Good Morning to you who have decided to join us on this journey of Prayer. I pray that you slept well last night and are ready to enter into the presence of the Lord with me.  There are 50 people who have joined us, just think of the power of 50 people praying the same prayer each day united together as one voice crying out to the Lord.  How pleased our Father must be to have the hearts of His Precious Children willing to set aside this 15 or 20 minutes each day to seek His Face and put Him First…..I know you will be blessed for your obedience, you can do it, I believe in you…..

We close our eyes, we shut out the noise, we release all of the tension and stress and we bow down as we come to you on this day that you have given us to make a difference for You and to Honor You with our lives….You are God, You are our Father, You are the Creator of the Universe. You formed each of us in the heavens and brought us here to earth in the wombs of the woman that gave each of us birth,.  You gave us life,  You breathe every breath of life into us and You are the One wh speaks in heaven and it is so here on earth.  You are Holy, You are righteous, You are Mighty, You are Powerful, You are Soverign, You are the Healer, the Redeemer, the Restorer, the Breath of Life and the ONE who can calm the storm with a word.  Calm the storms Lord, we trust you to do it in Your perfect time.  We thank You for our lives and our frustrations and our difficulties and our inadequacies and our unmet desires and needs and we awknowledge that we need You.  We need You to be the Lord of our Lives and we surrender this morning to You.  We awknowledge our desires to live our lives for ourselves or act as if we have things all figured out and try and look good to others or judge or critisize or think things that we should not.  You know what is in our hearts Lord, we repent of our sins.  Please forgive us Father God and show us the way to live our lives in abandonment to You, to your power, to Your strength, to Your will, and to use Your word as the lamp unto our feet.  We long to live in peace and love and to reflect the nature of You. So we come on bended knee and in humility to drink from the well of spending time with You that we might be encouraged, that we might be strengthened, that we might be enlightened , that we might be transformed in the areas in our lives that you search out and show us that we are holding on to.  We want to be yeilded vessels, free to live in victory without the strongholds that hold us back or the thoughts that are not truth that rule our lives.

In this slice of silence that is just a very small slice of the 24 hours of time you have given us this day,  may Your spirit draw us to desire to spend more time with You.  We are a busy nation, trusting ourselves and taking  Your name out of most everything.  We repent on behalf of our nation and ask for Your mercy and grace to cover our sins and together in one voice we ask for You to continue to protect our nation as You bring it back into alignment with Your word.  We love You, we honor You, we praise Your holy name.  You are infinate wisdom and we come to Your fountain and ask you to quench our thirst and fill us with our wisdom and knowledge.  shower us, fill us, empower us.

Together in one voice we cry out to You and we know You hear our voices and that You are teaching us Your ways.  We trust  Oh Lord that You will lead us in a smooth path.  Hear Oh Lord, when we cry out with our voices and have mercy upon us and answer us.  When You said, Seek My face, our hearts say to you, Your Face, Lord I will seek…….Do not hide your face from us, do not turn your servants away in anger for you have been our help, do not forsake us, Oh God of our salvation.  We will trust you to show us Your goodness in this land of the living and we will wait on you Lord and we will be of good courage and you shall strengthen our hearts.

You hear our voices rising up to you, You are answering the prayers of our hearts You are changing and transforming us through the trials and the difficulties.  We praise you for that and we ask that you would reveal to us what you would like us to learn and that you would remove our character traits that keep us making the same mistakes and wandering around in the desert like the Isrealites.

Search our Hearts Oh God, change our hearts Oh God, reveal truth to us Oh God, and grant us mercy and grace as You do your work.  We want to look in the mirror and see ourselves the way You see us, and we want to know that You are with us and we desire to feel Your love stretching over us like a comfortable blanket.  We believe Your Holy Spirit is alive in us and we call upon you to reveal yourself to us through the power of that spirit in us.  Holy Spirit we ask that you would reveal yourself through us, may we speak in one voice and may you act in one accord moving mountains and parting adversity and bonding and cleansing and restoring the lives of those who are crying out to You this day on this blog.

Come Holy spirit, fill us, come Holy Spirit and fill us afresh, Come Holy Spirit and empower us to do more than we think we can and to belive in Faith that You that is in us is greater than he that is in the wolrd.  We do not long to do works that just fill up our livs with busyness we long to serve You Oh Lord by honoring you with our thoughts, our words, our actions, our deeds and our attitudes.  Let the thoughts of our mind be Holy and Pure and in line with what is beautiful and good.  Let the beauty of creation speak to us today, let the glory of what you have created sing to us today and may we hear and sense and feel your presence as we look around this day not at circumstance but at the magnitude of Your Holy Creation and may we se the intricacy of all the gifts you have given to your Precious children to use.  May we encourage ourselves and someone else today to use those gifts in ways that honor and glorify you.

