Is it possible to hear the still small voice of God?

The Still Small voice

Eight years ago this month…… I began to pen…. the Still Small voice of the Lord.  I had no idea what that meant then, but it was during my quiet time alone with Him that He began to put words into my heart and into my head.  I didn’t know what to do with them and as the days and months continued to go by the words became messages and the messages became longer and stronger and at times I even had to ask Him to please give me a rest from them.   Looking back now, it is amazing to me to see that indeed God gifted me with the ability to hear His Still Small Voice and it was then that the journey of the testing of my faith and my obedience to do what He had whispered to my heart and confirmed through a word from others began.

In those eight years I have lost much and I have gained much.  Just over a year after I began writing the messages that God whispered to me my husband got sick with cancer, accepted Christ and went home to Heaven to be with this God who had made His power and His presence known to me through my pen……shortly after that my then teenage son began his own journey of trying to make sense out of that which made no sense to any of us and my heart was ripped apart as I watched him struggle and suffer and turn to different ways to cope….Widowed at 44 with a 3-year-old son to raise on my own, I was hopeful that God would quickly allow me to get married again….I am now 50, still single, my oldest son has found his way and is married and doing well, my son is 9, a good student,  involved in sports and church and has adjusted pretty well.   I have tried to travel on different roads than writing and each road has brought me back through pain and suffering and lack of peace to His good and perfect pen for Him..I don’t know how the rest of the book will turn out but for now I have decided to blog and write and encourage others with the Whispers for the Hearts of God’s children that He gives to me through His Still Small Voice…….

The Bible is the word of God and it says that God is faithful to complete that which He has begun in each of us.  This morning on March 29, 2010 I found these words that I penned eight years ago.  I remember that day…there were tears streaming down my cheek as I wrote them…. As I read them again this morning with tears running down my cheeks again, I realized that spreading the truth of the Love of God and the Whispers for The Hearts of His children is a gift He has blessed me with…..May you be blessed and encouraged by them

February 26, 2002 Journal Entry

The words roll around in my head, thoughts mill through my mind crashing and banging into the confines of my mind.  Perhaps that is what inspires someone to write.  Perhaps there are chosen people within which God implants these mumbled bits and pieces of information that only seem to come to life when strung out on a pice of paper or on a keyboard.  To stop and think seems to slow the process or even sometimes to stop the process altogether.  What is it you want me to say Lord….How do you want me to say it?  Can it be of use?  Is it important?  Why me?  Not me… I just have the words… You, Father God  looking down from the Heavens that speak so divine, have the gift of planting them in the whisper of a moment, this space in your time.  Bits and pieces of fragmented thoughts weave and wander and eventually become intertwined.  Use me, Lord God, as part of your glorious vine.

Without hesitation or reservation, I sit with my back straight at the computer.  You, Oh Lord, use my fingers, I am amazed as I watch them fly on the keyboard.  I close my eyes and let the moments pass me by.  In your will, Oh Lord, I will just sit… I will be still…Take these words from me….Shape them….Mold them…..Form them…..I promise I will not try to conform them…As I take a deep breath, I allow them to become beautiful, eloquent thoughts that explore the depths of the soul.

A song to sing, a letter to write, a message I must send….. Must I always know why…..Use me, Lord God, for Your purposes.   Help me to be obedient to You and for You..Unafraid and without hesitation, allow me the ability to share the sentences You have formed out of the thousands and thousand of words You have strung together in my mind.  Let them not be like individual pieces of laundry hanging on a line to dry in the wind, but let them be a song….a gentle whisper that floats on Your winds.  May your gifts You have to give be precious words that speak to the soul, words that get to that place inside each of us where so many are fearful to go……

I pray that through this blog you will come to know and hear the still small voice of the Lord….I pray that as you read the words God has penned through me that His Holy Spirit will minister to you, speak to you, edify you, encourage you and inspire you.  I pray that you will choose to spend time each day being still enough to hear the Still Small Voice of God and that He blesses you with His Whispers for your Heart….In the mighty and powerful name of Jesus I pray….amen

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9 Responses to Is it possible to hear the still small voice of God?

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Debi –

    This is FANTASTIC! God is working through you to touch others. Keep up His good work. He’s just beginning to use the talents that He knit into your body.

  2. Calvin says:

    this is a very powerful writing! you are doing good keep up the good work!

    love you


  3. kelly says:

    I am SO PROUD of you my dear friend. I have watched you spread the seeds, Your roots grow deep and your tree grow strong. Now I see the fruit and here you are spreading more seeds. Thank you for sharing your journey with me for all these years and now sharing it with others. I know it will inspire them as much as it has inspired me. Love you

    • YO MAMMA…..YO making me cry…..Love you It is a gift indeed to be called your friend and I am continually in AWE as I watch God work in you and through you….It truly has been quite a journey hasn’t it. Thank you for lightening the load and making me laugh and smile even in the midst of the hurricane and the aftermath of the storms that kept on coming longer than I could have ever possibly imagined I could endure…..One day we will all meet up with our loved ones in Heaven and sit around and I will sip 180 degree Mochas and you will drink your diet coke with extra ice and we will remember the joy of the journey and not the difficulty of the climb!! God Bless you!!

  4. samuel a serracino says:

    Debra when HE first shared you with me I was awestruck in thinking about what a woman this is and I likened you to a precious treasure! Now that HE has permitted me to see a much grander image of you I see that you are actually one if HIS greatest treasures. My prayer for you today is very simple- Heavenly Father please continue to grow the heart of this beautiful woman and as it grows keep it filled to overflowing with your precious love, for here in this woman is someone who will not just share what she is favored with but multiply these blessings many times over as she shares with your children, surround her forever with the protection of your most capable warrior angels so that never any of this awesomeness is ever lost. Protect her oh Lord and know that in doing so the greatest fruit of Your Spirit thrives for those of us who are blessed to share in it. Thank you Heavenly Father, Jesus our Savior and Redeemer and Blessed Holy Spirit,Amen

    • Sam…..
      I pray without words for you…..He knows your need and He uses His people to intercede….spirit to spirit I pray that You might be encouraged and edified and strengthened and divinely drawn into the new territory of provision that He has already prepared for you….Go boldly, go courageously and enjoy the fruits…gather the grain from the harvest, store it in God’s Kingdom and spread it joyfully….In Jesus name I pray for you….amen

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