I breathe deep and I exhale, I breathe in and let it go, I bow my head and close my eyes and I become still before My God and King.

Good Morning My Lord God, maker of heaven and Earth.  Mighty Majestic King who rules from the Heavens over everything.  Thank you Lord God for your Holiness, for your Righteousness, for your Faithfulness, for your Loving Kindness and for your Mercy and your Grace.  You are powerful beyond comprehension,Y our ways are not our ways and your eyes do not miss a thing that happens in the lives of your Precious Children.  We acknowledge you together as a unified body of believers and we bow down to you and we surrender our minds, our hearts, our thoughts, our actions attitudes, and our beliefs to you.  We come together to seek Yee first in our lives and to spend some precious time with our Daddy, our Father, the One who has the power and the heart to transform our lives.  We come to you Lord God as little children and we ask that you would meet us in our hearts and minister to us.  Thank you seems like such a simple thing to say for what you have done, are doing and will do in our lives but we acknowledge to you with our lips and the thoughts and meditations of our minds and hearts that you are God, that You are King, that you are Ruler of the Heavens and that when You speak from the Heavens it is so here on earth.  We line up with your word and acknowledge that it is truth.

Search our hearts Oh Lord and show us where we need to confess our sin.  We repent of those thoughts and attitudes and desires and actions that do not honor and please you.  Please forgive us of our sins……Remove our pride, remove our unforgiveness, remove our jealousy, remove our coveteousness, remove our anger, remove our rebellion, remove our stubborness, remove our excuses, remove our hurts and wounds and tendencies to be selfish, remove our strong tendencies to lean on our own understanding and see life and situations through the lens of ourselves, broaden our perspective, help us to see the bigger picture of the storms and trials and temptations, and struggles and situations  that we are in.

Bring healing to our hearts and minds and souls as we sit with you. We ask for you Lord God to be our physician and our surgeon and we give you the knife to open up our hearts and expose it to ourselves that we might become one with you in mind and heart and soul and attitude.  Your mindset as our foundation, your word as the standard to which we live,.  We are your people, Your Precious Children,united as one in Christ to be your disciples spreading your love and truth to the ends of the earth. Spread your hands over our lives and protect us from the enemy as we seek you in these 40 days and commit to this discipline of deep prayer every day.

Lord God we ask that you would make your word in Acts 2:2-4 real in the lives of your Precious Children who are reading this  blog and praying these prayers for the next 40 days.  May the mighty wind of Heaven come as a rushing wind and fill the places where your Precious children are that they might feel the blowing of Your Holy Spirit as the wind of truth that you send.

May your wind bring fire, fire of passion for each one of Your precious children, fire of the Holy Spirit to ignite the passions and purposes that you planted in each of your Precious Children when You formed them in their mothers womb.  May each of them begin to see in these next 40 days the power of that wind that is You, the Power that they each have to change their thoughts and minds and attitudes and reality because of the death of your son Jesus Christ on the Cross and the truth that You sent Your Holy Spirit to empower us to live lives that Honor and Glorify You.

May Your Holy spirit come like a wind into the life of each of those that are reading this and overwhelm them with just how much you love them.  Lord God I ask that you would unleash supernatural abilities in the lives of Your Precious children, that each of them would see the power of who you are.  Not in signs and wonders that are weird or uncomfortable or too much to comprehend Lord but in ways that testify of your love for them, in ways that only they and you know are things that can only be changed by You.  Move with your power in the areas in each of our lives where we have almost given up hope, the areas where we feel helpless and lost and afraid and unworthy and that you aren’t interested in.  Show yourself Mighty and give us hope…..we will give you ALL the Honor and ALL the Glory when we see your power and your love and your plans unfolding, we will not take credit for it ourselves.  We will sing a Psalm and tell all of your wondrous works and your mighty ways.

We know  You long for each of your children to surrender to you, to come to you, to sit with you, to spend time with you and yet we keep on making time for all the other activities and tell ourselves that we do not have time to be still and just sit with you and worship you and pray to you and hang out with you.

Convict our hearts that we might each desire to slow down and spend time with You, show us what it is like to live in the state of mind and heart and soul of trusting you and believing that you are capable and able and willing to be our strength and to protect us and guide us and prosper us in every area of our lives.  We surrender ourselves to you…have your way in us… through your spirit reveal yourself to us…touch us….touch our hearts and let us feel that touch….

We ask that you would heal broken relationships, save relationships, restore relationships, and bring joy to relationships where there has been discord.  We believe that you are God and that your word is truth.  We ask that you would through the power of your Holy spirit bring jobs to those that need work, we ask that you would do it supernaturally that you might get all the honor and all the glory, we ask that you would heal those that are sick and in pain and we give you all the glory for doing it, we ask that you would help each of us be good stewards with our money and stop using it to feed ourselves with more than we need, whether that be food or clothes or toys or habits or hangups. We ask that You Lord would help us with Your Spirit to align our hearts with your heart in the area of the habits of our flesh.  Grant us with your lovingkindness supernatural abilities  to say no to ourselves.  We even ask  God that you would completely remove hangups, habits, addictions, and lies that keep might be keeping us  from being intimately connected to you.  Do it miraculously Lord.  Show Your Power and remove the desire that those You choose to give this gift to may see what life is like without the habits, hangups, and addictions and decide in their hearts to live a life that honors and glorifies you. Display yourself by revealing to us in miraculous ways that You are in us and that we can do anything when we are using the power You gave us and not the strength of themselves.  Keep our spirits from becoming Prideful or self-righteous as You give us power to do the supernatural.

Be with each of your children today and minister to them in some way that puts a smile on their face, makes them feel loved and brings joy to their hearts.  Display your glory and your Majesty.  In Jesus name I pray….amen

Be blessed today my brothers and sisters….

In the Love of Jesus


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  1. Dan Kranz says:

    Father, how we walk through our daily life is who we really are…we can hide nothing from you. You know my concern this day this minute, my son and friend are on Lake Chelan on a 5 day Kyak trip and the wind has been howling and still is. You know that I am prone to worry, and you see how I wrestle with trusting you for their safety….I now choose to trust you and beseech you to watch over them. Give grace to others that are having their own wrestling match with concerns be they great or small….You are God, we are but men, thank you for being a loving Father….Amen

  2. I agree in prayer with my brother…..amen

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