Oh Father God, You are Glorious to behold, You are Light that Penetrates, You are Truth that Illuminates, You are Power that cannot be understood or stopped, You are the Great I AM.  You are Creator, You Rule and Reign.  You are Majestic in Nature, slow to anger, Merciful to Forgive, and yet You are Just.

We come to You Oh Lord as your people, Your Precious Children, we bow down. We acknowledge You in all our ways, You are our King….Thank You God for Your Love, Thank You God for Your Peace, Thank You God that You chose us to be Your Precious Children….Thank You Lord that we don’t have to earn Your love and Your Grace, Thank You for the Cross…

Come Holy Spirit, Come….fill us up with Your Love and Your Power. Anoint us and fill us with more of You….. We release all our thoughts and worries and responsibilities and rest in this intimate precious time with You.

We breathe in Your Love and we allow Your Holy Spirit to fill us….You are Glorious, You are Infinite Wisdom, You are Love…We need You… We are Yours, we belong to You.   Have Your way in us today.  We have turned off the world and tuned in to You….

You are our God, our Hope, our Power, our Judge and Jury and it is only through the Power of You that this Nation can be saved.  We ask that You would move across this land and sweep sin and injustice off its feet.   We ask that You would extend Your right hand and make a way where there seems to be no way for those that have repented and are doing their best to surrender and submit their hearts and minds and souls to You.

We come together and we ask for Grace and Mercy for those that are living their lives for themselves and sinning against You even tho they know Your word.  We know that one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that You are Lord.  We ask that You would work in the lives of those that we care about and love and that our hearts are breaking for.  We cry out to You…Abba Father…..You know our hearts and where we are hurting for those that are hurting and we ask You to do what we cannot.

We ask that You would penetrate their hearts and expose the lies of the enemy that perhaps they believe are truth.  We ask that You would bring them to repentance and to their knees seeking You and choosing to live according to Your Holy Word.  Families are being destroyed Lord God, please bring them together again and ground them in the root of Your word.  Children are being dragged away from their faith by the enemy and we ask that You would snatch them out of the temptations and situations they have become a part of  and show them how they are being decieved.  Show Yourself to them in ways they cannot say are just coincidence.  Expose the evil one and the reality of the consequences of sin.

Churches and schools and government and groups are working against one another rather than together in unity and we know it is the evil one who is the root of the discord.   He loves to divide us and destroy our lives with anger and frustration and unforgiveness and bitterness and jealousy and dishonesty.

We come together as brothers and sisters in one voice and we ask that You Lord through the cries of our hearts would push back the enemy and bring love and forgiveness and honor and respect and humility and righteousness to our schools, to our government, to our clubs and social circles, to our homes, to our places of employment, to our ministries, to our churches and our fellowship groups and that You would do it in Your perfect ways and times.  We claim victory over the enemy and we look not with our eyes but with the reality of the Truth of Your Word and we proclaim that You are doing this even as we pray.  We stand together and thank you for the answers to Your prayers and look forward to the fruit.  It will come…..We believe that….

We need You to speak from the Heavens and bring truth into the hearts of Your children through the power of Your spirit and through circumstance and situations that show them who You are.

We come together as one voice and ask that You would protect Your Precious children that must be around those that are sinning and need to be brought to their knees and held accountable for their actions, words, attitudes, and deeds.  Protect them through the storms that You may allow in their lives and send Angels from Heaven to minister to them and fight for them when they are weak to keep them safe.   Bring comforters and encouragers and supporters and financial provisions to them.  Give them strength to wait out the storm.  Grant them Hope as they wait and fill them with more of You through Your word….As they seek You may Your spirit make the words they read come alive and be the food that they need to see that You are at work and that You are working all things together according Your plans and purposes since before time began.

Give us eyes to see …..who needs a hug, who needs a smile, who needs some help and who needs a gift that we may have to give….Give us hearts to give and to receive.  Let Your Spirit flow through us and around us and give us a passion to not allow the enemy to stop that flow.  Convict our thoughts or actions or deeds the minute we step out of alignment with You and give each of us the strength to correct no matter what the cost.

You are God, we trust You to work in ways that are not our own.  We know that You will answer our prayers and grant mercy and grace and show Your lovingkindness as Your spirit penetrates and illuminates the condition of the hearts of Your people Lord.  We ask that You would use each of us to be Your servants and do what You whisper to our hearts even when it makes us uncomfortable, puts us at risk or causes fear or uncertainty to rise up within our souls.

You are God, You know our hearts, our minds, our attitutudes and our actions, minister to us as only You can do.  Prepare us to do what You ask us to, let us obey You out of Love and Reverence for who You are.

Expand our understanding of the ways in which You work.  We trust that Your tenderness,  loving kindness, mercy and grace will empower us and cover us as we stretch and grow in You.

You have created us to be Your hands and feet and hearts extended to the world.  We give ourselves to You for Your plans and purposes.  Have Your way in us even when it hurts and causes sacrifice.   We are Your Precious children.  You, Oh Lord, have equipped us.  You, Oh Lord, have Blessed us.  You, Oh Lord, birthed us with gifts to use for You…..Whisper to our Hearts Lord God, we are listening for Your voice…..

It is in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ that we come together and pray…..Thank You God for this day, we shall rejoice and be glad in it for this is the day that You have made…..amen

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  1. Chris says:

    Thank you for the uplifting prayer. Your words will soak in my heart for today, prepare me for work and help me make it through another day. You have no idea how powerful your words are in my heart. They help me calm my hurting soul and focus on the one true Savior. He will persevere and prepares our way for us!

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