The Intimate Love of God….

Warm Water and Bath Salts for The Soul

The mind in all of its busyness tells itself that it doesn’t have time to make time to spend alone with God.

To come to one’s Creator with arms of weariness outstretched and open to receive and to give with all of one’s heart and mind and soul sometimes requires more of the “self” than one wants to give.

God is Faithful to tug on your heart, you will feel Him reaching down to you, reaching out for you and your heart will begin to ache as you wrestle with your desire to continue on in your busyness or take some time to be still with Him.

Our heart, if we will but listen to it, usually knows what is required of it for our hearts were each uniquely formed by God fora personal intimate relationship with Him. But the mind is not one that has ever easily given in or given up or let go of its drive and desire to act and do rather than be still.  It is the nature of our flesh, our desire to do what we think we need to do and want to do, that encourages us to stay on the go and get things done rather than take the time to rest and relax and Be Still with the one who IS the Master Creator and Power behind everything… God.

Perhaps many of us have a hard time even thinking of doing such a thing for we are so busy checking off our lists and taking care of the endless responsibilities that make up the lives of most people in our society today.  Our culture encourages us to continually find faster and better ways of doing things.  The truth is that for most of us any spare time that we may be able to squeeze in for ourselves is spent on hobbies, surfing the internet,  socializing online and catching up on World events.

I wonder what it would be like for you if you took some time with the Creator of the Universe?  I wonder what would happen to your heart if you took some time, some precious time to be alone with Him.  Perhaps you will find as I have that a nice warm bath with your favorite scented bath salts and some candles glowing and flickering in the dark will draw you closer to He that created you, God.

Perhaps as you soak in the warm water and let your mind let go of all the thoughts you are thinking and focus it on Him and His Word, His Power and His Presence through His Holy Spirit will capture your heart and you will hear His still small voice as He whispers to you of His love for you.  Perhaps you will be, like me, so overwhelmed at the reality of the depth of that intimate love that you will be changed forever and long to spend intimate time with Him.  That is the desire of His heart, that you, His precious child, would long for Him like a deer pants for the water in a stream to quench its thirst.

I drew a bath and poured in some bath salts with a little soap.  In my heart I knew it was past time for me to spend some quality time with the Creator and Lover of my heart and soul.  I lit some candles and turned off all the lights.  Stillness filled the air, flickering candles called out my name and the bubbles seems to whisper to me, but in my heart I knew it was really God calling out to me.

Oh Father God I responded in my heart to Him, I could hear You whispering to me, begging me in Your firm but gentle way to let go, to take a break from the responsibilities that have put such strong demands upon me.  Those responsibilities that have become the loads and burdens I have put upon myself, for I know they are not all things that You would ask of me.

As I gazed into the hot steamy water frothed in white my mind begins to let go and I willingly gave myself, all of me, to He that created me.  I surrendered my will and my plans and my thoughts to Him.   I gently lowered my body and let it sink into the warm water in my bathtub.  The tub that for me has come to represent God’s Victory in my life.   For it is here, in this tub of stillness that  I feel His intimate love for me.

I reminded myself as I sat and soaked in the warm water and fragrant bath salts with the candles flickering little whispers of light that I have been and will forever be cleansed of all my sins, for Jesus paid for them and I am free to live without pain or shame or guilt from my mistakes, for I have accepted Him as Lord of my life.  I gave my heart to Him and asked Him to forgive me.   God has forgiven me and because of Jesus Christ I can have an intimate relationship with Him.  This time with Him in my tub is refreshment for my soul and the soaking is healing for all of me that is weary and worn out and overwhelmed.  I allow His presence,  His warmth and kindness to caress my skin from my head to my toes and I allow my heart to rest in the gift of His Intimate Love.  I rest in my tub and let the warmth of His Holy Spirit encompass me.

As I rest in His presence I whisper to Him from my heart with words formed in my mind… “I am here with You, I am unclothed and unashamed.  I belong to You….I Love You Lord God…The world and all those things that tempt me to pull away from spending time with You are waiting outside, behind the closed door and in other rooms.  I will spend this time with You….I surrender my will and my time that I might feel Your Intimate Love for me.

The warm water and bath salts relax my mind and candles flicker as a reminder of God’s powerful presence and peace. I can feel the tension leave my body as I give in and let go of myself and my “to do” list and meditate on God and the intimacy of His love for me.

As I close my eyes and prayerfully come into God’s presence, all I can hear and all I can feel is His presence beating in my heart and pulsing through my veins.  A quiver quickens my pulse and sends a tickle through my soul, goosebumps break out upon my skin.  I wear no masks, I have nothing to hide from Him.  For He see’s and intimately knows all of me, He knows every hair on my head.   Moments, minutes, precious time….  just me and God spending time, such precious time…..I am filled with His love and with His Peace….I am content to Be Still with Him……

My thoughts give way to prayers again….Have your way Lord God, whisper to me and whisper through me.  Let me know without any fear and without a doubt that it is You and that You love me and that You will never leave me nor forsake me.  Make Yourself more real to me, show me Your intimate love for me as You transform me.  Use me Lord God to be your instrument of love and peace.  Remind me in Your gentle but firm way to take the time every day to be still with You, to be real with You.  Touch Me Lord and form my heart to be like warm water and bath salts for the soul.  Train my mind and instruct my thoughts to always be humble, gentle, and kind.  Help me to be more like You in all I say and all I do.  Have your way Lord….Have Your way in me and through me.  Thank You for this time Lord God.  Thank you for Whispering to my Heart today. May these words and prayers whisper to the hearts of Your Precious Children, the ones You hand pick to reach out to.  Help each precious child of yours take these words and these prayers and make them their own.  May they feel the tug on their heart to let go and spend some time being Still with You and may You Lord God surround each of them with Your Power and Your Presence.  Surround them with Your Intimate Love and may You Lord God whisper to their heart in the way that only each of them will know and  feel that it is You and that You are real and that You Love them more than they could possibly ever know or understand.  Amen

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One Response to The Intimate Love of God….

  1. Tonja says:

    Dear Debra,
    Awesome writing flowing through your pen from our creator, thanks for the encouragement! I will forward to friends whom God places upon my heart. God Bless you my sister in Christ!
    love and blessings, Tonja

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