Socks For The Soul

No One Can Know what it is like to walk in your shoes

unless they have put them on and walked a mile or two.

How encouraging it is to know that while we might not be able to put on another person’s shoes and walk in them, we can help provide comfort and protection along the roads that God allows them to travel on.

Just as socks protect the feet that fit inside the shoes, we, as children of God, can help protect the hearts and souls of one another.  Encouraging words, helpful deeds, compassionate hearts to listen and hear, acceptance of one another, and non-judgmental attitudes of the situations and circumstances that others must bear all can help protect the hearts and souls of those that God allows our lives to intersect with.

As I contemplate all of the ways that we can offer comfort and encouragement to one another, my mind pauses to rest and reflect on what I know to be absolute truth.  I can feel the lump rise up in my throat as I thank God for giving up His one and only Son Jesus Christ so that we, His Precious Children, might have intimate personal relationship with Him.

Through prayer we can ask G0d for His Power, His healing, His comfort, His wisdom, His knowledge,  His good and perfect will  for our lives and the lives of those that we know and even those that we have never even met.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon and protection that there is.  Through the power of intercessory prayer and heartfelt encouragement we can help protect, comfort and encourage those who must walk for miles on difficult, painful, ongoing, or uncertain roads.  It is our prayers for those that we know and even those we do not that can be effective in keeping the enemy of our soul, Satan, who longs to destroy the hearts and souls of the traveler and make it grow cold towards God, towards others and even towards itself,  from being effective with his lies and traps and detours that keep his children from living a life that is victorious, joyous and free in Christ.

How encouraging to know that we, if we choose to, can be used like warm, comfortable, protective socks for the weary, worn out, and overwhelmed hearts and souls that need protection from the enemy and encouragement from others to continue putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to walk forward in Faith trusting God to show them the way.

It is helpful for all of us to remember that allowing others to walk too many miles alone without compassion, encouragement  and protection from the enemy through prayer and intercession, can cause blisters and wounds on the heart and soul that, if left unattended, can blister, break open, get infected and then ooze with anger,  unforgiveness, and bitterness.  Much like a foot might do if it walks too many miles without the protection of comfortable and appropriate socks.

So many times I have heard God whisper to my heart to stop what I am doing and take some time to be there for someone.  How does He do this?  Well, I will be minding my own business taking care of what I need to do and suddenly for no reason at all He places someones name in my mind and I wind up thinking about them.   Or, I see someone and this thought comes into my mind out of nowhere that seems to whisper to me….do this, say this, smile, give them a note of encouragement etc.

I have even had tears well up in my eyes and slip down my cheeks when I see someone who I know is having a hard time.  I have come to believe that those are God’s tears for that child of His and He uses our hearts and our tears to get us to act on behalf of Him.  I know that this momentary pain in my heart that I feel for them is nothing compared to the depth of the love and compassion and sorrow that God has for that child of His who is struggling and hurting inside trying to get through the difficulties of their life in the strength of themselves.

I have to admit that I used to run from it for it hurt my heart to think of the pain that they must be dealing with and I could just pass it off with the thought that there wasn’t really anything I could do about it anyway.  The gift of living through incredible loss is that you realize what a gift prayer, comfort, and encouragement are.   It changes who you are if you allow it to.  I now offer up a prayer for them or smile at them or stop to lend a hand in some seemingly insignificant way or give them a small card that tells them that God Loves them.  I carry these small encouragement cards with me to pass along to people who God whispers for me to reach out to.  I listen for His voice and usually I write a short note to them, something to let them know how special and loved they are.  I do not always listen and do what He asks me to, but I try to.

What have you heard God whisper to your heart recently?  He knows His children and He knows exactly what each of them need.  Perhaps if each of us thought of that smile or hug or text or note or phone call or random act of kindness as God using us to be like a warm sock for the heart and soul of one of His children and not as an interruption of our purposes and plans, this world would not have so many people, even Christians, oozing with the ugliness of anger and bitterness and unforgiveness and hurting one another because of their pain.

My heart aches as I am reminded of all of the pain in this world and of all of those who go through each day without seeing or feeling any of it, for they are too focused on themselves.  I know I cannot change the world but I can do my part, will you?

I take space on this piece of paper to offer up a prayer for all of us.  I know He hears the cries of our hearts and He answers them.  May God whisper to the hearts of His children and show them where they might need to be that comfort and protection for the worn and weary travelers that are all around us each and every day of our lives.

Lord God thank You for all of the people who You have put in our lives.  Thank You for what they show us, for what they teach us and how they minister the power of Your Spirit to us.  As we go about our days please help us to be like warm, encouraging, comfortable loving socks for the hearts and souls of our families, our friends, and those that we meet on the paths that you have prepared for us.  Help us to listen even when we don’t want to or don’t feel like we have the time to.

