Oh Father God, Lord of Lords, Holy One, Righteous Redeemer and Divine intervener and  leader of our lives here on earth.  We take our minds and all our thoughts and we become the masters of them, we take them captive and are becoming good stewards of them.

We breathe deeply and allow more oxygen to fill our lungs.  We exhale and as we exhale we purge our mind of all thougths that are of our own and we tell them to leave our minds.  As the release of oxygen has its effect on our physical bodies so the release of our worries and wanderings and wonderings cleanse our soul and have the desired effect on our spiritual condition.  We are one with You Oh Lord, we rest with You and in You.  We are at peace.

We breathe in again and this time we imagine to ourselves that are are in the most beautiful place we can think of, just resting in peace and knowing that for this space in time that all the things that we have to do and accomplisha and take care of are set aside.  We are free to be present with You and allow ourselves to feel Your presence and the Power of it as we embrace the silence.   We choose to bring our mind and hearts and souls into Your Presence.  We belong to You…..This is our time to be alone with You….We surrender all of our hearts and mind and soul to You Oh Lord….We are at Peace…..We are one with You….

Oh Lord, it is day seven of our journey together and we rejoice in one voice and one accord…..SEVEN….a significant number in You Holy Word….thank You Father God for this day, this day Seven of our forty days of prayer with You.  We are looking forward to the journey and yet we rejoice that Seven in itself is a number of completion in Your word and You use it over and over again.  7 days of Creation, 7 days to come together as one force and march around the walls of Jericho, 7 churches, 7 men of good reputation filled with the Holy Spirit, and 7 times a day I praise You because of Your righteous judgments in Psalm 119…..For 7 days we have bowed before You, repented of our sins and self driven motives and attitudes and humbly asked You to fill us with Wisdom and Righteousness and transform our hearts and minds and lives into men and women who reflect You in our hearts and minds and to the very core of who we are in You.

We believe that You are Faithful and we are acting out our Faith.   You are hearing our voices and answering our prayers. We put on our Armor, each of us one our own, separately, yet together united as one body in You….

We ask together in one voice for You to speak from the Heavens through the Power of Your Holy Spirit.  We proclaim with our hearts and our lips that You will move mountains that are blinding us or distracting us or deterring us or wearing us out…..You are God….You will make a way in our lives each and every day even when there seems to be nothing but  dead ends….We trust You….We give You our lives, they do not belong to us….we lay down our lives and we pick up the Cross that represents Sacrifice and Love and Eternity and we carry it from this day forward as You show us Your will and Your way……..We have victoriously persevered for 7 days of prayer……keep us strong Lord, keep us protected Lord,  keep us keeping on…..Show us the way…..We love You….We praise You for the path that You are making today….Word of God Speak…..whisper to our hearts Lord……

For 7 minutes we shall be still…..we shall  be Present in Your Presence………………

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  1. cvyoung2 says:

    It is so hard to be still and quiet for seven full minutes in today’s world. I think that we have lost much of our sense of wonder because of the cacaphony of sensory input that we receive throughout the day. Complete the entire seven minutes of quiet. Listen for God’s Word in your heart and soul. Be filled with His Spirit and love.

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