Good morning or afternoon or evening to each of you…..I am so sorry that I did not post early this morning.  I had bad dreams last night and it took me quite a while this morning to get my spirit to the place of offering our King all of me to Him that I might do this.  Through my dream and the nature of it I was shown a fear that God is ready for me to face.  I pray that each of you know that as we pray together and ask God to search our hearts that he will show us what we need to address in our lives, what we need to let go of and where we have been deceived into believing lies. I spent time reading His word and in my journal time with Him I acknowledged to Him my desire to let Him have my fear.  I asked Him to heal my heart of the wound and help me forgive and let go of it.  I know that God is working in each of our lives and I Praise Him for the love that He is downloading into our hearts and for the wisdom He is giving us and for the answers to prayers.

Oh Holy Father God who sits on the throne and Rules from the heavens.  the ONE who says who, where, why and when.  The one who is Holy and Righteous and Just.  The One who is Mighty and Powerful and full of Grace and Mercy for His people.  We come together as one voice this day and we bow down to you.  In  silence we rest and we breathe in a deep breath and we breath out all the cares and worries and thoughts of our own.  We yield ourselves as vessels to You, we come to you and we thank you for this day, this new day that you have given us to live, to breathe, to speak, to cry, to listen, to hear, to see, and to understand You through that which you created this day as our circumstance and reality.  You are God, You are the Great I AM….We acknowledge You in all our ways and we repent of our sins.  Forgive us Lord God.  (take a few minutes and awknowledge your own personal sins to Him)

Time and time again since time began your Precious Children wander from You, from Your Truth and Your ways.  Time and time and time again You create  repentant hearts in your Precious Children through your Holy Spirit, through your good and perfect ways of working in the lives of Your Precious children to show them that You are God.   You show us that  You know each us and that your desire is that not one of us would stray and when we try to or start to or when we do you send one of your sheep, one of us,  to follow after and find the lost and hurting sheep and bring the wanderer back home to you and to your flock, which is your body of believers of which we are all a part.

Thank You Lord God for your faithfulness in whispering to our hearts of the depth of your love for us.  Thank You Lord God for moving in us through Your Holy Spirit that our hearts would care about each and every one of your sheep.  Help us be good shepherds and to be diligent and faithful and obedient in not overlooking the lost and hurting and wounded children of yours as we go about our daily duties and fulfill our responsibilities.

Open the eyes of our hearts and help us see through your eyes and not our own.  Open our ears and help us hear through your ears and not our own.  Strengthen our hearts and our eyes and our ears to be bold and courageous for you and not to be concerned with what others will think or say or do.  We love you Lord and we receive your love for us.  Fill us with more of You, with more of your loving kindness, with more of your mercy for our brothers and sisters and fill us with more of your Grace.  Come Holy Spirit like a waterfall over our heads, let us be refreshed and strengthed by Your Power and  Your goodness and not our own as we stand for You and for Truth.  Let us be content to rest under this waterfall long enough to feel the power of You and the love that You have for us before we go back to our days. Fill us so full that we will  not be weary and weak and so afraid that we stand back and expect others to do what you brought us here to this earth to do for You.

Lord God, be masters of our tongues, guard our tongues from speaking that which does not edify or encourage or point to truth.  Clothe us with patience and give us the heart and the self control to guard our tongue that it might not sting others or hurt them or discourage them.  Give us supernatural abilities to think before we speak….for the tongue is a sharp  two edged sword and the most difficult to be master of.  Your word says it is the rudder of the vessel, that vessel is us.  Our tongue has the ability to proclaim truth and be the power of our vessel for good or it can steer many into bondage because of its power to deliver criticism and judgment and pain which destroys hearts and lives.  We believe and come together in one accord and one voice that You will give us the ability to have mastery over our tongues.  You be our strength in this area for we are weak….You Lord God sharpen our minds to see how our words affect others andstop us before we speak.  When we fail and our tongue begins to steer the vessel  rather than our hearts of love for You and Your word and Your Precious Children,  give us the strength to be aware, to catch ourselves in our sin and then to be humble and apologize that we might reflect love to Your Precious Children, our brothers and sisters, and not be a vessel that delivers the law without grace.

There are many needs that need to be met in the hearts and minds and souls of your people Lord.  I know some of them and my heart aches with their hurt and their lack and their pain.  You know all of the needs of your people and you know their wants and you know how desperate they are to feel your love and to believe that You are who You say You are.

