As I contemplated life and the multitude of relationships that God puts in the paths of myself and those that I know and love and how we act and react as conflict arises in those relationships, I realized that most of us tend to want to remove ourselves from conflict or anything that might lead to it.  As I prayed for God to help me learn how to face and resolve conflict in my life He whispered wisdom to my heart…..

Conflict is a part of life…..

How we approach the path to the resolution of it and how we walk out our part of the responsibility to do that work reveals what we believe about God, about His word, about others and ultimately about ourselves……

Our Fears, our Ego and our Pride tempt us to become defensive, to shut down emotionally, to walk away or even sometimes to act as if we do not care about the person or persons we are in conflict or potential conflict with.

God asks us to Love one another, to forgive one another and to forgive ourselves.  When we do what He asks us to it gives Him the opportunity to do what He does best, transform our hearts and the hearts of the ones we are in conflict with to become more like Himself…….

Our choice to give and forgive in the spirit of humility, love and kindness in the midst of conflict ultimately brings Resolution to the conflict and Peace to our relationship with God, others and ourselves…..


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