Sowing the Seeds of God’s Love

God’s Precious Seeds

As we draw closer and closer to God, we become more aware of His will and His ways.   Many of us come to sense His desire for each of us to reach out to others and spread the seeds of His love.

In our yearning to please Him and as an act of our Faith, we spread these seeds and wait in anticipation for them to germinate, to take root and to grow.  Often we seem to forget that these seeds are not about us nor are they the seeds of our own crop.  We get discouraged.  In our frustration we  find ourselves saying to God, Is this really your will for me, Is this really what You want me to say or not say or do or not do for You?  Will any of the seeds of your Love I have sown ever take root?

God knows our hearts, our minds, and our souls.    He created each of His children and there is nothing that we can hide from Him….In surrendered humility, I realize He has heard the cries and frustration of my heart.  His Spirit begins whispering to my heart and flowing out through my pen. He smiles, I am sure, as He looks down from the Heavens above.  So patient, so calm, He is faithful, faithful indeed to encourage me through His Holy Spirit that I might in turn encourage others through the gift of His words penned through me….

My Precious children, He whispers….I want you to rest in my word, I want you to pray with all your heart and mind and soul, I want you to be still enough to hear me when I speak…Don’t worry yourself about all those seeds.  Breathe…. take a deep breath and let go of your longing for them to grow in your time and in your ways.  You see, My Precious Children, I made the package that holds the seeds that I put on your hearts and asked you to spread.  The date they will take root is stamped in RED.  For I gave the world my SON and it is through the blood that He shed that each of my children will take root….

As I contemplate these whispers from God through my pen, my body becomes calm and my frustration disappears.  For He, the Creator of the Universe has my attention and I can feel the warmth of His spirit as His presence sinks in..

Ever so softly He continues….I am the CREATOR.  I decide.  I AM LORD.  I AM the one who can move mountains and part the sea.  Do you not believe I know when it is time to germinate a seed?  Do you believe in my power and the wisdom of my ways?  In awe I listen as He continues to whisper to my heart through my pen….Submit to my will My Precious Children; continue to spread the seeds I put on your hearts and ask you to spread.  Take the time to nurture them well.  I cannot tell you when, but trust and believe that the seeds I encouraged you to spread will germinate, they will take root, and they will faithfully and gracefully grow, when the time is right.  Thank you for your obedience in sowing the seed.

For you, My Precious Children, are witness to the fact that what one gives from the heart takes root.  The lives that you live today are the fruits of the seeds that I placed on the hearts of others to spread.  The peace that you posess will not disappear, nor will the fruits I have given you whither, dry up, die or disappear.  Your roots will get stronger as they branch out towards others and become witness of my love.  You see, My Precious Children, My love is in the center of every seed that I put on the hearts of My Children and ask them to spread.  May you never forget all the tears that were shed when you came to the decision to let go of your will and your ways, to surrender your heart and mind and soul to me, and to submit to the date on the package which I made.  The package that had your name stamped in red.  For I AM the GREAT I AM…..I AM Your Heavenly Father, I AM the Creator of the Universe.  I give each and every one of My Precious Children a choice.  I give them Free Will.  Oh how it pleases Me as I watch each of you grow.  Continue to take the time to be still, stay faithfully grounded in the root I have given thee, and keep planting seeds as you persist in the pursuit of My will.  As you grow,  may your roots extend and gracefully spread, showing others the person I created each of you to become ….Grow, My Precious Children…..Grow

Now He (GOD)who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will also supply and increase your store of seed and will enlarge the harvest of your righteousness.  2 Corinthians 9:10  NIV

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