You are meeting us in our surrendered humility.

Oh how we love to come into Your presence and be silent and still and at peace with You……

You are Holy, You are Righteous, You are Sovereign, You are Majestic, You are Beautiful, You are beyond our capability to comprehend.  We praise Your Holy name and we proclaim that You are in us and we are in You……thank you Lord Jesus for Your sacrifice…..thank You for Your obedience….

Oh Father God, Your love is Power, we imagine your loving arms reaching out to us and the Glory of Your light penetrating us….will we ever truly understand the depth and breadth and width of Your love for us….we will ever be able to comprehend such a love as this…..we are sinners and yet Your word says that You created us in the image of You……how can that be Oh Lord?

As we allow ourselves to let Your Spirit dig deep within our minds and hearts and unearth those things that have been hidden from even ourselves we realize the depth of the work that You will forever be doing in us through the Power of Your Spirit and because of Unconditional  Love for us.  We are Your Precious children.  Thank You Lord for choosing us and drawing us closer and closer to You.

Your word says that You are transforming us and making us new….day by day we are being transformed into the image of Your son… reflect You….We thank You that You are doing this work in us for we have not the power or the ability to transform ourselves.  It is through the surrender of our minds and hearts and souls that You Oh Lord show us Your Power.

Lord give us the heart to desire to let You be Lord of our lives in everything.  Bless us with patience as we trust You to do this for we know it is not a work of trying harder and mastering it and yet You call us to participate in the process.  Help us do our part, show us what that is..

Oh Lord as we rest in Your presence and give our hearts and minds and souls to You……Your presence fill us up with more than we can imagine or comprehend.   You manifest Yourself in ways beyond our ability to comprehend.  We rest in the Love, we rest in the Peace, we rest in the power of Your presence and how it challenges our hearts and draws us in….we rest in You……

We come to You…..and together in one voice we proclaim Your word is truth…..”Whoever drinks of the water that I give him will never thirst.  But the water that I give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life….John 4:14

In this time of rest with You, we are in Your presence, You are with us as we yield our hearts and minds and souls to You.  Over and over again we release our thoughts to You….we are One with You Lord God, You know us intimately….we come to You as little children….give us rest in You.

We repent of our sins…….thank you for Your grace that covers them……We repent of our doubts, our worries, our tendencies to judge or criticize or seek to understand things that are not ours to comprehend.  We repent of unforgiven or hurtful words or deeds, we repent of wanting things to be different than they are, and we repent of  attitudes or actions that have not Honored or Glorified You…..

You know each of us, You call us Your children….We are precious to You…..there is no where we can go to be apart from You….we thank You for Your Grace….we are here  in Your presence this day to drink of the water that You give…..draw us to Your word…..use Your word to fill us up for we are thirsty for the drink that will become a fountain flowing out of us………

We put on our Armor, we chose to follow Your word and do that each day….  we know that out of our obedience blessings will flow….we put on the helmet that represents our salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the belt of truth, the shoes of peace, and finally we take up the sword that is Your living Word…..

We stand together as soldiers in Your army and we are ready for this day.  We choose  to rest in You and yet to be ready at all times for the enemy of our soul when he tries to attack us and rob us of our peace….We entrust our ways to You Oh Lord, we trust You to act on our behalf, You will make our righteousness shine like a light, and your cause will be like the noonday sun……we surrender ourselves to you and wait patiently for You….Psalm 37:5-7 paraphrased……

As we come together in one accord, we ask for Your blessings of Truth, of Wisdom, of Discernment, and of Your perfect timing and circumstance to manifest themselves this day in every area of our lives and of the lives of those that we are interceding for.  You Oh Lord know who they are for each of us…..we lift them up to you, they are Your Precious Children.

We give this day to You…..We give our minds to You, fill them up with thoughts that are good, thoughts that are pure, thoughts that are lovely and thoughts that Honor and Glorify You.  We give You our hearts, fill them with more compassion, more empathy, more forgiveness, more humility, more tenderness, more patience, more self control, more joy, more peace and more rest.

We give you the works of our hands, take them and still them this day from busy work that can wait…Bless our hands Oh Lord and let us use them to minister to others in ways that Honor and Glorify You.  You know the needs of Your people Father…..bring others to us to meet our needs and direct us to others to meet their needs.  We trust You to guide and direct our paths and make them straight.

Today is Sunday….Let us spend time with You, let us spend time with one another, let us love one another with words and actions and deeds and attitudes that are the spilling forth of what You Oh Lord are doing in us…..

Be with each of us this day as we surrender all of ourselves to You and walk one step at a time trusting You and believing together that You have plans and purposes for each of us beyond what we could ever imagine or comprehend…..Thank You for this day… make a difference here on earth for You..Grant us peace and purpose as we rest  in You…

Whisper to the hearts of Your Precious children Lord, let them see and hear You in Your Good and Perfect Ways…..

In Jesus name we pray….amen

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  1. Bill Dowd says:

    “It is well, with my soul”…my second favorite hymn; a very close second to “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”, my favorite. Listening to that song reminded me of the time not too long after I lost Carolyn, I was either sitting or standing in church singing that song and by the time we got to the chorus, nothing but air was coming out of my mouth, tears were streaming down my cheeks as they are right now. I could feel the arms of God holding me and I knew that it WAS well with my soul. Thank you Dear Lord.

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