We come together as one voice crying out to you from the land of the USA…..We cry out for mercy for your people, we cry out for provision for your people, we cry out for truth to be revealed to your people, we cry out for relief for those that are filled with pain and suffering and loss of hope, we cry out for the government of our country to be cleansed and purified, we cry out for the laws of our land to be transformed in accordance with your word, we cry out for the soldiers who are standing in the gap for us and for their families who miss them so very much, we cry out for every one of your lost sheep who is hurting and confused and hopeless and lonely, we cry out for parents who are stretched so thin that they do not know what to do with their children who have challenge and continue to challenge them with their attitudes and behaviors and addictions, we cry out on behalf of marriages that are falling apart, we cry out on behalf of the professionals who have lost their job and their identities, we cry out on behalf of wives who feel trapped in marriages that are full of pain and suffering, we cry out o behalf of men whose wives are believing that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and are believing Satan’s lies, we cry out on behalf of those that are in physical pain because of diseases that they are battling, we cry out as one voice together as your children and we ask that you would indeed touch the lives of Your Precious Children.  We ask that you would begin to sing a new song across this land and that it would begin with the hearts of each of us as we come together and ask for Your Holy Spirit to be revealed to us and as you teach us to surrender our hearts and our minds and our abilities and our gifts to You….For Your Honor for Your Glory and not for ourselves.

Holy Spirit come and fill us, Holy Spirit move across this land and show Yourself to your people…..We have come to you, we have bowed down to you, we have repented of our sins to you and we have acknowledged that You are God and we say unto you,  Arise, O Lord God in our lives…Fill us with Your Love and the power of Your Holy Spirit….Let us Rejoice in your goodness and spread Your Love .  In Jesus name…..amen

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  1. Dan says:

    Concerning our “tongues”….it is very interesting. Some would say that our eyes are the window of our soul, and that may be true to a degree. But, you can count on your tongue to reveal what our present heart condition is whether good or bad, or inbetween. Whatever is presently going on inside will be revealed by our tongue. I have witnessed that in my own life, and have had to come to grips that truly my heart is in a somewhat decrepid state. And oh how helpful that is to know, because we can then admit that indeed we have a heart problem and need the Great Physician to do some heart surgery on us…..”heavenly Father, change me from within, so that once again I may worship you in Spirit and in Truth, cleanse my heart, I repent of hatred, bitterness and jealousy, on and on….”create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a right spirit within me, cast me not away from thy presence and take not thy Holy Spirit from me, restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and renew a right Spirit within me”. Psalm 51 10 thru 12. Our tongue also let’s us know what idols we hold dear, be it money, our BMW, our spouse, our children, our home, our “position”….pay close attention when you lose your cool because someone and or God using someone messes with that idol. I recently was driving a friends BMW convertible and hit the brake pedal and the clutch pedal at the same time causing the “precious” car to jolt. Uh Oh! the “owner” of the car who was “always” in control yelled at me “what are you doing!!” Oh dear, it would have been comical if it were not so telling of the hold this car had on this christian friend who was “always” in control…ah yes our little tongues reaveal much about us and our present condition…truly that is a gift, kind of like a oil gauge, it warns us that all is not right within, and we can beseech the Great Physician for some needed heart surgery….how wonderful!
    “Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My bretheren, these things ought not so to be.” James 3: 9-10…..Dan

  2. cvyoung2 says:

    I don’t remember the exact verse, but we are (at least I have!) been exhorted to “Bridle our tongues”. Words, although they do not have a physical presence, cut sharp and deep, and the effects are lasting, rarely forgotten. One adage states: “It is better to be thought a fool, than open ones mouth and remove all doubt.” If we bridle our tongues, listen first, think twice and only contribute wise, considered thought, we would be looked up to by our spouses, loved by our children and enjoyed by all of our friends. Too often we talk too much, think too little, and listen only as a time to think of our next comment. Words do mean things, and the tone adds/subtracts emphasis.
    What are your temporal idols? Your car, house, family, football or basketball team? If we can exchange them for the Lord, we reap many rewards, here and in Heaven.
    The events of the day, material things ebb and flow on a daily basis, we can only count on His love to be constant always. He is faithful to us.

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