The air is crisp, the skies have somewhat cleared and it is almost time for the Sun to appear.  It is almost time for God to make His presence known by sending us the Sun to light the way for Him.  He wants to light up the World with His love.  He wants each of His children to find their way into His presence….He wants each of His children to hear the Whispers for their Hearts through Personal Intimate Relationship with Him……….

Whether through the weather or the condition of the soul, unfortunately for many it s the season of winter.  The clouds of the winter weather or the clouds of oppression, depression, disappointment, grief, loss or anger have held some of God’s children captive with their darkness and their gloom.  Hearts and spirits have struggled to stay afloat, perhaps they aren’t even aware that they don’t have to float on wings of their own.

Desperately, many of God’s people seek righteousness and to dwell in their Father’s name.  But all too often the clouds of gloom and doom, the spirits of  self pity, negativity, resentment and bitterness which reside in the heart through the spirit of Satan and sometimes the presence of hidden and un-confessed sin in one’s life keep God’s children in perpetual turmoil and distress.  Whatever the cause may be for the discontentment and unhappiness, I see weary and worn spirits all around this world of ours looking for Hope.  Some do not even know that there is Healing beyond the Hope that they seek and that they can receive it through God’s Holy Spirit and it is Free.

My heart aches and weeps for all the hopelessness I see, and sense and feel. What must it be like for You Lord, I wind up thinking to myself.  You sent your Son to die on that cross that we might be set free and have free access to Intimate Personal Relationship with You and yet so many of us continue to wrestle and struggle and wonder behind the private doors in our minds, what is the point to this life here on earth, why are we here?

Lord, I cry out to Our God…..

Whisper to me, Whisper to all of us, I cry out to Him again and again.. Lord God give us strength to rise above the clouds and the darkness and the gloom.  Lift the wounded spirits, let them soar up in the sky with wings spread open wide,  embracing love, embracing life, embracing You.. Show them what it is like to be Alive in Christ,  new Creations cleansed and set free by the blood of your Son, show them Truth.   Remove the clouds of temptation and sin that sometimes stands in the way of us living and loving and giving and receiving like You would have us do.  Clear our heads; cleanse our minds, renew a right Spirit within each of us.

Give us Light, give us Life, give us Grace to light our way to You…Lord, give us the sun to shine upon our face and warm our skin and nourish and encourage us.  Let your spirit shine within us so each of us may see and feel Your presence in our hearts and in our souls and in our minds through your Son, the Son You sent to light the way for us by taking upon Himself our sin.  The son You sent to light the way for the World, that each of us may come to have Personal Intimate Relationship with You.

As I ponder the prayers of my heart I see the glow that represents the coming of the sun.  I see the hope that God has for each of us, the richness and the boldnes and the beauty of His presence speak to me in the rising of the sun.  I am renewed and I am refreshed  as I wait in anticipation for the light.  I am still as I wait for the sun to rise, to rise above the mountains and speak without words to the world.  Powerful in its presence, boldly it shines.

In the stillness I respond in prayer to my God….

May the hardened hearts of Your Precious Children be softened by the warmth of the sunlight of your touch as you minister Your light….May weary spirit be lifted by the light of Your presence everywhere they look.  May all of creation take notice as You send the sun to rise each day…Thank you for the sunlight.  Thank you Lord for sending us your son as witness of Your light.  Thank You for Your word.  Lord, give us perseverance to rise above the clouds and the darkness and the gloom we sometimes see and feel and are tempted to yield to. We want to hold the light for You.   We want to shine the brightness of Your spirit to the world.  We want to make a difference for You.

Thank you Lord for delivering us from the darkness and bringing us into the everlasting brightness of a world one can only see through relationship with You….Thank You Lord God for the gift of  your son, Jesus Christ…Thank you Lord God for the Whispers for the Hearts of your children….Thank You for penning them through me, please take these words and these prayers from my heart that has been transformed and trained by You and plant them in the hearts of your children that you want to minister to…..May your seeds of Love for them become trees of righteousness for witnessing YOU…amen

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