The Abundant Love Of God……

The character of a person shines through them for all to see in a crowded parking lot at the mall, especially when it is the Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale!

Calmness seems to get pushed aside by worries that there will not be enough.  People are everywhere, frantically driving up and down the rows and rows of parked cars doing their best to try and find a parking place.

As I watched this scene taking place from behind the steering wheel of my own vehicle I thought to myself, oh how we fret and worry Lord, why can’t we just trust.   Tempers rise up and harsh words and hand signals are routinely exchanged over a parking space as people worry and wonder if there will be enough.  Enough parking?  Give me a break, I think to myself, it’s just a space between two white lines.

As I begin to feel the stress of the human race pulse in my veins, I turn up the volume of my praise  music to drown out the stress and the noise.  I roll up my window and take a deep cleansing breath.  I purposely and genuinely smile at every person I see in the parking lot.  My heart is filled with God and the power of His spirit and His love and I smile to myself as I contemplate the fact that I know for a fact; there will always be enough. There will be enough space for my car, enough love from God, my family and my  friends.  There will be enough money to meet all of my needs, perhaps there may not always be enough to meet all of my wants, but God will not let me go without food and shelter and a place to lay my head.

There will be enough time to carry out His plan for my life, my purpose, the reason I exist.  His word says this is truth and I believe it.  The same is true for those of you reading this, for you are each a Precious Child of the Lord and He has plans and purposes for you.  He created You and brought You here to this earth to Love and Worship Him.  He wants you to feel the depth of His abundant love for You….

As I was pondering these thoughts in my head and offering up worship to the Lord from my grateful heart, a man that was walking by turned towards me and I sensed that He wanted to speak to me.  I turned down my music and stopped singing my heart out to the song, Open the Eyes of My Heart.  I rolled down my window so I could hear what the gentleman had to say.  He smiled at me and said  “I’m parked right here and I’m on my way out, Would you like to take my spot?”   “Thank you, Why, yes I would” I said as I smiled at him.

Joy erupted from deep within me, it could not be contained.  My smile became radiant as I felt the abundant Love of God spreading through all of me.   It was as if I had just been given a hug by the Creator of the Universe Himself.  His Abundant Love spread through my heart, my mind, my body and my soul.  He really Loves me, I thought to myself.  He will always provide for me.   His Love became even more real to  me that day through this simple act of provision that I witnessed from Him.  With a sense of joy and victory and filled with the abundance of His Love,  I pulled my car between the two white lines…..

Thank You God for showing us once again that You will always prepare the way for us if we will let go of trying to take care of things on our own.  That if we will Trust in Your Word and have Faith that You indeed care about every detail of our lives, You will provide for each of us in accordance to your good and perfect will for our lives and that your plans for each of us are good…

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One Response to The Abundant Love Of God……

  1. Bill Dowd says:

    Hi Debra,

    Thank you for reminding me of something I already knew, but needed to hear so badly. God will provide my needs, I know, I know, I’m old enough and have been a Christian long enough to know. I put my home up for sale two days ago, because I can no longer afford it. I lost Carolyn, my wife of 24 years to cancer 2 1/2 years ago and have been drawing on resources and savings since. As you can imagine, I have many memories in this home and don’t really want to leave. However, God is working and I’m always trying to listen for that still small voice. I’m ready to move on because I desire to be where He wants me to be, but I have to admit, I sometimes allow Satan to plant seeds of doubt that make me wonder what it will be like to live out of my car. 🙂

    At the same time, I’m excited about what He has for me. I’ve been reading your blog and find your spiritual depth amazing, encouraging and challenging. I have a feeling that your blog will help me through this transition in my life. No, it’s not a replacement for the Bible, but what I’ve read so far is a fresh perspective on living a genuine Christian life and I’m fascinated.

    Thank you,


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