Time Management….


Today I Make Effortless


In God’s time and in God’s strength we can live our lives effortlessly when we trust that He is the Creator and orchestrator of perfect time and exercise our Faith by abiding in Him.

I look around at all that is before me and I realize that in my heart I want to complete those things that mean the most to HIM,  my Lord and King, and not to me.  Just like most if not all of God’s children, I am tempted at times to take on more than I should.  To say yes when I should say no, even tho I know that my life is not truly my own and that when I take on more than I should I cannot do it all effortlessly.

For I, this child of His, am not a Queen and my life is not a country for me to oversee, no, it is not up to me to decide what I want or need to do today.  I am His servant.  I want to do my best to be a good and faithful servant for Him.  With every breath I breathe I yearn to please my King and yet it seems I am constantly falling short, missing the mark and taking on more than is required of me.

I have come to realize that for me the best medicine to take away the overwhelmed feeling of not having enough time in a day is to stop and pray.  I wish I could say that I always resort to this but that would not be true.  Many times I wait until I am overwhelmed and beginning to catch the virus of a bad attitude.   I am grateful to God that when I surrender and seek Him for the attitude adjustment that I need, He seems to know just how much  medicine that it will take to get me back to the place of peace and tranquility.  He ministers it to me through His Holy Spirit.  I love this medicine, and I know that you will too.

As I contemplate these musings in my mind I am brought to the place of letting go and seeking Him that he might minister to me.  I draw in a deep breath and let it out, I take another and slowly release the tensions that have welled up inside of me.  It is through prayer that I begin to let go, to take my thoughts captive and make them be still, and eventually surrender myself to Him.  I acknowledge to Him that my plate is overflowing and I am in need of some medicine from Him.

I surrender the plate of my obligations and my responsibilities and all the things that I believe must be said and done and read and learned and discerned and taught.  I begin to breathe deeper, deeper still.  I ask Him to be the judge. I ask Him to decide what it is He wants me to do today. How many bites does He want me to take from this plate?   Which of them are of Him and which of them are of me living in the strength of myself and desiring my own wants and needs to be fulfilled through accomplishments and works that make me feel good about myself.

In my surrendered state of humility I ask the Lord to whisper to me, to whisper to all of us that struggle with taking on too much and then having to wrestle with getting caught in the snare of the temptation to have a bad attitude which cause us to act and react in ways that do not please our King.  I ask Him to whisper to me for all of us on how He wants us to manage our time and our responsibilities and continue to keep our lives pleasing to Him. I ask Him to whisper to us with words that will become His will in our lives and with words that will become the deepest desires of our hearts.  I ask Him to help each of us live our lives in a way that is a beautiful  reflection of Him and not ourselves.  I ask Him to help make us victorious in managing and directing  our time.  I ask Him to lead us in making His time our time and not our own.  In prayer I continue to cry out to Him with all my heart and mind and soul…

Oh Lord, sometimes the load is so heavy, sometimes there is just too much to do.  We need You to carry the load for us Lord.  We need You to help us set it down.  We need You to put us on task Lord God.  We need You to help us keep the thoughts of our minds on what it is that is pleasing to You Lord God.  Help us Lord God not to focus upon who we think we are supposed to be or what we think we are supposed to do according to the world and the expectation of others or ourselves. Give us clear and concise discernment on how and where to spend our time.  Lord help us get our thoughts in line with Yours so that time remains effortless as we go about our days with You as our strength and Your Holy Spirit as our guide.

Even as I pray I can feel my flesh crying  out on behalf of all of us….it cries out in frustration of all the tasks that seem to be undone and the responsibilities that are on our plates.   I forcefully push away the stress of my flesh and tune out the voices of reason in my mind that are trying to have their way with me.  I turn my mind and heart back to Him, I surrender it to Him, the author and creator of the Universe.  The One who spoke all that is into existence.  Show us Lord God, show us what YOU would have each of us do.  We need You….We need You to organize our days for us.  We need You to be our Time Manager and our Stopwatch.

In the stillness my surrendered heart is His, and through my pen His spirit whispers to my heart and I am brought to tears at the gentleness of His voice and I pen His response for us, His Children whom He loves so very very much….

My Precious Children…..Don’t put Worldly tasks in front of ME.  Don’t let them block the way for Me to do what I need to do through you. Don’t push away the gifts that I have given you so that you may do what the World expects of you.  Be still and pray, yes, even when you feel the pressures of the World yelling at you and the mound of paperwork overwhelming you and your To Do List beckoning you…..Take some time to be alone with Me….train your mind that it may become still without a thought to call its own…. yield your mind and your heart and your soul that it may rest in Me…..listen for my whispers, listen for my wisdom, listen for Me to whisper to your heart.  I will speak, you will understand.  I will schedule your day.

There is time to do all that I ask of you.  Prioritize and organize, delegate and eliminate, complete tasks of necessity.  I don’t demand that you perform each task all by yourself.  No, that’s not the spirit of Me, Your Father, Your Holy Spirit Guide.  That voice that you hear that tells you that you must do everything all by yourself and do it perfectly does not come from Me, it is that of My adversary and not the truth of living a life of Faith trusting Me.  The truth, My Word, testifies of what I have said.  Do not depend on the strength of yourselves for apart from Me you can do nothing….Be Still and know that I am God.  Come to me … I will give you rest.

Trust in that which you cannot see.  Live your life by Faith.  Believe that I can accomplish great and wondrous works through you when you surrender your day to Me.  For I, your God, will give you time, effortlessly you will live, Faith is the clock.  Commit and surrender your time to me.  I gave the world my Son that you may have relationship with Me, that you may effortlessly live with the strength of Me.  For you, my Precious Children are more than just  Daughters and Sons to me, you ….hold the precious gifts I bestowed within you when I formed you in your mother’s womb.  You…. have the ability to effortlessly prepare the way for ME.  Stay humbled, live and breath and act in the spirit of believing that you can do all things through Me.   Don’t take on more than I ask of you.  Let go of Worldly expectations and turn your mind and heart to Me.  Let Me do the work in My time and in My way.  Let Me give the gift of my T.I.M.E. to you.

As I soak in the Presence and the Power of our Lord and as I embrace the whispers for the hearts of His Precious Children through this message, I am led to respond in humility and complete and total reverence to our Lord and King through my heart and my pen….

Lord, please give us the patience and perseverance to say, to do, to live, to play, to pay, to save, to let go of ourselves and to trust in You.  Grant it all in your time and not our own.  Give us self control to go, to stop, to wait, or to hesitate for You.  Be our stopwatch Lord God. Keep our time for us. Thank you Lord for the consequences of your discipline when we go ahead of You in our own time and do not let You be our stopwatch and Your Holy Spirit our guide.   Teach us Oh Lord to be more disciplined with our T.I.M.E.  Show us Your hearts desires for us to do with this time that really belongs to You.  Make our hearts desires be your hearts desires.  Give us joy in You as witness of our Faith and help us live victoriously by living effortlessly in your time zone and not our own.

As we grow in our ability to manage our time wisely may You fill our hearts and our souls and our lives with the fruits of Your Spirit.  Help us prayerfully choose which bites to take from the full plates in front of us as we live our lives for You…..Grant us wisdom and knowledge as we seek to be in rhythm and time with You.  Amen

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One Response to Time Management….

  1. Missie says:

    I so needed to read this today. It spoke to me and I recieved it. Thand you.

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