You know what the needs of Your Precious Children are oh Lord but in one voice we come to your throne in your presence and we request that you would bring financial provision to each of us in miraculous ways, we ask that you would restore marriages, you know which ones need healing and hope, we come together in your name and ask for you to show your power and your ability to change hearts in those marriages, you know the children of your Precious Children whom are strugling with their identity, their purpose, their value, and their thoughts…..we ask that you would miraculously intervene in your good and perfect ways and show the parents hope and that you are God of everything, we know that there are children of yours that are sick and that are hurting whether that be physically or emotionally, reveal yourself in those areas, bring wisdom to the doctors and truth to the tablets on which they write, have it be your truth and not theirs intervene in your power and do not let the enemy have his way and hold down your Precious children with his lies, heal your Precious Children in mind and heart and soul and body and do it in ways that Honor and glorify You, ways that Your Precious Children cannot miss that  their Faith might increase and their hope and joy be restored., You know the teachers that are weary and worn out as we come to the end of the year, be their strength and restore joy to them, you know the single moms and dads who have lost hope of ever finding a mate to share their lives with…..move by the power of your spirit and bring a partner to them in your good and perfect ways, you know the children who worry, give them strength to stop and think on You rather than themselves.  You know the needs of each of us to prioritize our time and balance our lives, show us your power and your victory by having people show up to help in ways that we cannot understand or expect, answer our prayers as we petition you and obediently surrender our time on our knees expecting you to do that which we cannot do in the power and strength of ourselves.  Be with those who are traveling and put Angels around them and help them feel confident that You are taking care of everything, comfort the children of those that must travel and be away from those children in ways that show us You are in control and You are God….Surprise us Lord, and bring joy to the wounded, the weary, the sick, the defeated and the weak….Bring  humor to us and laugh with us just like you cry with us….We dance and sing in expectation of How You are working in our lives…..In Jesus name….amen

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  1. Allen Nelson says:

    That was a beautiful prayer, and it was a privelage to pray with you all. Very well said.

    • Allen,
      We are honored and privileged that you would choose to take the time to pray with us…May God bless you indeed for your faithfulness and may He enlarge your territory and may He show Himself Mighty and Powerful and Sovereign in your life and the lives of those that you haven’t even met yet…May He bring you a token today of His love and His faithfulness, one just for you, special and unique…amen

  2. Dan says:

    Hear our cry oh God, attend unto our prayer.

  3. Lauro says:

    Hi, I think what you’re doing comes form the Lord. How awesome that we can enter into His presence with boldness and confidence because of what Jesus did on the cross.
    I want to ask you to pray for my country and my city in particular. I live in Monterrey, Mexico and for the past 4-7 years drug cartels have been terrorizing the city. Kidnapping, murders and violence are rising at an incredible rate. Corruption is practically at every level of our government and many people are losing hope. Pray that we as christians shine in this darkness with the glory of Jesus Christ.
    I’m convinced that God is in control and He wants us to pray. May God bless you!

  4. cvyoung2 says:

    I started the Forty days yesterday, November 27, 2010. I both feel the prayer in my soul as an offering unto the Lord, but also as a soothing balm to my troubled emotions, loneliness and despair. Your words flowing from the Lord, through your hands into the world are a blessing to all of us that read them.
    May this wonderful season bless you and your family with happiness and love.
    Thank you!

  5. Hello!

    I have a prayer group and I ran across your photo when doing a Google search for images of people praying. I was wondering if I could get your permission to use your image for our Christian prayer group.

    I love your post and the 40 days of prayer challenge. I might issue the same challenge.


    • Hello to my sister in Christ! Thank you for taking the time to send an e-mail to ask, I appreciate that. I purchased the image on istock photo I think it was. You have my permission to use it. May God bless you and guide you as the leader of your prayer group and may the petitions of your heart to pray be led by the Holy Spirit and may your fervent prayers availeth much….In Jesus name….amen

  6. Sandy says:

    I stumbled upon your blog and found it beautiful, encouraging, and refreshing! Thank you for the beautiful prayer! It brought things to my heart that I knew and felt and yet had no words to speak them. Thank you for those words! I will be subscribing!

    • Thank you my dear sister for your kind words of encouragement and edification….we ALL need them and I thank our Lord and Saivior for HIS perfect ways and perfect timing in our lives to accomplish his good and perfect plans….I lift you up to the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings and Ibow in reverence to the one who created you and I ask Him in Jesus name to bless you and prosper you and strengthen you and edify you and to bring an army of brothers and sisters to yuur side to stand with you as walk fearlessly forward taking each step knowing that God has ordered your steps and believing that even right now He is opening doors that can only be opened by him and trusting that indeed His word which says no weapon formed against you is truth and when He spoke all things work togther for good according to His plans for those that love hm He meant his beautiful precious daughtr sandy and He meant for your life to radiate and glow with His love and His spirit. May th

        e water that you drink be from the fresh speng that He leads you to and may you forge ahead into the new land that Hehas prepared where the soil is fertile and may your heart rejoice knowing that only God cold have orchestrated all the details so perfectly…may you be persistent in trusting and believing His word and His promises and look to Him and not circumstance or situation. For the fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much precious dauhter of the King of Kings….It is in the name of Jesus that I pray for you and it is the blood of sacrifice that you are covered an…amen
  7. says:

    I was just searching for this information for a while. After six hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your website. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that don’t rank this kind of informative sites in top of the list. Usually the top web sites are full of garbage.

    • Not sure exactly what you were looking for, but glad you found it! What persistence you have!! I pray you were blessed for your diligence. Your words are an encouragement to me to work towards finishing up the projects on my plate and getting back to writing and blogging again. May God Bless you and keep you safe and guide and direct your path according to His word…In Jesus name I pray…amen

  8. weng says:

    thank you Lord.. I’ll share this prayer..

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