Oh Lord God, You are Father to the Fatherless and Husband to the husband-less, You are comfort to those who need comfort and You are Daddy to each of us and You are enough, for You are LOVE….

You are our King, You are our Everything.  You Rule from the Heavens and it is so here on earth.  We come before You this morning and we bow down in humbled humility of heart and say to You…..Here we are….have your way in us…..we surrender our lives to you, our feelings, our reactions, our dreams, our hopes, our attitudes, our thoughts and the works of our hands.

Meet us this day in Supernatural ways….We need to see You, we need to be refreshed and we need to be reminded that all things are working together for good for Your plans and Your purposes and that You are God in our lives and our Hope is in you.  We see You answering small prayers and we know that You are working on the bigger ones too.  We look to the horizons with joyous expectation of what You are doing in our lives.  You see us so differently than we see ourselves…You Love us with a love that we cannot comprehend.  We are Your Precious Children and You know each of us by name…..Thank You Father God for Your Heart for us…..Thank You for Your Love and for Your Grace….help us to love others the way You love us and to extend our hands to one another as You ask us to….Give us the discipline of mind and heart and soul to look to Your word for Truth and not lean on our own understanding and the ways of the world to make our decisions and choose our actions this day.

Tho an army comes against us through the world and its ways, You have equipped us with the armor that the enemy cannot penetrate.  In the name of Jesus Christ I ask that You would fight our battles for us Lord we proclaim that what the enemy wants to use for evil You will use for good.  We are at war with a real enemy and he longs to wear us down and get us to believe that we are not who You say we are and that things will never change.

We fight the good Fight, it is the Fight of Faith that You have called each of us to….we will not let the enemy win.  We will be strong and courageous, our help comes from You.  You are our refuge and our fortress, You are God, in whom we trust.  Surely You will save us from the snares and from the deadly pestilence.  You will cover us with Your feathers, and under Your wings we will find refuge, Your faithfulness will be our sheild and rampart.  You will command Your angels concerning us to guard us in all Your ways….

We stand strong in the place where You Oh Lord have placed us and we will not be moved, we believe that You are hearing our prayers and answering our prayers.  We know that You are bringing priority and order to each of us and to this world, You desire that our focus would be not on ourselves and our situations and circumstances and wants and needs but on You…. Some of us are caught in the traps that have been set by the enemy and feel as tho we can’t break free.  Release those Lord God from the trap, do it in supernatural ways that cannot be explained.

We rebuke the words, actions, and deeds of the enemy who longs to knock us down and we stand firm in Faith…We put on our Armor, thank You for it in Ephesians 6……You will bring the light into the darkness, You will reveal Truth, You will restore to us what the enemy has taken away and destroyed in our lives.  You will bring to us all that we need to be who You say we are and to live the life that You call us to and to be Your hands extended to others for You.

We are an offensive army who stand in victory over the ways of the world and the evil one, we will not react or be swayed by his sneaky and sly ways of gaining entrance into our hearts.  We will walk this day one step at a time knowing that You are at work.  Believing that You are bringing into our sight circumstances and situations to train us, to mold us, to shape us and to help transform us into the image of Your son.

We ask and we know that You will answer our requests.  Release Angles from the Heavens to protect us, Release Angels from the Heavens to minister to us and whisper to the hearts of those who You know will listen…..lead them to show up in our lives and  encourage us this day.

We love You Lord, we trust You Lord no matter what things look like, we trust that indeed all that comes against us has been authorized by You.  You have been our dwelling place throughout all generations.  Before the mountains were born or You brought forth the earth and the World, from everlasting to everlasting You are God.  Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.  May Your deeds be shown to your servants, your splendor to their children.  May the favor of You rest upon us; establish the works of our hand for us, yes, establish the works of our hands.  Guard our tongue that it might not speak in ways that do not edify or encourage or inspire others to be all that You created them to be lest we hurt them or wound them with words that cannot be taken back…..We live our lives to Honor and Glorify You……We need Your Power and Your strength to be ours today…..In Jesus name….amen

My precious brothers and sisters…..I am so encouraged to know that so many of you are staying committed to this journey of 40 days…..I know that I have been tested and challenged and wanted to quit so I know the same must be true for you…..Let us remember that we are breaking ground and taking ground and stretching our muscles of Faith……I believe in you, I know we can do this victoriously together for 40 days……pray for me as I pray for you please…..thank you……..Debra

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Great prayer today!!! Thanks, I needed that!

  2. Kira says:

    Beautiful – thank you God for allowing us to seek you and your peace every second of the day. Thank you for this person who is reaching out to us in your glory and for your glory. We are nothing without you and as such, we wholeheartedly surrender to you and your will. Thank you for guiding us to this point – to this point of freedom. We love you first and foremost, forever and always. Through Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.

    • May the Lord bless you Kira for your heart to seek the heart of He that created you. May He stir up the fire of passion in your heart and anoint you with the strength and the power and the desire to bless others with the gifts He hath given you. May your life be a testimony to others of God’s faithfulness and may God send His very best Angels from Heaven to guard and protect you and keep you safe all the days of your life.

      He that hath set the plans in motion is faithful to provide the tools and the finances and the servants to come alongside and He will open doors of opportunity. May your trust in Him be steadfast and not shaken by circumstances or situations which make no sense to you. May you touch the hem of His garment and in Faith ask for what you need and know that He will answer you and grant the desires of your heart in due time…May He help you be patient and faithful and to persevere in every area of your life in Victory for His names sake… In Jesus name I pray for you ….amen

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