God’s Canvas For Your Life

The Canvas of the picture of our lives that the Lord wants to paint uses the colors and shades of the lives that we have lived and the choices that we have made.

In Romans 8:28-30 God promises us that He works everything together for good for those that love Him. He says that those that love Him are His people and that He called them because that was His plan.

It further says that God knew the people who love Him before He made the world and He chose them to be like His Son.  You see God planned for those that love Him to be like His Son; and those He planned to be like His Son, He also called, and those he called, He also made right with Him, and those He made right, He also glorified.  Beautiful!

In our hearts we long for the wisdom we have gained to be the brush that blends everything together that our walk of Faith might be something that the Lord would behold as Beautiful and Pure and Holy in His sight.

And yet, in our weaknesses we continue to try and paint and create with the brush of our own ways based on our desires and then when the canvas begins to lose the luster of the beauty that only the Lord can create we come to the end of ourselves and repent of our sin of not trusting Him.

In our weakened state of coming to the end of ourselves we are humbled and turn from leaning on our own understanding and living in the power of the strength of ourselves to allowing God to be God again.

It is then that we do our best to surrender our agendas and our expectations and our perspective of the reality that we think we are in and it is then that the power of the Holy Spirit picks up the brush that we let go of and wisdom begins to paint again.  How comforting to know that in God’s word He promises us that it is His Holy spirit that helps us with our weaknesses when we yield to Him and that He will indeed work all things together for good.  What a beautiful Canvas he is painting of your life….

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7 Responses to God’s Canvas For Your Life

  1. Dan says:

    Not much a person could add to that….geeeezz!

    • Dan,
      For some reason I believe that there is something you could add to this…The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, I believe you have much wisdom to share…..May the Lord comfort you and may He whisper to your heart of His plans and purposes for your life as you seek Him and lean not on your own understanding….May the wind of strength blow on you today through the power of the Holy Spirit that you may persevere through this economic storm and may your faith be strengthened by it and may your life be transformed by it. May God bring other brothers to your side to lift you up and hold you up and encourage you. May His will be done here on earth as it is in Heaven in your life and the lives of those that He hand picks to be a part of your life…..amen Thank you for encouraging me….I needed it!! Bless you Brother

      • Dan Kranz says:

        Bless you Debra….and may you have a dose today of medicine that is good for the soul “laughter” Our God is great! “A time and purpose for everything” Amen!

  2. kevin peterson says:

    my heart is verry blessed after reading your blog. you truly called to share and intercede. his heart for people is flowing threw your pen to the world, and that is rare. i am verry glad i found you and this blog . i have written much myself and wonderd how to get it out. was this blog easy to do?

    • Kevin,
      So glad you have been blessed and thank you so much for your encouragement. I am certain the Lord and all of those that He would like to minister to through you would be pleased if you were to share with others the gift of writing that He has blessed you with. Was this blog easy to do?….can’t help but smile on that question…it has taken me 5 years to have the courage and the commitment and the discipline to do this….after years of wrestling with Him, through the loving kindness of others and their words of truth and the conviction of the Holy Spirit I knew it was time and I sat down and began……well, I guess it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t confess that the extra nudge that I got and that I knew was purposeful was falling for no apparent reason at all when I was at the beach and hurting my ribs so badly that the only place I could truly find that was comfortable was in front of my computer designing and beginning this blog…..May God Whisper to your Heart about how He would have you proceed and may He bring the people in your life that encourage you and inspire you and believe in you that you may fulfill whatever plans and purposes that He has planned for you in this season of your life!! amen…..Seek Ye First His Kingdom and His righteousness…….and all things will be added unto you…..Debra

  3. kevin peterson says:

    once again you have blessed me with your heart. so open and so real thank you. i am working on my blog and you will be one of the first to see it! thank you for the nudge over the top, the lord has been nudgeingme for years to , i hope you are blessed by it. psalms 22-30&31 kevin

    • Can’t wait to see it!! May God anoint your heart and mind and soul and fill you with His lovingkindness and the wisdom and design and discipline to not only begin this venture but to persevere each and every day with all the plans He has for you….. to the finish line that you might stand before Him on that day and receive your crown filled with jewels and hear the words….well done thy good and faithful servant, well done….amen

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