We come to you this day Lord God as servants sitting at your feet, waiting for You to speak, waiting for You to show Your Power and Your righteousness and Your gentleness and Your Kindness.  Waiting for You to arise, to raise Your hand and protect and speak and bring into reality that which each of Your Precious Children need.  Your word says that when we ask You hear our cries and You answer us.  Thank You that we call You Father, Daddy, Abba.

We love You with all of our hearts, all of our minds,  and we cry out to You, Daddy we need a hug, we need a pat on the back, we need encouragement and we need provision and we need wisdom and we need to feel Your hand touching us gently as You line up circumstance and situation and work out details for us.  We trust You Daddy to fulfill Your promises and take care of us as You promised in Your word.  Bring people into our lives today to meet our needs and minister to us.  Through the power of Your Holy Spirit bring together the ones that need with the ones that have.  We trust You and we believe that You are indeed doing this on behalf of each of us in Holy and Divine Ways.

Thank You Lord God for Your Peace and for Your Love and for Your Grace that is new to us this day and everyday for the rest of our lives here on earth.  Where can we go to get away from You, there is nowhere that we can go that You are not with us. If You are for us who can be against us, show us what that means for us through Your Holy Spirit, move on our behalf and fight our battles and our struggles for us and let us see Your hand at work.

We praise You for Your promises to us in Your word and we proclaim that just as You called Your people, prepared Your people and used Your people in Your Holy Word, You are doing so today.  Open our eyes to see, our hearts to feel,  our ears to hear and our minds to comprehend the depth of Your Love for us.  Make Yourself real to us, reveal Your Power and Your word in tangible ways.   Help us see  Your good and perfect plans and purposes for this day and the days ahead and fill us with power and purpose and Hope.

Just as the enemy continues to gather his followers and get them to come against us and destroy relationships and places of worship and the beauty and purposes of that which You spoke into existence and provided for, You shall speak from the Heavens and take what is meant for evil and use it for Your good and Your power and Your righteousness shall prevail..We are confident in that and no matter what we see we shall not fear.   For You have given us a spirit of Love and Not Fear.  We put on our armor of God from Ephesians six and we stand strong according  to Your word.

Lord God I specifically ask for one of Your children or many of children to be led to provide a place of worship for Your church that was destroyed last night by fire and I pray for miracles to be birthed through this attack and for the enemy to be defeated and revival to come to your people because of Your Grace, Your Mercy and Your Lovingkindness.

You are God, You are Majestic and Mighty and worthy of our Praise.  We trust You to work in each of our lives even when the enemy tries to come against us and tempt us and distract us with busyness and addictions and the works of our flesh to build up our image of self and store up more treasures on earth.   We come together and ask that you would show each of us where the enemy has planted lies in our hearts and minds and we ask that You would remove them and cast them as far away as the east is from the west and we would remember them no more.

We come together in one voice, in one accord and we declare that we are Your Precious children and we are worthy of being blessed by You.  We come together and proclaim that as You work in our lives we are being transformed into the image of Your Son and that You will complete that which You have begun.

Humbly we bow before You and accept the circumstances we are in and ask You to show us truth through them and work in us through them and change our attitudes and hearts through them.  We desire to Honor and Glorify You no matter what and we rejoice that You Oh Lord know our hearts and our thoughts and You care about every detail of our lives.  Increase our Faith, increase our trust, increase our joy and increase our strength and increase our abilities and gifts.  Annoint us and empower us and enlighten us and fill us up with You….

Oh Lord there are so many ways that the enemy tries to destroy what You are doing, he seems to know the secrets of our heart and uses those to try and dissuade us and detour us and disable us to be effective victorious servants for You.  All around us we see the devastating statistics of this truth….and yet…..You are at work in the midst of all of it and One day every knee shall bend and every tongue shall confess that You are God.  There will be a new heaven and a new earth, there will be no suffering, no enemy, no tears and we shall live our lives in Your Presence Worshipping You.

We breathe in deeply and think upon how lovely that day shall be.  We breath deeply of your Peace, the peace that only You can give, the peace that surpasses all understanding and fills us up because of Your Love for us and the truth that no matter what is happening in our lives, You are at work in the mist of it and You are taking care of our every need.  You have each of Your Precious Children in the palm of Your Holy Hand and that means the children that You have given us too…

We trust that You are working in our children’s lives and we proclaim as one voice together in spirit that You will help each of us train them up in the way that they should go so that they will not depart from it…You will give us every bit of strength and wisdom and unconditional love that we need to be Your hand extended to our children.  We acknowledge that each of our children belong to You Oh God,,,You are our Father and You are their Father too… it is a privilege and an honor that You chose us to raise them up for You.

Let us be like the widow in 2 Kings and believe that You will take care of us no matter how impossible the need, let us call out to You in Faith knowing that You will send an Elisha into our lives to help us see Your provisions and Your ways that are not our own if You need to.  Let us listen for Your whispers for our Hearts and believe that You can and do work miracles to take care of  ALL of Your Precious Children.

We speak from our lips and we trust and believe that You are healing our hearts, You are providing for ALL of our needs in ways that are not our own, You are lining up situations and circumstances to help us draw closer to You,  You are removing the blindfolds that have been or are over some of our eyes that we might see beyond the details of today into the broader spectrum in vivid full color 3D of the blessings that are all around us.

Expand our minds, expand our hearts, expand our visions, expand our territory, expand our understanding, expand our thinking and help us believe that indeed there are those amongst us that are Elisha’s today, that are David’s today, that are Joshua’s today, that are Naomi’s today, that are Boaz’s today, that are Paul’s today, that are Peter’s today, that are Solomen’s today, that are Martha’s and Mary’s and that each of us have a purpose to fulfill here on earth during whatever time we have left.

It takes all of us working together, praying together, and coming alongside of one another to accomplish Your good and perfect Will, You did not create us to stand alone.  You brought Eve to Adam for You said it was not good for man to be alone.  Lord God align relationships and unite them that we may be more effective in all that we do for You.

You whisper to our hearts if we will listen.  You tell us who to call, who to talk to, who to reach out to, who to spend time, who to stay away from, who to ask, where to go, help us listen Lord God and be humble enough to let You guide our steps and our thoughts and our purposes today…..

Each of us are filled with Your Precious gifts and Precious love to give away……Help us lean not on our own understanding Lord God but to trust You for everything.  Bring Elisha’s into our lives, let us have a heart like Elisha did tosee You, to believe in Your Power and Your Ways and to follow You and to serve You.

As we are trained and molded through the circumstances of our lives may we each one day be used like Elisha was to help others to see You and to trust You and to be your tool to answer prayers and to work in odd  and uncanny ways that are not our own and to always be looking and trusting that it is You and not ourselves.   May Your power and Your Love be Glorified here on earth and speak…..we give You the jars of our lives that are empty and we ask You to fill them up and then show us what to do with them just as You did for the widow and her sons in 2 Kings, chapter 4….Come Lord God….Come…….Thank You for the answers to our Prayers…..In Jesus name….amen

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