We come into your presence this morning knowing that You are answering prayers, knowing that You are showing Your Power and Your ways which are not our ways but Yours and Yours alone to work all things together for our Good because of Your Love for Us, Your Precious Children.  You are God, You are Jehovah Jirah, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, we worship You,, we bow down to You in humility of spirit and we proclaim that You indeed have heard the cries of our hearts and our voices united in one accord and You are moving on behalf of Your Precious Children, all of us.

We proclaim and we believe that You are doing a work in each of us and that you will never forsake us and never leave us and that you Love us with an everlasting Love.  You Love us because You created each of us.  We are Your children and You are our Father.  Thank You Father for the answers to prayer and for showing us how You care about every single detail of our lives.  Help us see You in the little things while we wait on the bigger things.

Thank you that You show us who You are through the beauty of Your Creation.  It is spring, all we have to do is look outside and we can see that You are real and that You have power.  Who can fathom the depths of who You are.  Thank you that You show yourself and Your love for us in so many ways;  through the love of others You put in our lives, through the kindness of complete strangers who reach out to us or smile at us or simply say have a nice day,  through the gifts that others share so willingly and freely because of their love for You.  Let us not look to the ways of man to find love and beauty but to You instead.  Help us to truly see the intricacy of Your design and the ways You express Your love to us through the beauty of it.

Thank you for the gifts You give us and the gifts You use to help us be all that You created us to be. Thank You for the Internet which makes so many connections possible, even this blog.  Thank you for the gift of the expression of beauty and love through your sons and daughters who sing and act and dance and play musical instruments for You  for the gift of teaching, for the gift of exhortation, for the gift of encouragement, for the gift of mercy, for the gifts of Faith, for the gift of leadership, for the gift of organization and order, for the gift of compassion and empathy, for the gift of intelligence, for the gift of our senses, thank You for Your Word which is a lamp unto our feet and food for our souls, thank You for the gift of the sacrifice of Your son on the cross which gives us forgiveness, atonement for our sins and eternity with You.

Thank you for the gifts that You are pouring out from Heaven for us as we  draw closer and closer to You seeking Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness and Truth…..Oh Lord they are perfect little packages filled with Your blessings…open our hearts and our eyes to see them and receive them..give us courage to allow ourselves to accept Your gifts whether we believe we deserve them or not.   Teach how You want us to use these gifts in ways that Honor and Glorify You.   Help us as Your children to encourage one another in our different gifts and help us be like bridges for one another to help one another get from where we are to where You need us to be in order to be the most effective for Your purposes and plans.  Thank You for the gift of knowing that we are loved by You and that we do not have to earn Your love.

Help us not grow weary or give up and quit this journey as we seek You over these forty days and as You begin to challenge us and bring into our minds Your truth through Your Holy Spirit.  Help us to be obedient to Your call if You should  whisper to our hearts to intercede for the burdens of our brothers and sisters and give us hearts to show that we care and to pray.  Place Angels all around us 24/7 every day.  We ask You to Protect us and we believe that You will protect us from the enemy and the pests and parasites that try and eat up and destroy our gifts and our time and our lives.  For we acknowledge Your Holy Word and know that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places.  Help us remember this and not get caught in the traps of of enemy Satan and his demons.

Give us the mind and discipline to put on our armor each day that we might be strong in You and in the Power of Your might and not fight these battles in the strength of ourselves.  Together as one voice we take up the whole armor of You and together yet separately we visualize ourselves as soldiers at war with armor that cannot be penetrated by our enemy.  We have a shield that is our Faith which protects us from the fiery darts of the enemy, we have a sword which is your Word.  We have a helmet that is our salvation, we have a breastplate of righteousness, we have a belt that girds us in Truth, and we have boots that walk out Your Peace.

Help us Lord to be victorious by praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit., being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints.  We stand together against the wiles of the devil and we declare Victory.  Help us to do Your will from our hearts for You and not man and not be swayed or taken captive by our enemy.