Help us to be compassionate and to find the words, the words you would have us to speak, that we might encourage others as they walk in the shoes that you have allowed to be on their feet for this part of the journey they are on.   Help us to remember that we must be compassionate and understanding to all that we meet even if what they say and do make absolutely no sense to us and we catch ourselves silently thinking in our heads that if we were in their shoes we wouldn’t be acting or reacting like them.  Forgive us Lord God when we think that way.  Help us see others through Your eyes and not ours.  Help us to Lean Not on Our Own Understanding but to Trust You.

Help us to remember that eventually we all find ourselves

walking in shoes we thought we wouldn’t ever wear.

Help us to treat others the way we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes.

In Jesus name I pray on behalf of your children, those you hand-pick to receive this whisper from your heart to theirs through my heart and my pen.  amen

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4 Responses to Socks For The Soul

  1. Kathleen Stafford says:

    Love ya..!!

  2. Thank you for being a warm sock for my soul and Max’s too!! You always encourage me and I so need that!! Love you too!!

  3. Bill Dowd says:


    You are truly a special woman and your beauty goes so very deep. Thank you for writing these words. I’m fascinated with your choice of words “…those you hand-pick to receive this whisper…” I find it equally fascinating how I came across this blog. Of the many things I pray each day, one very important thing I ask is to see those in this world as You see them, through Your eyes, with the same compassion as You have on me.

    From your last post, I too have trouble with being critical of others. After all, my siblings and I were raised to be critical by example. It is also a daily prayer to eliminate that from my life and it is hard, but God is making progress in me. I’m glad to hear that it has been a problem for you. Silly maybe, but it helps to know that I’m not alone in those kinds of struggles. I know everyone has struggles, but when you get down to specifics, it seems that I’m the only one and all the other Christians I know are way above that and I’m just slow to get it right.

    My daughter is 23 and she is dating an unsaved guy. I wish I could fix this problem, but I think jail would not be a very fun place to spend the rest of my life. So plan A: prayer and lots of it. I wish I could show her the future that would likely be full of heartache if she married this guy. Not everyone sees their spouse get saved before they die. You were fortunate or should I say he was fortunate. You only touched on the pain you went through being married to an unsaved man, but I’ve been around long enough to know you likely went through hell on many occasions. I don’t know how it affected your relationship with God, but I can’t imagine that it was easy. There had to be a force tugging on you from Satan working through Steve, pulling you away from God even a little. Forces that should be in harmony are not; forces in turmoil that affect how you raise your children and live your lives. If only Jennifer could see that.

    • Bill,
      Wow….thank you for your kind encouraging words and for sharing a piece of your heart… oldest son is 23 also, I can only imagine how difficult this season of your life for you seems to be.I want to encourage you that the pain DOES subside, it takes much longer than one would ever think….I am in Alaska right now, it is the beautiful magnificent place where we lived when /Steve lived when he got sick….It has been 6 years since we left….the deep deep pangs of pain are no longer there…..PRAISE GOD….I thought the pain would NEVER SUBSIDE and that I would have to live with it the rest of my days…..I remember Steve with love and grattitude and yet my heart no longer feels like it will rip out when a small plane flies overhead which is something that we loved and shared for fifteen years….God has been showing me so clearly and so plainly that what I find difficult and painful truly is but in my humanness I seem to continue to forget that it is He that has allowed it and that means that it serves Him and I should be honored that He trust me enough to believe I can endure such suffering for His plans and purposes…..I am curious how you found out about this blog?? Lord God I lift up your servant son Bill to you and I ask for Your Holy Spirit to move mountains of opposition out of his path in your good and perfect ways and I ask for an abundance of provision to come to him that comes straight from the storehouses in Heaven. I ask for a lightening rod of spirit to be sent from the Heavens to the earth with your word and your truth to the very core of the heart of Bill’s daughter and her boyfriend. I pray for supernatural healing to come to this family who have lost so very much and I pray for the release of tears that have been stored away that they might do the work of cleansing the hearts of your precious son Bill and your precious princess daughter too. As the river of life brings healing to their hearts and minds and souls I pray that you would show yourself in miraculous ways in each of their lives that they might see your power and your purpose being revealed. Prepare their hearts and minds and souls for the harvest that is to come and may the power of Your Creation whisper to each of them as they become still in your presence in the great outdoors. I pray for roots to be removed that need to and I pray for every relationship in their lives to be edifying and encouraging and filled with Your Love Oh Lord that they might feel your love for them through the actions and words and deeds of others as they go forth with their lives…Move Holy Spirit and breathe new life and new hope and new opportunities to heal and grow and prosper each of them every day…..Bring a buyer for Bills home if that be your good and perfect will…do it in ways that he sees your hand at work and knows that it is your will…show off a bit Lord God with Your AMAZING ways of working out details…..May you Lord God get all the Honor and all the Glory for all that you do to show your son Bill that you are taking care of every aspect of his life….and that You know what is best for him for this new season of his life. Bless him Father God, bless him indeed for he longs to serve you with his life and with his heart…line up perfect opportunities and divine connections in every area of his life…Annoint his hands and his eyes and his mind to capture the moments on film that will bless others and forever make a difference in their lives..In Jesus name…amen

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