Oh Mighty Maker of Heaven and Earth, Oh Holy One who sits on the throne, Oh Father God, Lord of All….

We bow down to You, we yield all of ourselves to You. We thank You for Your Power and Your Presence and Your Peace.  You are the Alpha, The Omega, the Beginning and the End.  You are GOD.  You are the Lover of our Souls, You have wooed us to You, You have called out to us through the trumpet that we heard from Heaven, You called each of us by name and You said, Come Precious Child, come to Me….Yes Lord God we said,  we will go…. Here we are Oh Lord God….You have our time and our hearts.   Oh Thank You Father God for Your voice that we can hear, We rejoice in this time and we surrender our time and our hearts to You….You have chosen us to go deeper into Your Presence with You.  Fill us up Lord God, we need more of You. Your Love is our strength, Your Power is our purpose, Your wisdom is our desire and Your heart is the heart that we desire to live and breathe.

We are overwhelmed at Your Peace and we cry out to You as brothers and sisters united together on this blog, we cry out from our hearts and minds and souls….Forgive us our trespasses Lord God, we repent of our sins.  Thank You Lord that Your Love covers our sins because of the Cross of Calvary and we believe that You have forgiven us and our sins have been washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ.  You have cleansed us with that blood and we proclaim in Jesus name that is truth.  We carry no guilt, we carry no shame, we carry no burdens from the past for our eyes are on You Oh Lord and the future and the plans and purposes that You are drawing us into.  Help us live this Truth.   Thank You Father God for this gift, this gift of new life in You.  The gift of forgiveness and hope that can only come to us because of the blood of Your son….

Stir our hearts Lord God, show us through Your Love where we may have allowed rocks of resentment or bitterness or anger or unforgiveness or jealousy or covetousness or pride or arrogance or selfishness or hurts and wounds from loss and pain to block the flow of your love to us and through us and to those You have purposely placed in our lives for us to minister to, to learn from and spend time with.  Help us not run from those that challenge us but help us embrace the opportunity to see what You are teaching us and showing us through Your heart for them.  You are Faithful, You are Faithful indeed. You are gentle and kind and full of compassion and mercy and grace.  We trust You to search our hearts and gently bring to mind what You would have us see.  You care about every detail of our lives and You show Us Your Love through  the Cross and the Truth of Your Word.  Your Word speaks louder than the spoken words of those we listen to or look to for wisdom and advice.

Protect us from our adversary, our enemy, the one who You threw from Heaven and allow to wander here on earth.  The enemy who longs to taunt us and tempt us and tell us that we are not good enough or smart enough or spiritual enough or not capable of living our lives for You.  We put on our Armor, the Armor that You speak of in Your word, we will put it on each day….as we stand together in faith…..We believe in the Truth of Ephesians 6:10-18 We put on the helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the shoes of peace, the shield of Faith, and the Sword of Your Word…..We are protected…..We ask for everything we need….

Draw us to You….Draw us to Your Word Oh Good and Faithful King;  Draw us closer and closer to You.  Speak to us through Your Word…Fill our heart and mind with the specific Book, Chapter and Verse from Your Holy Word…..Have us open Your Word and feed ourselves from Your storehouse of food, show Yourself Father God to those who doubt, remove their doubts through showing Your Power to whisper to their hearts through Your perfect Book, Chapter, and Verse…….WE are at Your feet, we are taking time to be present with You, we are surrendering all of our heart and mind and souls in accordance with Your Word. We Come to You……Whisper to Us Lord God….Word of God speak….

We open our hearts to You, we let go of all fear, we breathe deeply and we rest in You.   We wait for You to rise up in us through the power of Your Living Spirit within us, we acknowledge and proclaim Your desire to speak to each of us, we trust that You will.  We seek to hear Your voice….WE love You Lord God, You are the King, you are Lord over everything.  We praise Your Holy name, You are  full of Grace and Mercy and Wisdom….speak Holy Spirit, whisper to our hearts in Your good and perfect ways and time.   We thank You that  You do not preach at us nor nag at us nor continually criticize us for our struggles,  inadequacies and tendencies to weave and wander on trails that ultimately bring us back to You on bended knee.   Whisper to our hearts Lord God, pour out Your wisdom.  Overwhelm us with Your wisdom in words that rise up from our hearts and become billboards in our head.

Bless Us this day Lord God.  Be with Us as we take each step.  Whisper to our Hearts Lord God, we believe that You will speak.  Bring Victory to your Children Lord God.  Bring JOY to your servants Lord God for to You I lift them Up.  Together we cry out to You of our need to see You work in our lives and speak to our hearts.  You hear our cries, the spoken ones and the silent ones.   You are answering the petitions that we have offered up to You and we rejoice.  Bring Healing to the hearts of your children Oh Lord, bring provisions to your children Lord, You know the needs, bring wisdom to Your Precious Children Lord, we ask in Jesus name for knowledge and  favor in ways that point to You.  Bring  us together through your whispers for our hearts and show us the paths that You Oh Lord have already prepared for us.  Fill our hearts with more love and let us lead and labor and serve in love in everything we say and do.  amen

Have A Glorious day in the Lord my Precious brothers and sisters who are joining me on this journey.  I don’t know about you, but I have seen God answer several prayers already and I am overwhelmed at the ways He is refining and molding and reshaping me to carry out His plans and purposes in my life.  I am so encouraged by those of you who have posted comments and prayers and made deposits of wisdom and Truth into my bank account of Faith….thank you…..May God Bless You beyond your ability to understand or comprehend…amen…..Debra

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  1. Janice says:

    Thank you Debi. Don’t know what other words to say. Except thank you!!! Your loving and most humble friend – Janice

    • Janice….You are walking in the new land and each step is bringing you closer to that which He knows you need…..You are His Beautiful Princess both inside and out!!! He is so pleased with His Precious Daughter….

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