Help us to see the beauty of the precious gift of life that You give us and what incredible plans and purposes You have for our lives.  We REJOICE in You…..You are BEAUTIFUL….You are HOLY….. WE are beautiful because You created us in the image of You…..We  rest in You this day and believe that You are indeed working all things together for our good for Your plans and Purposes.   We know You have called each of us by name and that You are transforming us day by day into the image of Your son Jesus.  We REJOICE….and with one voice from many different locations we proclaim, You are Beautiful Lord God…..we place our trust in You and not ourselves nor this world…..we love YOU…. Amen

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  1. As I was praying, I became aware that there are brothers and sisters praying with us that are struggling in their marriages. Have you seen Fireproof? Have you heard of The Love Dare? I want to encourage you by telling you that God did in my own marriage what he did in Caleb and Katherine’s marriage, except that after my husband was changed and transformed into the man I had been praying for him to become, He went Home to be with God. I did get to receive an apology on his knees to me of all the years of his selfishness, what a Gift to receive and yet so hard to hear knowing that he was about to leave.

    I was thinking how blessed I would be to know that somehow I was able to encourage others to believe that The Love Dare Concept works…what is The Love Dare, well basically it is loving someone unconditionally with the Love of God no matter what they do or say and whether you want to or feel like it or not. But there is an actual journal that has things to do every day for forty days. It is not allowing someone to physically abuse you but it is acting out one’s Faith, and sometimes there might need to be a separation but that is not a license to begin to pursue other relationships, it is a time to draw closer to God. Is it easy, NO, It is hard…my heart ached remembering the pain as I watched Fireproof…was it worth it….YES….If you are struggling why not take the 40 day Love Dare while you are committed to praying these 40 days with us….Who Knows what God will Do!!! I believe in You….God believes in You too……God knows your pain and He knows your heart….Trust HIM…..God Bless You for not giving up and for being Faithful to the vows you made to God and to your spouse. Debra

    • Dan says:

      “God Bless You for not giving up and for being faithful to the vows you made to God and to your spouse”, oh how Christians need to embrace that simple truth of being faithful to the vows that were made at the altar before God, family, and friends….hard times come to ALL marriages, dissappointments, heartache, on and on. I am certainly not saying to stay with an unrepentant adulterer, what I am saying, is that marriages today are ending for any and all reasons, mostly because one spouse has let their heart go and believed the lies of the enemy and or friends and it becomes all about “them”. It is not about us or our happiness, but it is about our character and our integrity to live up to the committment we have made reguardless of our “feelings”. And so I implore you brothers and sisters in Christ to be men and women of integrity. Be willing to lay down your lives for your spouse and your precious children. God will give you the grace to keep on keeping on and to pray and intercede for your spouse and your children…now that is true ministry. Be wise, set boundaries if need be, use tough love if need be, and pray, pray, pray! Things can change for the better! Wait out the storms, be faithful. Dan

  2. cvyoung2 says:

    Thank you Lord for putting these words into Debra’s heart and allowing her to post them for my viewing these six months later. Lord I praise you for the words that she and Don wrote, so relevant to me today, although written before I even knew of her or her blog. Thank you for these prayers, as they help me come closer to you. Please lift up Debra and all the others that have gone through these 40 days of prayer. Comfort them, encourage them, and most of all, LOVE them, so they can show Your love to others. Amen.

    • My heart is moved to lift up my brother in Christ and ask You Lord God to come closer to him as he draws closer to you. I thank you that you do not waste one tear and that you indeed feel our pain with us and yet your desire is that each of us would be transformed by the tears that we shed and the pain that we experience into men and women who are more compassionate, more considerate, more patient, more understanding, more aware of the people around us, more broken and desperate for more of you and more aware of what Jesus Christ suffered that we might have relationship with You and eternity to worship You. Lord God I ask that you would impart wisdom and knowlege and understanding of a supernatural kind to your son and that you would work in the hearts and minds and souls of those that he loves too. I know not what he is going through or why or for how long but I know you do. Quicken his heart to hear your whispers to his heart and to know that it is you and even in the noise of the world may He feel and sense and know that what his heart is quickened by is really you and not him…stir his heart in the areas you desire to and comfort him as only you can do….May this day be a day of revelation of the width and depth and breadth of your love for him and may he come to accept your grace and mercy as the indescribable, incredible gifts that they are and believe that you make all things new….move through your people Lord God and bless your son and show him your power and strength and love…In Jesus name…amen

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